Comparing Klaviyo vs. Brevo

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Brevo vs. Klaviyo pricing: A cheaper alternative for growing businesses

Klaviyo’s pricing is based on the number of contacts stored. Only 250 contacts and 500 email sent are for free. The cheapest Klaviyo pricing plan is up to 500 contacts for $20!

So, if you’re a small business looking to grow, be ready for your monthly bill to go up fast.

For example, an account with 3,000 email contacts will set you back $70 a month and there’s still a sending limit.

With Brevo, you pay by the number of emails you want to send, with unlimited contact storage at no extra cost. The free plan’s very generous, too: 300 emails daily (that’s 9,000/month) and unlimited contacts.

And for just $25 a month you get 20,000 emails to send to unlimited contacts!

Send one email/month to: Brevo Klaviyo
250 contacts Free Free
3,000 contacts Free $70
5,000 contacts Free $100
10,000 contacts $25  $150
20,000 contacts $25 $375
60,000 contacts  $49 $860
Based on Klaviyo pricing on 07/20/23.

Brevo for email marketing: Get powerful features without the Klaviyo price tag

Both Brevo and Klaviyo are powerful email marketing platforms.

However, these features can come at a hefty price tag with Klaviyo as the size of your email list grows. Even support is not free on there, free users only have email support the first 60 days. Brevo offers an alternative solution for your email marketing, with similar functionality at a fraction of the cost and always free email support for everyone.

Available features Brevo Klaviyo
Drag-and-drop editor
Email templates gallery
Email client testing
Email personalization and dynamic content
A/B testing
Send time optimization for individual contacts
Custom signup forms with drag and drop builder
Advanced segmentation
(behavioral and contact attributes)
Triggered autoresponders
(for signups, purchases, email and website activity, etc.)


Automation workflows that drive sales

Automation is an essential use case when comparing any other email marketing solution vs Klaviyo.

How does Brevo stack up? It offers equal custom options for complex workflows and ready scenarios for fast setup.

  • Behavior-based and website tracking event triggers
  • branching logic (if/then)
  • Omnichannel: combine email, WhatsApp, SMS, and more!
ecommerce revenue analysis

Ecommerce dashboard

Selling on Shopify? Brevo, vs Klaviyo, offers an ecommerce dashboard with product stats, revenue analysis, and insights to improve your marketing efforts.

  • Monitor retention metrics
  • Look into product performance
  • Analyze your revenue

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Brevo vs Klaviyo: Comparing ecommerce features

With Brevo and Klaviyo you’ll find all the essential functionality for growing your ecommerce businesses, including:

Integrations: Connect with major ecommerce platforms to automatically sync your customer data for more personalized campaigns.

Automation: Easily set up automated campaigns using pre-built workflows for common scenarios, including welcoming new subscribers and chasing abandoned carts. Or craft your own customer journeys from scratch, with the option to add conditions that determine the path each contact should take.

Website tracking: Better target your email campaigns by knowing what each customer is doing on your online store, like products they’ve browsed or bought.    

On top of this, Brevo offers extra multichannel features not available with Klaviyo, giving you even more opportunities to engage with customers: live chat, push notifications, WhatsApp campaigns, landing page builder.

Available features Brevo Klaviyo
SMS marketing
Live chat
Push notifications
Transactional email and SMS
(e.g. order and shipping messages)
Abandoned cart reminders
Other pre-built automation scenarios
(e.g. welcome, birthday, purchase)
Custom workflows
(including if/then/else conditions)
Website behavior tracking
Customer profiles and history
Campaign conversion tracking
Landing page builder
WhatsApp Campaigns
Shopify integration
WooCommerce integration
BigCommerce integration
Magento integration
PrestaShop integration
Shopware integration

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They explain it best

All in one marketing

"Brevo is an incredible toolbox to perform marketing or improve your ecommerce. I like it because it gives you the possibility of marketing through different ways such as email marketing, SMS marketing, social networks, etc.

Integration of the different ecommerce platforms for creating web pages such as WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, among others, is very nice and intuitive [...]"

Daniel U.

Easy to use even for non-technical email marketers

"I like how Brevo has a simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface. Even if I’m not a seasoned email marketer, I was able to navigate through Brevo with ease, and deliver the campaigns.

The deliverability was really good too. […] Brevo has improved our conversion rate for our ecommerce."

Czarina C.

Accessible and effective

"The follow-up is great; you feel supported from day one. The prices are affordable and the service couldn't be better. The human factor is clearly present in their follow-up, and the customer service is fast and very efficient. I'm so glad I found it."

Internal consultant

Brevo vs Klaviyo: How to choose?

Can I do the same email campaigns with Brevo like I'm used to in Klaviyo?


Drag and drop functionality and ready-to-use, responsive templates make designing your emails a breeze. You can then personalize content to each of your contacts (with merge tags) and run A/B tests on subject lines, content, images, and CTA buttons.

Marketing automation and segmentation features work the same way, with extensive customization options, omnichannel steps in workflows and automated contact management (to re-activate idle subscribers or clean up your list, for example).

Can I send SMS with Brevo? Klaviyo offers that.

Yes, you can. It’s billed as Pay as you go credits. Klaviyo’s pricing includes a running monthly fee for the amount of credits you want to use.

What customer support will I get with Brevo vs Klaviyo?

Klaviyo offers customer support only to paying customers. On their free plan, you get support only the first 60 days.

Brevo supports you even on the free forever plan!

How can I switch from Klaviyo to Brevo?

Easy! Create your free account and contact Brevo’s customer support. We’ll give you access to the free integration to sync your contacts and move all your data over to Brevo.

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