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Brevo vs. Campaign Monitor pricing: Brevo works out cheaper

Campaign Monitor’s starting price is attractive, but it’ll quickly go up as your email list grows. The Basic Plan only gives you 500 contacts and 2,500 email sends a month.

In contrast, Brevo offers free unlimited contacts on all plans. Instead, pricing is based on the number of emails you want to send. And on the Starter plan you get 20,000 emails per month for just $25 — plenty to get you started.

Plus, there’s no free plan on Campaign Monitor’s pricing, while with Brevo you can send up to 300 free emails a day forever.

Send a monthly newsletter to: Brevo Campaign Monitor Basic
300 contacts Free $9
2,500 contacts $25 $29
5,000 contacts $25 $49
10,000 contacts $25 $99
25,000 contacts $25 $199
35,000 contacts $25 $329

Based on campaignmonitor.com/pricing on 11/01/22.

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Email marketing at better than Campaign Monitor's pricing

Both providers have the essential email marketing features for email design, list segmentation, and personalization, as well as integrations with WordPress and other platforms so you’ll be able to easily send all kinds of email marketing campaigns and transactional emails.

Available Features Brevo  Campaign Monitor
Drag and drop email editor
Responsive email templates
Custom signup forms
List segmentation
Email personalization and dynamic content
Send time optimization
A/B testing email content
Real-time reporting
Email link click heat map
Transactional emails
Live chat support
Phone support on higher plans

Do more with Brevo Marketing Automation

Automated emails are also available across pricing plans, but advanced functionality on Campaign Monitor’s pricing is only accessible on the Premier plan, starting at $149 per month. And if you’re new to automation, Campaign Monitor doesn’t offer any template workflows to get you started.

On the other hand, Brevo lets you automate not just email campaigns but lead scoring, contact management, and SMS messages as well. The full suite of marketing automation features free with up to 300 contacts.

Available Features Brevo Campaign Monitor
Ready-to-use workflow templates
Custom automation workflows
If/then/else workflow conditions
Email click and open triggers
Website activity tracking Premier plan
Lead scoring
SMS automation
WhatsApp automation

Go Multichannel with Brevo’s all-in-one platform

While Campaign Monitor is only an email marketing tool (with SMS options just added in), Brevo is a full CRM suite with multichannel tools geared for conversions. Do more while paying less than Campaign Monitor’s pricing!

This makes Brevo an even better Campaign Monitor alternative and a great value for money for small businesses.

Available Features Brevo Campaign Monitor
SMS marketing
WhatsApp marketing
Landing pages
Sales Platform
Live chat
Facebook ads
Push notifications
Appointment scheduling
Business Phone

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They prefer Brevo

An invaluable service at an unbeatable price

"For an organization like ours, the service Brevo provides is invaluable, and comes at a very reasonable price. The emailing interface is intuitive and produces sharp, attractive results. The service is very fast and efficient, makes dealing with unsubscribe requests easy, provides quick results on opens, etc. In short, terrific tools at an unbeatable price."


Easy, efficient emailing

"I use Brevo for my organization (we're starting to have huge contact databases to manage), and it's easy, smooth and efficient. In the beginning I tried it because it seemed less expensive than Mailchimp and the rest, but I stayed primarily because it works so well (quick after-sales service, etc.). No complaints."


Simple and comprehensive

"What I like best about Brevo is the simplicity. I've never watched the free tutorials but I still manage to create email campaigns, do marketing automation, etc. And if you have a question, there's a very responsive team ready to help with whatever you need."

Dollivan C.

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