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Brevo vs. ConvertKit pricing

ConvertKit pricing is based on the number of email subscribers stored. If you’re a blogger or small business with a rapidly growing email list, expect your email bill to increase significantly over time. Brevo pricing is based on the number of emails sent.

Both solutions have a similar starting price but as you can see below, ConvertKit plans quickly become a lot more expensive than Brevo as your subscriber base grows. And keep in mind that ConvertKit charges a transaction fee of 3.5%+30c on each sale you make and on every pricing tier! So on top of the ConvertKit pricing you choose to go with, you’d be paying more and more as your business grows.

It’s also worth noting that ConvertKit doesn’t let you send transactional emails like password resets and order updates. For this you’ll need to pay for an extra service. Brevo, on the other hand, is a complete CRM suite, including full email marketing capabilities enabling both marketing and transactional emails in one place.

Comparing free plans

ConvertKit’s free plan lets you store and send email campaigns to up to 1,000 subscribers. On this plan, the ConvertKit features are limited: no access to automation tools, just 1 user, only community support.

Customer service is only available on the paid plans! You can’t use integrations like ecommerce plugins either, which is possible on the Brevo Free plan.

Brevo’s free plan lets you send 300 emails per day and set marketing automation workflows for up to 2,000 contacts.

Email design and testing features

ConvertKit specializes in plain-text emails so their editor isn’t ideal if you’re looking to design anything beyond a standard email layout. And if you don’t want to start from scratch, there are only three basic email templates to choose from.

You can add custom HTML blocks within ConvertKit’s plain-text email editor or code your own in their HTML editor if you can. If coding is your thing, Brevo’s HTML editor lets you view and edit the source code of your email so you can customize it any way you want.

Brevo comes complete with all the features you need to create visually stunning emails. You get three different email builders: drag and drop, plain text, and HTML. Designing an email with Brevo is easy and intuitive.

Brevo vs. ConvertKit automation

Brevo and ConvertKit both have robust email automation capabilities with easy-to-use workflow editors. You can set up autoresponders (e.g. welcome email series) or complex if/then/else email sequences with either platform.

However, Brevo offers more options for workflow triggers such as page visits on your website. You can even set up automated lead scoring to monitor interest and send messages at the optimal time for conversion. Ready workflow templates are available to get you started quick.

As a full CRM suite, Brevo also lets you integrate SMS and WhatsApp messages into your automations. All Brevo’s marketing automation features are available on the Free plan for up to 2,000 contacts. Or upgrade to the Business plan to get unlimited automation for $65/month.

Contact management and
list building

Both Brevo and ConvertKit offer unlimited customizable signup forms. You can also use custom fields to collect specific data for more personalized emails. With ConvertKit you only have one subscriber list, which you can segment using tags.

Brevo lets you create multiple lists, which for some businesses is an easier way to organize contacts. With Brevo multi-list subscription forms help you stay GDPR compliant by grouping subscribers according to consent for different newsletters and promotions.

This makes sure they’ll only receive what they signed up for. You can also create separate forms for subscribers to update their communication preferences.

Email reporting and analytics

ConvertKit offers basic reports with email open and click rates, and the number of unsubscribes and clicks. However, there’s no data for bounce rates and conversions, or insights based on geolocation, device, and domain.

If you love to deep-dive into data, Brevo is the tool for you. Our detailed reporting suite has all of the above plus extras like the average time to open/click, number of complaints, and more.

Get more with Brevo for less than ConvertKit pricing

ConvertKit is focused on email marketing for content creators (bloggers, influencers, podcasters). Meanwhile, Brevo is a full CRM suite with multichannel tools suitable for SaaS, SMBs, ecommerce, entrepreneurs, consultants, selling digital products, and creators alike.

Make your life easier by centralizing your marketing efforts in one place. You’ll save time not switching between tools and reduce the cost of your marketing tech stack.

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