February 1, 2024

Easter Email Marketing: Examples, Templates, and Ideas

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Easter is just around the corner, on Sunday, March 31. Now’s the time to kickstart your Easter email marketing campaign. We’ve got a bunch of tips, tricks, and fun examples to keep your audience interested in your Easter promotions.

Why you should do Easter email marketing

From a business standpoint, Easter can be a very lucrative holiday for most companies. 

8 out of 10 Americans celebrate Easter. Over half of those who don’t mark the occasion still take advantage of Easter promotions.

Easter 2023 poll by National Retail Federation.


While not as widely celebrated as Christmas and Mother’s Day, in terms of sales, Easter ranks ahead of Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Halloween.

Easter sales rose to $24 billion in 2023. The average shopper planned to spend $192 on Easter gifts and celebrations with their friends and family.

The National Retail Federation surveyed adult consumers in the US on what they planned to purchase to celebrate Easter. Food, candy, and gifts were the most popular picks. 

33% of customers shopped for Easter deals online. Other destinations include discount stores, department stores, small businesses, and local shops. 

In short, Easter is a festive holiday centered around gift-giving and family gatherings.

With the right holiday email marketing strategy you can expect to enjoy a leap in ecommerce sales. 

In this article, we’ll help you choose the right theme and content to get the most value out of your easter email marketing campaign.

What do you put in an Easter email campaign?

Customers expect an Easter sale.

Wishing your customers a happy Easter would be a nice gesture, sure. But why not surprise them with an Easter treat?

An Easter email blast with a unique Easter offer can add a fun twist to your everyday marketing strategy.

You’ll need to first think about whether to include an Easter egg and what that will be. We’ll dig into the details later.

Then you’ll need to figure out whether you want your Easter email to just have content with an Easter theme in your regular newsletter or be its own separate Easter email promotion.

Do you already have a growing subscriber list and want some fun ways to capitalize on the holiday fervor? We’ve got a handy list of Easter newsletter ideas that are sure to inspire you. 

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When should you send Easter emails?

You’d be surprised how early folks start planning their Easter Holidays – 38% of Easter celebrations are planned in late January.

Easter shopping trends by the National Retail Federation.


Part of the planning is centered around vacation and travel arrangements that fit the holiday calendar. Half of Americans will attend family get-togethers or meet up with close friends. 

Promote your Easter weekend special as early as January if it it involves extended travel or an out-of-the-way trip. 

Make the upfront costs clear so that your customers can budget accordingly. Early bird discounts will work in your favor.

Want to promote an Easter weekend shopping spree or an Easter Sunday discount bonanza? Then consider putting together a teaser series for your Easter email campaign.

Sticking to the best time to send an email will ensure your Easter email campaign has a higher open rate.

To whom should you send an Easter email blast?

Engage your audience fully to get the best conversion rates in your promotional email campaigns.

To avoid having your beautifully designed Easter emails falling into spam inboxes, focus on building your subscriber list early.

Don’t buy email lists. Instead, let your audience know about holiday offers on social media. Ask your followers to subscribe to your newsletter to get the best deals, including your upcoming Easter special.

Segment your email subscribers. Ensure that each offer meets customer needs on a personal level.

Here’s how to create a newsletter that your audience will love.

6 Easter email marketing ideas for campaign success

Make your Easter marketing email stand out with these tips.

1. Make an Easter offer

Happy Easter Sale Sample

Source: Freepik

Holiday email marketing is no different from your typical seasonal sales campaign.

Again, customers will expect an Easter exclusive. Even if your Easter offer doesn’t tie into an Easter theme, it’s still an eggcellent time to experiment with price cuts and free giveaways.

An Easter email CTA will nudge your customers to make a quick purchase so they don’t miss out on a big discount or a limited-time offer.

Link your CTA to an Easter landing page that showcases your best offers. Use persuasive copy and Easter visuals to clinch more sales.

2. Target the long weekend

Easter is the only holiday that always includes a long weekend.

Spread your Easter sales efforts over the Easter weekend so your customers have every opportunity to get the offers they want.

Include special offers for Good Friday and Easter Sunday when shopper turnout peaks.

While Easter Monday isn’t a public holiday in the US, it is an official holiday in Canada, Australia, most of the UK, and many parts of Europe including France and Germany. 

