December 1, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines & Campaign Ideas to Stand Out

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Don’t just count on the luck of the Irish for your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign. Here’s what you should know about the greenest holiday of the year.

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th. In 2023, 61% of Americans celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Given its popularity, it’s no secret that this holiday is a big opportunity for businesses. You’ll want to make sure your email marketing efforts stand out. 

Grab attention with a stellar St. Patrick’s Day email subject line. Or go green with a special St. Patrick’s Day email template.

To help you take your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign to the next level, we’ve put together some marketing tips, subject lines, and email examples. Let’s take a look!

St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign tips

At its origins, this holiday celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. That said, it’s grown beyond its Irish roots and is now celebrated across the globe. 

In the US, consumers typically spend over $5.8 billion on St. Patrick’s Day. While this number isn’t as high as other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day is still a great opportunity for marketers. 

In particular, St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to try out new email marketing strategies and techniques. Because the holiday is widely celebrated but less so than others, it’s a chance for you to test new types of promotions, different product features, or dabble in the latest social media trend.

While there’s no harm in sticking to your typical email campaign tactics, St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to try out any ideas or strategies you’ve been holding onto. 


Consumers are prepared to spend, but at the same time risks are low. In other words, if things don’t go the way you expect, it’s not like you’ll be hit with your biggest loss of the year.

To give you the best chances possible, we’ve got some subject lines and email campaign examples for inspiration. Think of it as a lucky four-leaf clover. 🍀

St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

An eye-catching subject line will help make your St. Patrick’s Day email newsletter stand out. 

Need inspiration? You’re in luck: we’ve gathered the best email subject lines to get you started.

“Lucky” St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

  • This Might Be Your Lucky Day
  • Lucky you! Our St Patricks Day Special is on… 
  • You’re in Luck: St. Patrick’s Day Sweets Are Here 
  • It’s Your Lucky Day, friend!
  • You’re about to feel lucky
  • Make your own luck

“Green” St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Save some green with great deals! 
  • At up to 67% off sitewide, save some green on…
  • Being green? Not easy. Saving 30%? Super easy!
  • Color forecast: serene greens?
  • We’re Seeing Green (In the Best Way Possible);
  • St. Paddy’s Day Green Friday
  • What does green mean to you? 
  •  Going, going, green!

St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines with leprechauns, rainbows, and lore

  • We Found The Pot Of Gold!
  • St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover! 
  • Don’t get pinched! ? St. Patty’s styles 10% off!
  • No Shenanigans Here! 17% OFF for St. Patrick’s Day! 
  • Have a Shamrocking St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Look, a leprechaun! Jk, it’s a flash sale.
  • Last chance to snag your pot of gold!
  • Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Find a Surprise Under the Rainbow!
  • Cheers to St. Patrick
  • Lucky Leprechaun Loot!

St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines with discounts and offers

  • 20% off all St. Patty’s Day apparel
  • New Irish Whiskey. Just in Time 
  • Shop the St. Patrick’s Day Collection with a coupon
  • Unearth your Irish roots this St Patrick’s Day
  • We’re Dublin this 17.5% discount
  • Enjoy a FREE Guinness with your roast to celebrate St Patrick
  • Check out this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale

St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines with emojis

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to include emojis in email subject lines. That’s because emojis help call attention to your email in a crowded inbox. They’re also a great way to incorporate St. Paddy’s Day imagery.

Here are a few emojis to put in your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines:

  • The shamrock (☘️) represents freedom and independence. It’s a national symbol of Ireland and was worn as a pin during the country’s fight for independence.
  • The four-leafed clover (🍀) represents good luck. It’s often confused with the shamrock.
  • The Irish flag (🇮🇪) speaks for itself. This is a good one to use if you’re trying to appeal to members of the Irish diaspora in particular.
  • Rainbows (🌈) are where leprechauns hide their pot of gold according to Irish folklore.
  • Top hats (🎩) are typical accessories of leprechauns.
  • Beer (🍻 🍺) is almost always involved in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 
  • Green emojis (💚 🍏 🥬 📗 🟢) add a touch of holiday-themed color.
  • Fingers crossed (🤞) in case you’re looking for some extra good luck.

