January 29, 2024

11 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software to Send Bulk Messages (2024)

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WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world, according to Statista, winning over WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram by a wide margin.

No doubt you want to enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp marketing. It’s one of the best digital marketing strategies for connecting with your prospects and boosting customer engagement. 

Despite the abundance of available solutions for WhatsApp marketing, choosing the right platform isn’t easy. Some tools are cheap and easy to use, but they don’t allow for scaling. Others meet the needs of growing businesses, but get expensive too fast. 

With that in mind, we’ve reviewed the 11 best WhatsApp marketing tools and highlighted their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

What is WhatsApp marketing software and why do you need it?

WhatsApp marketing software refers to any software that offers a convenient way for businesses to send marketing messages to customers and subscribers via WhatsApp.

Up until recently, WhatsApp had limited marketing functionality on its WhatsApp Business app. That’s why WhatsApp released an API, called WhatsApp Business Platform. It offers advanced business functions, expanding the WhatsApp marketing offer. 

However, an API doesn’t have its own interface for you to work with, it just connects two programs. So you need a WhatsApp marketing software provider to give you access to an interface to create, manage, and send WhatsApp messages without coding. It’s usually a marketing platform where you can also manage contact lists and track campaign performance. 

WhatsApp marketing software differs in the way they handle different types of messages, their integration with WhatsApp, and pricing. We’ll explore the top providers to help you choose yours. 

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What to look for in a good WhatsApp marketing software

There are plenty of tools offering WhatsApp bulk messaging software. What functionality should you be looking for in the first place?

These are three main criteria distinguishing top WhatsApp marketing software:

  • Easy integration via embedded signup – implementing WhatsApp Business API can be a headache if your WhatsApp marketing tool doesn’t offer native integration.
  • User-friendly campaign creation, validation, scheduling, and status monitoring – to justify the investment, an app should also offer features for easy WhatsApp campaign management.
  • No extra fees for licensing/setup – a cost-effective solution will charge only for messages sent.

Best WhatsApp marketing software comparison table

Let’s see how the selected WhatsApp bulk message senders compare.

The 11 best WhatsApp marketing software

1. Brevo: the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software

Brevo WhatsApp marketing software

Brevo is an official Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

It works as a WhatsApp marketing software and offers the full range of WhatsApp Campaigns.

On top of being a comprehensive CRM suite with full email marketing functionalities, transactional email, SMS sending, Brevo also lets you send bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns, all from one interface.

As a WhatsApp bulk sender software, Brevo gives you access to the WhatsApp API within its own platform. This means you can create and send campaigns, and manage WhatsApp contact lists without the technical skills usually required to work with APIs.

Reasons to choose Brevo as your WhatsApp bulk messaging software

  • Seamless API integration — activate WhatsApp Campaigns in minutes without coding skills
  • The embedded signup connects your WhatsApp Business Account and Brevo’s interface fast and easy
  • Inside Brevo, it’s easier to create message templates (incl. multimedia), get them approved, schedule them as well as manage WhatsApp subscribers
  • Interactive messages with quick reply buttons available
  • You can add WhatsApp messages to multichannel automation flows
  • You can automate replies to incoming customer questions
  • You can receive inbound messages too!
  • Choose from existing templates or create new ones with an easy WYSIWYG editor
  • Brevo’s signup forms also work for building a WhatsApp contact list, and you get a place to store and manage all the subscribers
  • You can monitor template status and WhatsApp marketing campaign performance directly from Brevo
  • Email, SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing in one place — and can be combined in multichannel automated series any way you want (for example, mix all three to recover abandoned carts)
  • Over 100 languages and countries supported
  • No license fees to use WhatsApp Campaigns – only pay for message credits

Brevo pricing

You can run WhatsApp Campaigns on any Brevo plan, even the free one. No license or setup fees, no minimum usage. Pay only for the number of messages you send. The price per message depends on the country code and is regulated by WhatsApp session rules.

For instance, sending 1,000 WhatsApp messages to recipients in India costs ₹962.6 ($12.67) and $31.59 to the US.


wati WhatsApp marketing software

WATI is a WhatsApp API partner for bulk messages, broadcasts, and customer communications.

