Join the Expert Program

Contribute to the success of our customers by delivering expert implementation services.

The Benefits

Pilot Partner

+ 10% monthly recurring commissions
+ multi-account solution
+ join our growing community of experts on Slack

Captain Partner

Condition: 5 paying customers

All benefits of Pilot partners and:
+ 20% monthly recurring commissions
+ Partner Directory listing

Admiral Partner

Condition: 15 paying customers

All benefits of Captain partners and:
+ 25% monthly recurring commissions
+ Premium customer support

How it works

Partner Dashboard

The Brevo partner dashboard is hosted by our partner software Tapfiliate. You can access your dashboard here with your partner account credentials. From this dashboard, you can invite and declare your client accounts, oversee your commissions and manage your payments.

Declaring or inviting a client

You can declare your client accounts from your Partner dashboard.

For step-by-step instructions, please have a look at our Expert Program Help Center.


To be eligible for your partner tier and earnings, you must declare a paying customer within 15 days of their first payment.

  • Pilot partner (1 new paying client referred): 10% monthly recurring commissions
  • Captain partner (5-14 new paying clients referred): 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Pilot partner (from 15 new paying clients referred): 25% monthly recurring commissions

* Commissions stop after 24 months or every time a new paying customer gets a refund.


To receive payouts, please send us your invoice to [email protected], after our monthly request.

Important: to receive your payment, your account balance must be superior to €100 For more information, please have a look at our Expert Program Help Center.

Expert Directory

To get listed in our Expert Directory, please contact us at p[email protected]

Please note that listings are eligible for Captain and Admiral Partners only.

More questions?

To get more information about our program and processes, have a look at the Expert Program Help Center.

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