St. Patrick’s Day email examples

Next, we’ll take a look at five St. Patrick’s Day email examples. The first three examples are typical St. Paddy’s Day email newsletters, jam-packed with pots of gold, leprechauns, and the color green. The next two are a bit more out of the box while still embracing the holiday spirit.

Uber Eats

Screenshot of UberEats' St. Patrick's Day email.


Our first St. Patrick’s Day email example comes from Uber Eats. Their campaign leans into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit but stays true to the brand’s image.

For companies like Uber Eats, St. Patrick’s Day may seem like an irrelevant holiday. Still, this email example incorporates the holiday spirit by creatively linking St. Patrick’s Day themes to Uber Eats’ service. Things like “a rainbow of flavors” are simple but effective ways to add some fun to your holiday marketing campaigns.

Content like this, even if not entirely out of the box, goes a long way in the minds of subscribers. It sends a message that your brand is fun-loving and willing to celebrate.

All in all, this St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign nicely compliments Uber’s typical simple, sleek email design and invites their customers to join in on the festivities.

Screenshot of's St. Patrick's Day email.


Next up, we have a St. Patrick’s Day email campaign from Instead of leaning into St. Paddy’s Day imagery, this email adds a tasteful dose of green to turn their content holiday-themed.

As well, having a St. Patrick’s Day sale is a great way to treat your audience. Most people aren’t expecting a sale or promotion for the holiday, so when your offer lands in their inboxes, your email list will likely be pleasantly surprised.

This email is also a good example of how to structure a promotional campaign. It starts by announcing the sale, then features different products and collections with well-placed calls to action (CTAs). All this while saying, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Tommy John

St. Patrick's day email example from Tommy John with themed boxer briefs


In this example, Tommy John combines seasonal offerings and a green template for a standout St. Patrick’s Day email campaign.

The eye-catching image puts their St. Patrick’s Day-themed garments front and center. And the copy helps highlight their products, making the campaign even more memorable.

The best part? You don’t need to sell limited-edition prints to get in on the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit. Simply promote your green products. Then put a St. Paddy’s spin on them in your campaign with some wordplay and a themed email template.


Screenshot of Harry's St. Patrick's Day email.


This St. Patrick’s Day email example gets creative with the email copy and really speaks to the brand’s audience. Harry’s, a men’s grooming and shaving supplies company, does an excellent job of relating St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to their product. 

Getting the foam of an Irish stout stuck in your mustache may not be relatable to all of us, but it certainly is for much of Harry’s audience. What makes this content work so well in a marketing context is that it gives subscribers a reason to use their product and tells them to go out and celebrate. 

Harry’s also identifies a St. Patrick’s Day pain point among mustached beer-drinkers and offers a simple solution: shaving with their product. 

As far as St. Patrick’s Day-themed emails go, this one is out of the box, convincing, and tastefully tongue-in-cheek. A stroke of digital marketing genius!


Screenshot of Leesa's St. Patrick's Day email.


Our final St. Patrick’s Day email example is from Leesa, a mattress company. Again, this email example doesn’t look like your typical St. Patrick’s Day-themed email. 

Front and center is a screenshot of a text message conversation. This in itself is a good way to grab readers’ attention, appealing to their sense of curiosity. The texts include a little St. Paddy’s Day play on words and even a cute dog.

The small amount of text in this email makes a few more St. Paddy’s Day references and then offers a discount. Light-hearted, on-theme, and promotional all at once. This campaign is a great example for anyone in e-commerce looking for creative ways to shake up their holiday email marketing strategy.

Get started with your own St. Patrick’s Day campaign

Having gone through these St. Patrick’s Day subject lines and email examples, now you’re ready to design your own campaign!

Like we said, this is a good time to try out new holiday marketing tactics and ideas. St. Patrick’s Day is popular and widely-celebrated, but comes with fairly low expectations from consumers. A perfect combination for marketing experiments.

 Interested in more tips? Check out our 2024 holiday marketing calendar for inspiration.

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