WATI offers user-friendly features for non-technical people. By using a simple interface and a drag-and-drop builder, you can create customized messages for your WhatsApp campaigns. And if you’re tech-savvy, you can access WATI API Gateway.

The platform is fully focused on WhatsApp, which is both good and bad for its users. If you don’t need omnichannel marketing features, you’ll enjoy advanced features for running WhatsApp campaigns inside the app. If you need a platform for sending WhatsApp bulk messages occasionally, investing in a dedicated solution, like WATI, doesn’t make sense.

WATI pricing

WATI CRM offers two plans you should choose from to use its services: the Standard plan costing $49/month and the Professional plan priced at $98/month.

One conversation equals unlimited notifications sent to one user within a 24-hour window after the first interaction. Once you reach the limit, you’ll be paying a certain fee per every conversation. The cost per conversation depends on the country. 

3. NovoChat 

novochat WhatsApp marketing software

NovoChat is a multichannel chat marketing platform for ecommerce companies. It integrates with WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and LINE. Broadcast message campaigns are only available on WhatsApp and Messenger.

The platform offers integrations with Shopify and EasyStore allowing users to promote new products with marketing messages. The NovoChat dashboard provides real-time performance metrics, like the number of read and replied messages, total clicks, and revenue earned.

NovoChat is a young company, and it hasn’t built a reputation as a reliable service provider yet. 

NovoChat pricing

NovoChat offers a 7-day free trial and four pricing plans:

  • Solo – $7/month, 750 messages, only templated broadcast campaigns, 1 user.
  • Starter – $20/month, 3,000 messages, only templated broadcast campaigns, 1 user.
  • Pro – $60/month, 9,000 messages, custom broadcast campaigns, 5 users.
  • Business – $200/month, 40,000 messages, custom broadcast campaigns, 20 users, 3 WhatsApp numbers.

4. Ameyo

ameyo WhatsApp marketing software

Ameyo is customer experience software offering contact center tools and chatbots. Ameyo is one of the providers of WhatsApp Business API offering users to tap into advanced customer service and mass marketing.

On its dashboard, It displays information on performance metrics as well as its graphical representation to help users visualize the data. 

As a sophisticated contact center solution, Ameyo is a good choice for customer support and service teams.

Ameyo pricing

Ameyo doesn’t provide pricing information publicly.

5. Respond.io

respond io bulk whatsapp marketing software

Respond.io is business messaging software streamlining communications through text messages, WhatsApp, email, social media, and website widgets.

The platform itself won’t provide you with WhatsApp API access. You’ll need to get it from one of the WhatsApp Partners, like 360dialog. Once you connect your API to the Respond.io account, you can reach your target audience with broadcasts and personalized messages on WhatsApp.

However, this approach only makes sense if you need a centralized tool for running promotions across several messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, etc.) at once. Since both 360dialog and Respond.io will be charging monthly fees for using their services, it’s more cost-effective to choose an official WhatsApp Partner that doesn’t require any additional integrations for sending WhatsApp campaigns. 

Respond.io pricing

Respond.io offers a free plan. However, you can’t integrate it with WhatsApp API for free. To connect WhatsApp API and Respond.io with the help of 360dialog, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $5 + WhatsApp fees for message sending. To get more contact limits, broadcasts, and user seats, you can also upgrade to one of paid Respond.io plans (starting at $29/month). 

6. MessageBird

messagebird bulk whatsapp marketing software

MessgeBird is an omnichannel communications platform offering simple no-code solutions for non-tech people and a collection of robust APIs for developers. The company is an WhatsApp Business Partner.

MessageBird offers a user-friendly Flow Builder for creating and broadcasting WhatsApp template messages to your existing and potential customers. With the Template Manager, you can also build, save, and re-use customizable, pre-approved message templates.

Apart from integrating with WhatsApp Business API, MessageBird offers tools for bulk SMS sending, email marketing, Instagram messaging, and more. It’s a powerful solution for companies willing to manage customer communications across various channels in one place.

