December 15, 2023

6 Easter Newsletter Ideas for Higher Email Engagement

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Easter Sunday is fast-approaching, with this year’s spring holiday falling on March 31, 2024. Thinking of running an email marketing campaign to make this holiday “eggstra” special? Read our top tips for creating an awesome Easter email newsletter—or simply Spring-themed if that’s what you’re after.

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How to make your Easter newsletter relevant

From a commercial point of view, Easter sales aren’t on the level of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Black Friday – that’s for sure. Holiday email marketing strategies often focus on these fall and winter shopping occasions.

However, Easter email campaigns still offer lots of creative opportunities and untapped potential for ecommerce retailers.

Easter signals the coming of spring—warmer weather and more sunshine.

A spring newsletter is a great way to freshen your subscribers’ inboxes with spring collections and seasonal offerings.

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It’s also a nice off-season occasion to remind people that you’re still open for business and give them ideas of things they can do with your products. Like in this Spring newsletter example from Whole Foods Market:

spring newsletter example from Whole Foods


The lead-up to the Easter holiday is a great time to promote sales (with special offers, discount codes, or opportunities to earn loyalty points). The long weekend offers plenty of time for online shopping.

A great time to promote seasonal goods

Many goods are in high season during Easter. After Halloween, Easter is the second best-selling candy holiday in America. Typical Easter goods, such as sweets and decorations, are guaranteed to sell.

In general, leisure and sporting activities/equipment are also very popular. Themes around DIY and spring-cleaning also do well. 

Newsletters that make a seasonal thematic connection to Easter can significantly increase your chances of success. 

Since the Easter season is associated with traditions, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to incorporate them into an Easter newsletter. 

Referencing these traditions increases relevance and fosters an emotional response within your recipients. Play on those heartwarming feelings.

Easter is a great time to get in touch with your clients and show off your latest offers. So let’s hop to it with Easter newsletter ideas and tips to make the holiday a revenue-driver for your business.

6 ways to make your Easter newsletter a success

1. Bunnies, nests, eggs, flowers: The right ingredients for your Easter newsletter

Easter newsletter design inspo


Creating an Easter newsletter is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity. The holiday offers plenty of inspiration for creative newsletter ideas.

The first step to any good newsletter is defining your goals and strategy. Ask yourself, “What am I looking to achieve with this campaign? What will my contacts get out of it?” Check out this article on how to create a newsletter for more details on how to fine tune your strategy.

Once you’ve defined the goal of your newsletter, you can start brainstorming ideas for the design.

Try to structure your newsletter according to your goals, then adapt the design to be on-theme.

For example, place your products in a spring context. Place offers inside an Easter basket or have the Easter Bunny give your clients a coupon voucher.

Beyond the religious significance, people associate the Easter holidays with family, food, spring, games (such as egg hunts), and new beginnings. Sales aside, be sure to wish your subscribers a happy Easter as well.

Typical Easter motifs—eggs, chicks, and flowers—can provide inspiration for your newsletter. Pastel hues are also a popular Easter color scheme.

2. Design tips for your Easter email template

Crafting your Easter newsletter is easy with an Easter-themed email template

Simply add your own content and images, and in a few easy steps, your Easter newsletter is ready to hop into your contacts’ inboxes.

Use graphics that draw on Easter motifs to suit your products, industry, or target audience. 

As well, there are loads of Easter and springtime emojis to include in your campaign. 🐰 🌼 🥕 🐥  🌱 🥚

Whether you’re coding in HTML or using a drag-and-drop editor, the email design can be serious or playful, depending on your needs and target audience. That said, you should aim for it to be vibrant and eye-catching in any case.

For example, for the following industries, your Easter newsletter might look like this:

  • Fashion: Floral design in the teaser, packaging products in Easter eggs or baskets, arranging the products in hatching eggs or among spring flowers.
  • Home: Using floral and spring motifs and Easter decorations and interior designs.
  • Food: Highlighting Easter menus, chocolate, and candy.

To capture your subscribers’ attention, experiment with animation in your newsletter. 

GIFs in email are a great way to engage your recipients and help your Easter newsletter stand out. Just be sure to compress your GIFs beforehand as the file sizes can be quite large. (GIFcompressor is a great tool for this).

Where to find free Easter newsletter templates?

Brevo has a free email template gallery with 40+ editable newsletter templates, all accessible on the free plan.
Or, you can also grab a template from one of the many free email template resources available online.

3. Instill curiosity with a catchy Easter subject line

For your Easter email subject line to be effective, it needs to be engaging and describe the content of the email as precisely as possible. 

At first glance, your reader should understand what your newsletter is about and why they should open it.

For marketers promoting a discount or special offer, be sure to include it in the subject line, but make it creative and not too in-your-face.

For example, Easter is often associated with prizes, games, and gifts; you might write something such as, “Easter Egg Hunt is Over: you found your 10% off.”

In general with subject lines: the shorter the subject line, the better. A newsletter subject line with about 40 to 50 characters usually achieves the best opening rates.

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4. Personalize for more success

Adding a personal touch increases your chances of success because it encourages recipients to look at the newsletter more closely. 

By adjusting the content of the newsletter to suit individuals, you increase its relevance. Addressing your recipients personally and catering to their personal preferences will lead to greater engagement than a generic mass email.

A personalized greeting (by name) should definitely be included in your newsletter. Take a look at this tutorial to see how it’s done on Brevo.

You can also personalize based on where your recipients live or for specific products. Think: “The Easter Bunny’s just hopped into Austin.” Or, “The fastest running shoes for Easter Bunnies.”

To learn more, check out this article about email personalization and get even more creative ideas!

Easter newsletter example


Inviting your recipients to play a game not only adds lightness and joy to your newsletter— it can significantly improve your conversion rate.

Almost everyone enjoys the thrill of playing games, and the promise of a reward makes it all the more appealing. It’s smart to align the game with your offer and products. The more your newsletter, game, and conversion goal match, the better your results will be.

Implementing a game or interactive element into your newsletter is easy. Why not try a virtual egg hunt?

You can hide a certain number of Easter eggs in the newsletter and then ask your recipients to count them; if they send you the correct response by email, they can receive a coupon code.

This type of engagement will be great for your future deliverability too.

You could also add a not-too-easy-to-find CTA link to a landing page where the recipients can find an Easter present from you.

a free Easter email template available in Brevo

6. Consider regional differences

There’s more to Easter than colored eggs, chicks, and bunnies: Some Easter motifs and traditions are region-specific.

In Bermuda, for example, people celebrate Good Friday by flying kites. New York hosts the famous Easter Parade along Fifth Avenue, and Lancashire, U.K., has its Nutter’s Dance.

In France, bells, not bunnies, bring Easter chocolate to children, whereas in Australia, the Easter Bilby (an endangered desert marsupial) brings treats. People in Scandinavia light bonfires to ward off witches over the Easter weekend, and Ghana celebrates with its annual Paragliding Festival.

Tailoring your newsletter to the unique traditions of your target audience can optimize your newsletter’s success. 

If appropriate, segment your recipients according to their place of residence. It’s up to you to determine your target audience’s specific Easter customs and respond to them accordingly.

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As a recap, here are some key points for creating an Easter email newsletter your subscribers will love.

  • Add some fun by trying out a game with your contacts
  • Express your message clearly with a specific, relevant subject line
  • Increase your open rate and click-through rate with personalized content

For more content like this, download our 2024 marketing calendar! It’s full of important dates and helpful marketing tips for every month of the year.

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