March 6, 2023

130 April Newsletter Ideas & Themes That’ll Delight Your Subscribers

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We’ve done the homework for you and looked at every April holiday and theme that’ll keep your audience hooked.

April is when spring is in full bloom. Your audience will naturally feel more upbeat as the weather improves. 

As a result, the April newsletter themes that will get the most subscriber interest during this time of year are cheerful and uplifting in nature.

This comprehensive list of April newsletter ideas includes themes that work well for one off, weekly and monthly newsletters.

April Newsletter Themes: Holidays & Special Occasions

April has a lot of days dedicated to a particular cause or idea. Some days are meant to raise awareness on an important issue. Whilst some days are more about having fun or promoting certain kinds of activities.

Use these occasions to grab more attention by making your email newsletter content relevant.

April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

April Fool’s Day is the perfect time for jokes. It can be in your April newsletter subject line or in the body of text. Keep the humor on the lighter side. And let your audience know (at some point) that your silly gag is meant to get a few laughs, not lawsuits.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to April Fool’s Day

  • International Fun at Work Day
  • Walk to Work Day 
  • Edible Book Day
  • Fossil Fool’s Day

World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd)

World Autism Awareness Day is a United Nations led initiative that brings more attention to people with autism spectrum disorder. Most conversations will center around children and their daily struggles with autism. Show your support with your own charity drive or by rallying behind a local Autism awareness campaign.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to World Autism Awareness Day

  • Love Our Children Day
  • Children’s Picture Book Day
  • Handmade Day
  • International Fact-Checking Day

World Party Day (April 3rd)

It’s all in the title. World Party Day is a rather good excuse to organize your own after-hours office party. Invite your subscribers to join you in your fun night out.

Alternatives to World Party Day

  • Independent Artist Day
  • Film Score Day
  • Chocolate Mousse Day
  • Tweed Day
  • Find a Rainbow Day

Tell a Lie Day (April 4th)

Tell a Lie Day is yet another jokester occasion that would make a great follow up (or revenge) for an April Fool’s Day prank.

Alternatives to Tell a Lie Day

  • Vitamin C Day
  • Walk Around Things Day
  • Hug a Newsperson Day

First Contact Day (April 5th)

Star Trek fans will not miss this for the world. First Contact Day is a fictional holiday derived from the film Star Trek: First Contact. The occasion celebrates humanity’s (fictional) first contact with intelligent alien species.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to First Contact Day

  • Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • Flash Drive Day
  • Caramel Day

Day of Hope (April 6th)

Day of Hope came to be known through an awareness campaign spearheaded by the nonprofit ChildHelp. Day of Hope was originally about fighting child abuse and has since expanded to advocating for child welfare in general.

Alternatives to Day of Hope

  • Walking Day
  • Student-Athlete Day
  • Plan Your Epitaph Day
  • New Beer’s Eve
  • Sorry Charlie Day

Beer Day (April 7th)

National Beer Day will be celebrated with plenty of alcohol. It’s also a great time to let your audience know you’re available for a chat. Fireside chats and informal talks are interesting tie-ins you can use to mark the occasion.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to National Beer Day

  • World Health Day
  • Alcohol Screening Day
  • No Housework Day

Zoo Lovers Day (April 8th)

Zoos help preserve endangered species. They also educate and raise awareness on animal rights and conservation efforts. Zookeepers will jump at every opportunity to bring awareness  to environmental issues, which makes brand partnerships easy.

Alternatives to National Zoo Lovers Day

  • Flower Festival (aka Buddha’s Birthday)
  • All is Ours Day

International ASMR Day (April 9th)

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a type of sensory experience that comes from certain types of relaxing sounds. ASMR is often associated with meditation and sleep aids.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to International ASMR Day

  • Name Yourself Day
  • Unicorn Day
  • Cherish an Antique Day

Siblings Day (April 10th)

Celebrating siblings – especially twins, is a hallmark of National Siblings Day. Create special offers that come in pairs to fit the occasion.

Alternatives to National Siblings Day

  • Golfer’s Day
  • Farm Animals Day
  • Encourage a Young Writer Day

Pet Day (April 11th)

Of course, pet product brands should definitely run a campaign then, but not just them! Try to find ways to show your products as part of pet owners life or simply feature the office pets in your April newsletter. No-one said no to puppies, ever.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to National Pet Day

  • Education and Sharing Day
  • World Parkinson’s Day

International Be Kind to Lawyers Day (April 12th)

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Even lawyers.

Alternatives to International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • National Licorice Day

National Scrabble Day (April 13th)

Word games are more popular than ever. It’s no wonder Wordle enthusiasts love National Scrabble Day. Include fun word games in your newsletter to mark this occasion.

Alternatives to National Scrabble Day 

  • International Day of Pink

International Moment of Laughter Day (April 14th)

Give your newsletter an extra dose of humor to celebrate this occasion. A funny story will surprise your subscribers and give them another reason to look forward to your email updates.