MessageBird pricing

In a free plan, MessageBird allows having 50 active contacts/month and gives access to all its communication channels. Monthly active contacts are all unique-end users you’ve connected with during one month through any of the suggested channels. It’s basically nothing for a small business. Therefore, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans starting at $50/month or purchase WhatsApp API separately and pay per message.

7. Twilio

twilio bulk whatsapp marketing software

Twilio is a communication software offering APIs for WhatsApp messaging, SMS, voice calls, and email.

Twilio’s Content API facilitates multichannel marketing by enabling rich content that is automatically optimized for each channel you want to broadcast to. However, each channel is a part of a separate plan. So you should calculate the total price first before you choose Twilio as your marketing communications platform.

Twilio is a good platform for tech-savvy experts willing to build a sophisticated communication platform. Otherwise, you’d better choose a less complex solution. 

Twilio pricing

To set up and use WhatsApp Business API, you don’t need to buy a subscription-based plan. Similar to Brevo, Twilio charges only for messages sent. The cost per message is a sum of the WhatsApp message rate and the Twilio markup ($0.005 per message).

8. WebEngage

webengage bulk whatsapp marketing software

WebEngage is another marketing automation software. It offers tools for running push, in-app, SMS, on-site, web push, email, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp campaigns.

On the downside, there’s no direct integration between WedEngage and WhatsApp. You’ll need to choose a WhatsApp Server Provider first and then connect it to your WebEngage account. 

Mid-sized businesses and enterprises choose WebEngage for a combination of advanced customer data management and omnichannel marketing features, but it’s not a go-to solution for small businesses.

WebEngage pricing

WebEngage has four pricing plans differing in the number of monthly active users and access to advanced features. However, WebEngage doesn’t provide pricing information publicly.

9. What-Sender

whatsender whatsapp software

What-Sender is a cheap extension for sending bulk WhatsApp messages. Its interface is not even half as sleek as other tools on this list, but you can’t complain about it given the low price and zero limitations.

What-Sender is not an official WhatsApp Business Partner, and we would recommend being careful with it.

What-Sender pricing

What-Sender charges $3/month for unlimited message sending and up to five WhatsApp accounts per subscription. There’s also a free 30-day trial for those who want to explore What-Sender’s features.

10. Whatso

whatso whatsapp software

Whatso is a dedicated WhatsApp and SMS marketing platform. 

It has at least three different offers for small and large businesses. First, WhatsApp Marketing Software is an app for Mac and Windows Desktop allowing users to send 100–1,000 messages per day. This tool is not verified by Meta though. 

Next, the Whatso WhatsApp API is a solution developed by the company to enable small businesses to deliver transactional messages at a low scale. This unofficial API lets you send up to 100 messages per day for free if you have the Whatso extension installed on your device. No setup fee is applied.

With the WhatsApp API, you can send up to 100,000 broadcast messages per day. The product is subject to Meta’s approval. Due to the contact and campaign management features, it’s a great option for large businesses.

Whatso pricing

WhatsApp Marketing Software starts at a yearly fee of $39. Alternatively, users can get lifetime access for $49. The latter plan includes unlimited messages per day, bulk WhatsApp marketing, and SMS marketing features. 

To use the official API, users will pay a one-time fee of $399 and a fixed rate per conversation (a 24-hour window applies).

11. SendApp

sendapp whatsapp software

SendApp is another WhatsApp and SMS marketing service provider. The company also offers both a desktop app and WhatsApp API for sending personalized promotional broadcasts to chat contacts.

Interestingly, SendApp has a photo editor for fine tuning the images attached to your mass campaigns. No technical skills are required. 

SendApp pricing

There’s a 7-day free trial where you can send WhatsApp messages to 20 users within one campaign. At a price of €90, users are allowed to reach up to 200 users with one broadcast. For power senders, SendApp charges a fee of €299 to grant you access to WhatsApp and SMS Gateway, WordPress Plugin, photo editor, and sending reports.

Choosing the best WhatsApp marketing software for your business

There are many WhatsApp marketing tools on the market but some offer a full marketing suite, not just message sending. Access WhatsApp Campaigns even on Brevo’s free plan.

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