December 19, 2023

150 Easter Email Subject Lines to Spruce up Your Spring Email Campaign

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We’ve put together a fresh batch of spring and easter email subject lines to help you increase open rates and bump up sales numbers in your Easter email marketing.

Easter email subject lines for the long weekend

Plenty of folks will take Monday off to extend their Easter weekend plans. Use these Easter weekend email subject lines for your holiday email marketing strategy.

  • Ready for the Easter Weekend?
  • Everyday Deals Over the Long Weekend!
  • Good Deals on Good Friday 
  • Give the Family a Treat with our Easter Sunday Special
  • Spring Festivities Near You
  • Easter Shopping for Homemakers
  • Spring Decor for the DIYer
  • Last Chance to Grab our Easter Weekend Deal
  • Eggs-tatic Easter Weekend Offers
  • Don’t get your ears twisted – we’ve got your Easter weekend plans covered!
  • Easter Sunday Cookout
  • Shell out your pantry for these Easter weekend goodies
  • Easter Weekend Shopathon – 10% Off Sitewide
  • Celebrate Easter in Style – Dinner for 3 at the cost of 1 
  • Free Easter Gift Cards – HURRY! – *Expires on Easter Sunday*
  • Easter Monday Extended Offer – 24 Hour Sale!
  • Free Shipping on Every Easter Weekend Purchase
  • Join us for an Easter Weekend treat!
  • Sweet Easter Deals → Ends Midnight on Easter Sunday
  • Long Weekend Special → 30% off our Easter Collection

Easter email subject lines with a spring theme

Easter is the best time to promote your spring collection. Give your subscribers a sense of wonder and adventure with these spring email subject lines.

  • Spring Fever Is Here – Join the Party!
  • Don’t Let Spring Pass You By
  • Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?
  • DIY Spring Starter Kit
  • Throw Off that Blanket → Your Spring Wardrobe is Ready
  • Get Warm & Cozy with our Spring Special
  • Great Springtime Reads
  • Early Spring Clearance Sale
  • Happy Spring Giveaways
  • Spruce up Your Home with Spring Decor
  • New Spring Arrivals – 30% Off
  • The Comfiest Spring Wearables
  • New Arrivals – New Savings!
  • Shake Off the Winter Chill with a Cool 15% Off
  • Cuddle Up with our Early Spring Lineup – 10% Off
  • Rise & Shine – Spring is Here!
  • Early Spring Pre-order Discounts (up to 40% Off) 
  • Newest Spring Flavors with Delicious Discounts 
  • Our Spring Collection
  • Early Spring Flash Sale! Happy Discounts!
  • Winter is out – Spring is in full swing!
  • Spring bites that will make you smile
  • The Coolest Spring Collectibles
  • Gift a Smile this Spring
  • Spring Makeover Tips – with Delightful Discounts!

Easter email subject lines for family gatherings

Easter is one of the few holidays long enough for families to organize get-togethers. Use these family-centric Easter subject lines to promote group activities.

  • Easter Decor Done Right
  • Easter Treats the Kids Will Love
  • Easter Delights for You & Fam
  • Easters Gifts for Him & Her
  • Let’s Hatch a Plan for Mom & Pop
  • The Soup Thickens – Easter Cookout Ideas
  • Easter Holiday Getaways – Our Hoppy List
  • No Fowl Language → Easter Standup Night
  • The Easter Bunny Tour
  • Hold on to Your Carrots – We’ve Got Rides for Adults & Kids
  • Easter Trails → Hiking Trips for Everybunny
  • Family Meals Delivered Free – Easter Special
  • Spring eats that will leave the whole family hungry for more!
  • Our Top Easter Gift Picks – 30% Off
  • Kids Dine Free – Easter Weekend Special

Easter email subject lines for Easter egg hunts

Give your audience an Easter treat they’ll always remember. Start your Easter egg hunt with creative Easter egg subject lines that are sure to catch their attention.

  • Sitewide Sale – The Hunt is On! 
  • Easter Deal Hunters Wanted
  • Hide & Peek! Grab Your Easter Coupon Early!
  • Fill your Easter basket with these hidden offers
  • No Eggs-perts Allowed! Easter Quiz Games (with Prizes!)
  • Does no Bunny know where we put our Easter Deals?
  • Eggs-ceptional Deals → If you can find Them!
  • Don’t Count Your Eggs Before You Find Them
  • Great Mysteries with Great Prizes! Get Cracking!
  • Eggstra Savings In-Store & Online! Go Catch ’em all!
  • Can you crack the case? (70% Off if you can!)
  • Hunt down the best deals → And we’ll match’em!
  • Easter Egg Surprises, Sneak Peaks & More!
  • We’ve snuck in a few coupons here – Can you find them?
  • Deals That Only a Rabbit Could Love? Find Them All

Easter email subject lines for Easter deals

Include an Easter offer in your email marketing to boost your ecommerce conversions. Link your CTAs to a custom landing page so your customers can browse your Easter collection comfortably.

