September 20, 2022

11 Cyber Monday Email Examples and Tips to Drive Sales in 2022

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Cyber Monday is the internet’s biggest sale and a huge business opportunity. Drive conversions during this online shopping day with standout Cyber Monday emails.

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. With the rise in ecommerce, competition for online shoppers will be fierce. Don’t miss out on this major sales opportunity!

Drive results with a top-notch Cyber Monday email campaign. Here are a few examples and holiday email marketing strategies to help you get started.

Why Cyber Monday matters

Cyber Monday is the internet’s biggest sale. It takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This holiday season, Cyber Monday will be on November 28, 2022.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday often go hand in hand. Traditionally, brick-and-mortar stores used Black Friday marketing to get customers in the door. Cyber Monday was created as Black Friday’s ecommerce equivalent.

The Covid-19 pandemic drove more people to online stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ecommerce will continue to grow. In fact, Cyber Monday generated a whopping $62 million in 2021.

Cyber Monday could be a huge opportunity for your business. Get the most out of this sales event with a strong Cyber Monday email marketing strategy. Read on to find out how.

Cyber Monday email examples and tips that get results

This year, create an impactful Cyber Monday email marketing campaign. We’ve gathered a few Cyber Monday email strategies, tips, and examples to get you started.

Offer unbeatable Cyber Monday deals

Grab your customers’ attention with irresistible deals. Offer huge site-wide savings. Cut the hassle with an easy return policy and free shipping. In fact, 79% of customers said free shipping would tempt them to shop online.

Check out this Cyber Monday sale email from Levi’s for inspiration:

Cyber Monday announcement email by Levi's with free shipping and returns offer

Give exclusive Cyber Monday discounts

During Cyber Monday, customers receive countless campaigns promoting big sales and major savings. Rise above the noise with tailored deals and exclusive discount codes.

Entice customers with VIP Cyber Monday sales, like in this example from DecalGirl:

Created with Brevo

Stand out with a surprising Cyber Monday sale

Not every business needs to wow customers with limited-time Cyber Monday specials. Instead, try to find a unique angle to promote your brand.

Everlane surprises their customers by not running a Cyber Monday sale. Their reason? Everlane’s prices are already lower than most retailers year-round.

Cyber Monday email by Everlane with gift recommendations and item prices compared to other retailers


Use a Cyber Monday email template

Stand out in a crowded inbox with an eye-popping Cyber Monday email template. Design your email to showcase your products and CTAs. Play off the cyber theme with high-tech imagery.

This Cyber Monday email from Huckberry puts a nostalgic spin on the digital theme:

Huckberry's Cyber Monday email campaign with a nostalgia-themed design

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, fun fonts, and gifs in email. This adds personality to your Cyber Monday email design. It will also help catch your subscribers’ attention.

Look at this example from MeUndies for inspiration:

Cyber Monday email by MeUndies that uses a GIF as its focal point

Write attention-grabbing Cyber Monday email subject lines 

Boost open rates with impactful Cyber Monday subject lines. Build anticipation for your upcoming sales. Be sure to get customers excited about your online promotions.

In this Cyber Monday email example, Helix used the subject line “🚨 Cyber Monday starting now! $200 off + 2 FREE Pillows. 🚨” This way, customers know exactly what to expect from the sale. Emojis in the email subject line also help the campaign stand out.

Cyber Monday email example by Helix


Showcase Cyber Monday promotions

The flood of holiday promotions can make Cyber Monday feel overwhelming. Make it easier for your customers by showcasing your Cyber Monday promos.

Optimize your Cyber Monday email design to call attention to your products and sales. In this campaign example, Old Navy puts their Cyber Monday offers front and center:

Cyber Monday sale email by Old Navy, including 50% off promotion, free shipping and product recommendations

Create a sense of urgency

Nothing motivates customers to buy more than the fear of missing out (FOMO). So why not create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer? 

This Cyber Monday email campaign from Designmodo is a good example:


Run extended Cyber Monday sales

The sales don’t have to end at midnight on Monday. Make Cyber Monday a multi-day affair and run a Cyber Weekend or Cyber Week sale!

Look at this Cyber Week email marketing example from Etsy:

Cyber Week email marketing example from Etsy


Cyber Monday email marketing best practices

Don’t let your Cyber Monday emails go to waste. Follow these best practices to reach as many subscribers as possible.

Start early

You shouldn’t wait until Cyber Monday to announce your sales. Send your first Cyber Monday email campaign early. This way, you’re less likely to miss customers who might be interested in your Cyber Monday offers.

Be sure to let your email list know about your Cyber Monday offers well in advance. You can also entice customers with early bird specials.

Check out this Cyber Monday email from Shwood as an example:

countdown in email


Send last chance reminders

Don’t forget about the latecomers in your Cyber Monday marketing efforts. Grab their attention with last chance Cyber Monday deals.

This Cyber Monday email from Google Store is a perfect example:

last chance deal


Run a Cyber Monday email series

Reach more people this Cyber Monday. Make your Cyber Monday emails part of an email marketing series. 

Be sure to time each email in your Cyber Monday series right. This way, you’re more likely to stand out in a crowded inbox and catch your subscribers’ attention.

Here’s a Cyber Monday email sequence you can follow:

  • Email 1: One week before — Cyber Monday teaser
  • Email 2: Sale launch — Cyber Monday sale announcement
  • Email 3: Final hours — Last chance reminder

Email automation allows you to plan your Cyber Monday emails ahead of time. With Brevo, automate your Cyber Monday email campaigns to save time and effort.

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Plan your Cyber Monday email marketing campaign

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