December 29, 2023

The 7 Best Email Blast Services Compared (2024)

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Email blasts are often mistaken for messages sent in bulk to an entire email list or even spam. But in modern digital marketing, generic blasting is giving way to targeted and personalized bulk email marketing campaigns. The best email blast services are actually here to help you personalize at scale and send valuable content to your subscribers.

Let’s take a look at what the best email blast services can do for your business.

What is an email blast service?

An email blast service is a software that enables companies to send bulk email marketing campaigns to subscribers. This includes list management, email templates, automation features, and signup forms. 

The email blasts you send can be very different:

  • email newsletters
  • announcements & news
  • big promotions, etc.

Looking for a comprehensive email tool not just for blasts? Check out our selection of the best email marketing platforms.

Benefits of using an email blast service

Boost productivity. Automation workflows and easy customer relationship management help teams send campaigns to the right audience at the right time.

Grow your subscriber base. Tools like signup forms and landing pages help attract new customers to your business and collect new addresses for your email lists.

Personalize at scale. Digital software helps you personalize your email blasts using information from your contact database.

Land emails in the inbox. Sending mass email in Gmail will land you in spam. Starting in February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo! Sender requirements make using an email service provider necessary for getting your bulk marketing messages delivered. 

The result? A better customer experience and increased retention.

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The best email blast services: Pricing comparison

Email blasts aren’t sent to two people at a time and storing contacts adds up quickly. Here’s a quick overview of costs when sending campaigns to subscribers using different email blast services.

Best email marketing services for blasts

Each of these email marketing solutions will help you create bulk email campaigns, track your results, and drive conversions. We’ll go over what makes each one stand out and give you an overview of pricing. 

1. Brevo — Best blast email service overall

Brevo's email blast service drag and drop builder.

Email template in the Brevo drag-and-drop builder

Brevo is an all-in-one email marketing software, perfect for blast sending. You get unlimited contact storage and 20-second delivery on all plans. Brevo gets your email blasts in the inbox at a 99% deliverability rate thanks to an actively monitored SMTP server.

The best part? You only pay for emails sent and not for contacts stored, which makes Brevo the best bulk emailing service on the market. Send your blasts to as many contacts as needed and don’t worry about the size of your list.

You can create emails quick and easy with the drag-and-drop editor or customize them with HTML. Or use the ready free email templates in our gallery to speed up your email blast sending even more.

customer review of Brevo on G2

People are loving Brevo’s ease of use

What do you like best about Brevo?

We install it on many of our clients’ websites and our own. It is feature rich and easy to use. Love the WordPress integration.”

— read the whole review here

Optimize subject lines for opens with Brevo’s AI assistant or run A/B tests. Once emails are sent, real-time dashboards keep track of email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, bounces, and all key metrics so you can measure your performance.

Brevo’s Marketing Platform equips you with all essential email marketing tools, from lead capture to campaign design and analytics (open rates, bounces, etc). Plus, your campaigns are linked to your native Brevo CRM database, so you can segment your audience and personalize your email campaigns for success.

Going a step further, Brevo’s automation lets you schedule campaign send times or trigger emails after certain events (like abandoned cart emails, or welcome emails to new subscribers, autoresponders, etc.). Advanced features like send-time optimization are also available. 

Brevo also offers ready (and free to use) plugins for 60+ apps on the market along with custom integrations for more in case you need them. Popular third-party integrations include WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop to easily connect your ecommerce store. 

All that makes Brevo the best email blast service for bloggers, SMBs, online stores,

On top of being the best email blast service, Brevo offers SMS marketing and WhatsApp campaigns on all plans (pay-per-volume). 

Brevo pricing

Brevo’s Marketing Platform is available for free for up to 9,000 emails/month. The free plan includes all core email marketing tools such as email templates, drag-and-drop email builder, and automation workflows for up to 2,000 contacts. You can start sending email blasts in no time.

Paid plans begin with the Starter plan at $25/month/20,000 emails. 

Users who want to supercharge their campaigns with A/B testing, advanced campaign analytics, and powerful send time optimization will benefit from the Business Plan starting at $65/month.

  • All plans let you store unlimited contacts.
  • Email credits can be used for transactional and marketing emails. 
  • Brevo provides double opt-in forms and unsubscribe links to help you remain GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Brands looking for enterprise-level services will find everything they need with BrevoPlus, Brevo’s tailored solution for larger businesses. 

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a big name in email marketing, and users will find all sorts of tools for email blasting success. As a jack of all trades, HubSpot offers features for even the most niche use cases (with a price to match) making it a great tool for experts or large enterprises.

HubSpot services are divided into Hubs, or platforms. Users can choose from a free plan that has a mix of limited features from all Hubs or go straight for the Marketing Hub for essential email blast tools. 

Useful tools include signup forms (and popup forms) for lead capture, marketing automation, email drag-and-drop builders, a landing page builder, and email health reports and statistics. 

Like Brevo, HubSpot boasts a 99% email deliverability rate. Transactional email is available as an add-on for brands looking to send confirmation emails, password resets, and so forth. 

HubSpot pricing

HubSpot offers a free hub with limited functionalities and 2,000 email sends/month. Each engagement is limited to 100 contacts.

Paid hubs start at $20/month + $20 per 1,000 additional contacts. Sending limits are 5x the amount of contacts stored. 

Upgrading to the Professional Plan costs $890/month but grants you a 10x email sending limit and advanced features like duplicate contact management and dynamic personalization. 

One con of HubSpot is the steep lea from learning curve: your team will probably need paid onboarding.