  • Get Your Yummy Easter Treats Here
  • Free Shipping on Easter Gifts
  • All Your Favorite Deals in One Basket
  • Here’s a Deal That’ll Egg-cite You
  • Easter Delights
  • We’ve Got Something Special Just for You – Let’s hop to it
  • Hop on over to our new easter store!
  • Deals You Can’t Egg-nore
  • Eggs-tremely tough nails – great for DIY projects
  • 50% Off Easter Deals
  • Easter Sale Egg-stravangaza 
  • Free Delivery on All Easter Gifts
  • Eggs-citing Deals Ahead!
  • Big Basket Deals! Get $30 Back on Orders Over $125
  • Everybunny loves a Good Deal!
  • Looking for the right Easter Deal? Hop on over for a chat!
  • Easter Treats You Don’t Wanna Miss!
  • Easter Deals Galore! 
  • Get the Best Rates – Book your Easter Trip Early!
  • Splurge this Easter with Half Off on Everything! 

Easter email subject lines with puns

Puns are an Easter tradition. This list of Easter email subject lines are filled with cheeky wordplay that will leave your audience giggling in delight.

  • Everybunny is looking forward to this
  • Here’s an Eggstraordinary Deal
  • Eggstra Special – We Ain’t Yolking!
  • An Egg-cellent Offer Just for You
  • An Egg for You, and You Too and You Over There!
  • Eggs-ercise Away That Extra Fluff
  • Look at the Sunny-side Up
  • Have a Hoppy Easter!
  • No Bunny Can Turn Down This Deal
  • 24 Carrot Gold? 
  • Take a seat and grab some carrots
  • Make Some-bunny Feel Special
  • A carrot for your thoughts?
  • Bad Hare Day? We’ve Got Your Carrots
  • Eggs-hausted? Drink This
  • No Fowl – No Harm → Easter Dishes for Vegans
  • Easter Workout Tips – No Eggs-cuses!
  • Have an Egg-cellent Easter Holiday!
  • We Worked Round the Cluck on This
  • Eggs-perimental Ideas for your Easter Get Together 
  • Fresh Outta Cluck? We Make Easter Deliveries Easy
  • Our Most Eggs-plosive Discounts!
  • Whisk it all with these amazing Easter family dishes
  • Everybunny has their own style – 30% off this Easter 
  • Win Over Anybunny with these Charming Easter Gifts

Easter email subject lines with emojis ❤️

Emojis are fun visual cues that everyone understands. Toss in a few emojis into your next batch of emails to give your Easter email marketing campaign extra flavor. 

  • 🐰 Easter Special 🐰 
  • ✨ Happy Easter ✨ 
  • 🌼 Spring Greetings🌼
  • 🍪 Tasty Easter Treats 🍪
  • This Easter Will be Lit 🤩
  • 🛹 and ⚽ for the whole 👪
  • Grab our Spring Special 🐣
  • Say Hello to Spring 🌱
  • 🌸🌸 New Beginnings 🌸🌸
  • It’s Spring – Let’s Chill ☕
  • Grab our Spring Offer before it’s Gone 🍃
  • Goodbye Winter Chill 🤧 Hello Spring Vibes 🌞
  • Late Riser? Here’s an Extra Hour for Ya! ⏰
  • Free 🚚 on Easter 🎁
  • Easter Delights 🌈✨
  • Cool Gear 👢for Cool Chicks🐥
  • Here’s Some Chocolatey Goodness 🍫
  • No Bunny Can Top This 😎
  • March into Spring with the Best Gear 🥾
  • Spring Potluck Ideas 🍲
  • Join our Easter Breakfast Club 🥞
  • The Sweetest Easter Deals 🤤
  • Easter Treats for the Little One 🐇
  • New Offers for Newborns 🐣
  • 🍨 Easter Delectables You Should Try 🍨
  • Get Cool 👗 in Spring 🛍️
  • More Goodies for Your Easter Basket! 🧺
  • Mouthwatering Easter Treats 🤤
  • Easter Deals You’ll Love! 🤟
  • Spring to action with these amazing DIY ideas 🧰

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