Alternatives to International Moment of Laughter Day

  • Gardening Day
  • Look Up at the Sky Day

Good Friday (April 7, 2023)

Good Friday is observed two days before Easter and is the beginning of a long weekend. While not a bank holiday, it’s normal to see a lot of folks taking the day off work. 

Plan your marketing around get-togethers with friends and family to ensure your newsletter is as inclusive as possible.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to Good Friday

  • Anime Day
  • Take a Wild Guess Day
  • Passover

Husband Appreciation Day (April 16th)

Also known as World Husband Day, this occasion celebrates husbands by giving them special attention and praise for their role in the family.

Alternatives to Husband Appreciation Day

  • Librarian Day
  • Bean Counter Day
  • Auctioneers Day
  • Record Store Day

Easter (April 9, 2023)

Easter is a religious holiday that 8 in 10 Americans celebrate. While half of those who don’t, still plan to buy gifts or travel to commemorate the occasion.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to Easter

  • Blah Blah Blah Day
  • World Hemophilia Day

Tax Day (April 18th)

Tax day is the last day most Americans are required to file their federal tax returns. 

Be especially proactive with email reminders aimed at customers in the early half of April if you provide accounting or bookkeeping services.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to Tax Day

  • Easter Monday
  • World Heritage Day

Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day (April 19th)

Set right after Tax Day, the completely appropriate Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is meant to relax the mind after a weary day of last-minute tax filing.

Give your subscribers something to take their mind off of serious topics like taxes – besides pictures of your favorite jammies.

Alternatives to Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

  • Hanging Out Day
  • Poetry And The Creative Mind Day

420 (April 20th)

The unofficial Weed Day is still a taboo talking point in corporate culture despite recreational marijuana having been legalized in 18 states – and medical marijuana legalized in 38 states.

Segment your email list to keep all your email subscribers happy.

Alternatives to 420

  • National Stationery Week
  • National Look-Alike Day
  • Volunteer Recognition Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21st)

Think of ways to inspire creativity and innovation in your audience. Add open-ended questions and out-of-the-box solutions to your regular newsletter.

Alternatives to World Creativity and Innovation Day

  • Kindergarten Day
  • High Five Day
  • Tea Day

Earth Day (April 22nd)

The official theme for Earth Day is “invest in our planet”.

Promote sustainable development by advocating for your role in the fight against climate change. Areas you should focus on include recycling, renewable energy, and reforestation.

Consider putting together your own carbon calculator to help you set targets and strategies for your company to reduce your carbon footprint. Aim for carbon positive outcomes.

Communicate your goals and progress publicly to keep your audience informed and motivate others to do the same.

Have an open dialogue with your audience to help you explore the best opportunities for local community partnerships.

Be sure to grab attention with an Earth Day subject line.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to Earth Day

  • Day of Silence
  • Teach Your Children to Save Day

World Book Day (April 23rd)

Also known as International Day of the Book – World Book Day is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) event meant to promote reading, publishing, and the use of copyright to protect written works.

Promote a book tie-in or an upcoming publication if you plan on introducing your subscribers to World Book Day.

Alternatives to World Book Day

  • Shakespeare Day
  • National Take a Chance Day
  • National Lover’s Day

Scream Day (April 24th)

Despite its scary name, it has nothing to do with horror movies. Scream Day uses screams as a form of stress relief. Its themes include self-care and mental wellness.

Rather than encourage your audience to let out disturbing screams, share personal stories and talk about ways to improve mental health.

April newsletter idea example


Alternatives to Scream Day

  • Shakespeare Day

DNA Day (April 25th)

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) began to promote DNA day to get students and teachers more interested in genetic research.

Talk about human ancestry and the development of an interconnected world in your newsletter if you plan on sticking to the DNA theme.

Alternatives to DNA Day

  • National Telephone Day
  • National Lingerie Day
  • Hairstylist Appreciation Day
  • Hug a Plumber Day

Get Organized Day (April 26th)

Detailed planning and decluttering your workspace are the core ideas behind Get Organized Day. 

Make time savers a key part of your message if you plan on referencing this occasion in your next newsletter.

April newsletter idea


Alternatives to Get Organized Day

  • National Dissertation Day
  • World Burlesque Day

Tell a Story Day (April 27th)

Storytelling can involve sharing personal stories or reading a book aloud. Tell a Story Day tends to focus on lived experiences.

Share a personal experience with your audience. If you’re promoting an in-person meetup, use storytelling as a way to break the ice. 

Alternatives to Tell a Story Day

  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • Stop Food Waste Day

National Superhero Day (April 28th)

Everyday superheroes are everywhere. National Superhero Day celebrates local do-gooders whose jobs or volunteer work have had a positive impact in their communities.

Bring attention to the good work of your team members or partners in your newsletter update. Highlight acts of kindness that’ll inspire your audience to carry out their own good deeds.