Important to note: If you store the same contacts in your HubSpot CRM and your Marketing Hub, you will be charged twice. 

Check out HubSpot competitors for an in-depth look at HubSpot’s offer and alternative email blast services.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is another bulk email software used worldwide with a special offer for NGOs (50% off). Its simple email editor also makes it great for beginners. 

Along with bulk email tools (email builders, landing pages, email automation), GetResponse allows users to host webinars. It also provides email sender score monitoring tools so you can keep an eye on your IP health. 

While GetResponse doesn’t have its own native CRM, it partnered with Agile CRM for easy integration. 

Small businesses that are looking to expand to bulk SMS marketing might do better with a different provider. GetResponse only offers texting campaigns to enterprise-level clients.

GetResponse pricing

Paid plans for GetResponse’s blast email service start at $18/month for 1,000 contacts on the Email Marketing plan. The monthly price increases once you exceed your contact limit. 

The mid-level tier is called Marketing Automation and starts at $59/month. To build email workflows from scratch and set up drip campaigns, users will need to start on this plan. 

In order to launch abandoned cart email triggers, users will have to sign up for the Ecommerce Marketing plan which starts at $119/month.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a classic email marketing platform, popular with ecommerce platform users. Recently, Mailchimp has rolled out a customer journey feature to provide a more CRM-like experience. They’ve also expanded to include some lead generation tools like landing pages and signup forms.

Mailchimp has all email blast tools to be expected, from email design templates to campaign statistics. All paid tiers give you access to signup forms and landing pages for growing your email blast contact lists.

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp has a free plan for up to 500 contacts, and 1,000 monthly email sends. This also includes email customer support for the first month to help you get up and running. Most other features like automation and email statistics are limited under the free plan. 

The paid plans start at $13 for 500 email contacts on the Essentials plan and give you access to limited reporting and analytics tools. 

Dynamic content is only available on the Standard plan which makes personalizing emails more expensive with Mailchimp than other services. The Standard plan starts at $20/month for only 500 contacts and 6,000 monthly email sends. 

If that’s not for you, check out Mailchimp alternatives for more insights. 

5. ActiveCampaign 

Another big email blast service is ActiveCampaign. Like Brevo and HubSpot, ActiveCampaign has a native CRM to help you build email blasts using CRM database information. 

Automated emails, audience segmentation, and analytics help streamline marketing efforts. Users can access the standard tools for sending email blasts such as email templates and contact lists. 

ActiveCampaign pricing

The free plan is limited to 100 contacts and 100 monthly email sends and is mainly meant for brands to test out ActiveCampaign. 

Paid plans start at $39/month for 1,000 contacts on the Lite plan which includes a drag-and-drop email builder and email automation. 

The Plus plan starts at $70/month for 1,000 contacts and unlocks split automations, landing pages, and popular app plugins like Shopify, Magento, and more. 

For predictive sending (send time optimization) and higher email sending limits (12x the number of contacts) the Professional plan starts at $149/month. 

Custom reporting can be added to any plan for $159/month. 

Still deciding? Get an in-depth look at Active Campaign alternatives

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another option for those looking for an email blast service. 

With easy-to-use email templates and a drag-and-drop email builder, designing emails is straightforward. Users can expect the standard email marketing tools, from automations and autoresponders (like welcome emails) to campaign reporting. 

Those who enjoy a scientific approach with A/B testing might enjoy another provider since Constant Contact only allows A/B tests for subject lines. However, if using Vimeo in your email blasts is interesting for your brand, Constant Contact could be the one for you.

Constant Contact pricing

While there is no free plan, at 60 days, Constant Contact’s free trial is longer than most email blast service providers.

There are three paid plan tiers. Lite, Standard, and Premium. 

The Lite plan starts at $12/month for up to 500 contacts with drag-and-drop email templates and polls and surveys. 

To get access to dynamic email content, campaign scheduling, or automation templates, you’ll need to use the Standard plan, starting at $35/month for up to 500 contacts. This plan increases monthly email-sending limits to 12 times that of the number of subscribers you have. 

The Premium plan starts at $80/month for 500 contacts and increases email sending limits to 24 times that of the number of subscribers you have.   

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7. Campaign Monitor

The last blast email service on our list is Campaign Monitor, complete with core email marketing features. It also recently added SMS marketing to its feature set to complement your email marketing strategy

Larger teams will benefit from the unlimited users per account, each with a unique login. The timezone-sending feature automatically sends emails based on a subscriber’s timezone, making email scheduling a breeze for international sellers. 

While it offers templates for simple email building, the platform is less intuitive for more complex campaigns.

Campaign Monitor pricing

The free plan gives you a taste of the platform and features; however, you can only have up to 5 subscribers. 

There are three paid plans available, Lite, Essentials, and Premier. 

The Lite plan starts at $11/month with a monthly sending limit of 2,500 emails. The price increases with more subscribers. 

The next tier up is Essentials which starts at $19/month and includes timezone sending. 

The Premier plan starts at $149/month and gives users access to send time optimization and phone support. 

Nonprofits can get a 15% discount on pricing plans. 

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Discover more email blast services:

Launch campaigns with the best email blast service

When sending bulk campaigns, choosing a service with a dedicated SMTP server is the most surefire way to get your emails in the inbox. With the new Gmail and Yahoo! stricter sender requirements, GDPR-compliant practices will give you a head start. 

Brevo’s powerful SMTP server will help you stay out of the spam folder and inside the inbox. Backed with marketing automation tools, intuitive campaign builders, and free unlimited contact storage, Brevo is the all-around best solution for businesses looking to send at scale. 

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