April newsletter example


Alternatives to National Superhero Day

  • Workers’ Memorial Day
  • Take Our Kids To Work Day
  • Clean Comedy Day
  • Cubicle Day

Arbor Day (April 29th)

Usually observed on the last day of April through tree planting and reforestation initiatives. Arbor Day has caught on all over the world with the actual date varying according to local springtime weather.

April newsletter example


Alternatives to Arbor Day

  • International Dance Day
  • World Wish Day

Honesty Day (April 30th)

Is the practical opposite of Tell a Lie Day. Speaking truthfully and candidly is the easiest way to celebrate Honest Day.

Gently remind your audience about the power of having honest conversations with others, including their customers.

Alternatives to Honesty Day

  • International Jazz Day
  • World Veterinary Day

Weekly April Newsletter Themes

National Robotics Week (April 2-9)

Also known as RoboWeek, is geared towards exciting students in STEM fields. National Robotics Week has a big focus on scientific breakthroughs in robotic technology.

Tie in your product or manufacturing process to advancements in robotic technology. Your newsletter should include photos that visualize the work of robots.

April newsletter example


Public Health Week (April 3-9)

It was first organized by the American Public Health Association (APHA). Public health week is about living healthier lives and creating healthier community spaces.

Show your support for public health by leading a health awareness campaign or contributing to local community spaces. Your subscribers will happily support public health initiatives.

Wildlife Week (April 5-9)

It’s about conserving animal habitats and protecting animal diversity. Originally called Wildlife Restoration Week, the new Wildlife Week now embraces the theme of communing with nature.

Promote conservation efforts or highlight the diversity of wildlife in your area if your brand doesn’t directly benefit the natural environment.

Passover (April 5-13)

It’s an important Jewish holiday that has a lot of festivities and family engagements. Ensure your email content is kosher and family-focused. 

Keep in mind that the first and last days of Passover are usually taken as legal holidays. 

Start sending out your Passover newsletter at least a month in advance to accommodate any travel arrangements your customers may need to make to take advantage of your offers.

Library Week (April 23-29)

It’s meant to cultivate a habit of reading. Library Week also extends to the work of librarians and lesser-known authors that have contributed to local libraries.

Reference your favorite books or any kind of published work that has influenced you in your newsletter. Your audience should feel inspired to create their own reading lists.

Monthly April Newsletter Themes

Keep America Beautiful Month

Is a nonprofit and a movement dedicated to beautifying public spaces. Recycling and cleanups are its main activities.

Organize a local cleanup and involve your local community. Spread the word in your newsletter to get positive publicity for your organization.

April newsletter inspiration


Alternatives to Keep America Beautiful Month

  • National Decorating Month
  • National Garden Month

Couple Appreciation Month

Romance is at the heart of Couple Appreciation Month. Think of it as a month-long version of Valentine’s Day.

Romantic overtones and gifts aimed at couples are the surest way to spice up your newsletter.

Month of Hope

Broadly covers the subject of hope and survival. Recovery and rehabilitation are the main themes of the Month of Hope.

Share powerful personal stories where victims recovered from trauma or overcame a debilitating setback.

Alternatives to National Month of Hope

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • National Alcohol Awareness Month

Move More Month

Backed by the American Heart Association (AHA), the Move More Month is part awareness campaign and part fitness program. The AHA recommends every person take at least 10,000 steps a day, or the equivalent of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise to enjoy better overall health.

Toss in a fun fitness routine or a few exercise hacks that you know your subscribers will love into your next newsletter.

Jazz Appreciation Month

Is as the name suggests, all about the love of Jazz music. 

Share your favorite jams with your email list and wait for the positive feedback to chime in.

Financial Literacy Month

Knowing how to budget, save and invest are the basics of financial literacy.

If you’re qualified to give financial advice or have an expert on hand that you can consult, feel free to share saving and investing tips with your audience.

April newsletter inspiration


Poetry Month

Is as much about appreciating poetry, as it is exposing a new generation to the art form.

Share a short haiku or a few lines from your favorite song to stir up more interest in your audience.

Humor Month

Is not just about fun and games. Humor is a great way to encourage and uplift people in difficult times.

Use humorous anecdotes to add more flair to your newsletter. If there’s room to spare, add a section where your audience can contribute their own jokes.

Volunteer Month

Brings to mind good deeds. Nonprofits and volunteer groups are keen to highlight the work of their volunteers – to inspire others and to appreciate the hard work they’ve put in.

Organize volunteer opportunities for your team and customers and use your newsletter to guide to share volunteer opportunities in the communities where your brand has the most influence.

April newsletter inspiration



Is mainly centered around religious observances in a family setting. Food and good company are a big part of the celebrations.

Include a Ramadan greeting in your next newsletter to make your brand more friendly and inclusive.

April newsletter inspiration


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