Lots of people take leave on Easter Monday, so treat it as part of your long weekend campaign.

Extend your Easter emails beyond the Easter Weekend with a last chance email campaign.

3. Include an Easter theme in your email design

Happy Easter Theme Sample

Source: Freepik

Decorate the content of your email with pastel colors, chocolate bunnies and blooming sprigs. 

The more inventive your thematic tie-in, the greater the interest in your Easter offer.

However, if visuals of candies and flowers don’t jive with your brand, ditch them. 

You can still tap into the holiday mood by associating with warm feelings of friendship, family and new relationships. 

Spring is also closely associated with Easter. So, you can safely use visuals around the idea of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. 

4. Use puns and fun wordplay

Distinguish your brand from the hundreds of other businesses running Easter promotions with humor and creativity.

Catch the attention of your audience with an eggcentric Easter email subject line. Add in emojis to give your Easter email a more playful tone.

Create a short promo video or mini commercial. You can get eggstraordinary results if it goes viral. Attract more attention by including simple animated GIFs in your email.

5. Send plenty of reminders

Holidays are a time when most consumers will go shopping for gifts. 32% of Easter shoppers will buy gifts.

Percentage of Holiday Shoppers That Buy Gifts


This brief window of inflated Easter sales is just as important to strip malls as it is for online outlets. 

Send regular email reminders to your customers to let them know your Easter offer is either on its way or already available. 

If your business is extending its operating hours to meet increased demand, let your customers know. If stock that had previously run out has been refilled, make an announcement.

6. Use a countdown timer

Include a countdown timer when it’s time for a huge sale to go live on your website or in certain stores.

Countdown timers are also a great way to create a sense of urgency. Use them in your easter email campaign to let customers know when your sale or offer ends.

7. Hide an Easter egg in your email

You might be wondering, what is an easter egg in an email?

An Easter egg is a clue that is meant to be hard (but not impossible) to find. 

Here are four ways to include an Easter egg in your email:

  • Hide teasers of new or upcoming products 
  • Include throwbacks to fan favorites
  • Let your customers search for hidden coupons
  • Create riddles that come with fun prizes

Build the suspense around your Easter egg email on social media before the campaign goes live. Use it as a way to get more subscribers onto your email list.

Add an eggstra limited offer into the mix and you’ll have the right ingredients for a successful Easter email campaign. 

Don’t worry about being too sales-y. A third of Americans will plan their own Easter egg hunts. So, think of your own brand’s Easter egg hunt as a time-honored tradition.

Just make sure there’s something for everybunny there.

Easter email design inspiration: our favorite Easter campaign examples

Here’s our list of most eggciting Easter email examples. Our choices are based on how interesting each take on an Easter email theme is, in no particular order.

Easter email example 1: Shrimps

Subject Line: Easter in Gingham 💙

Industry: Fashion retail

Fashion Easter Email Example by Shrimps.


The London-based fashion brand Shrimps went all in on their Easter theme, complete with an Easter bunny, a giant chocolate egg, and pastel paintings.

Their Easter theme tie-in is fun and energetic. Despite the effort and care they’ve put in, there is no special discount in their Easter email.

Enjoying these Easter email examples? Download our free, 2024 holiday marketing calendar for more holiday ideas and key dates.

Easter email example 2: Boden

Subject Line: Go straight to size (and basket): Up to 40% OFF sale

Industry: Fashion and apparel

Fashion and apparel Easter Email Example by Boden.


Boden brings a massive 40% discount to shoppers interested in their British apparel brand. 

Their Easter email offer is an enticing site-wide sale. The background photo of intricately painted Easter eggs is friendly and inviting. It makes this rather sales-y email more colorful and interesting.

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Easter email example 3: PSD2HTML

Subject Line: Join the special Easter discount hunt at PSD2HTML.com!

Industry: Web-development services

PSD2HTML Easter Email Example


PSD2HTML invites its customers to go on an Easter egg hunt for the best discounts. In return for browsing through their site their customers stand to win a hefty discount coupon.

Their CTA inspires its customers to start their own deal hunt with the words, “Go Hunting!”

Easter email example 4: Tattly

Subject Line: DIY Tattly Eggs

Industry: Fashion/Art/Cosmetics/Beauty

Tattly Easter Email Example


Tattly took a unique approach with their Easter email. Instead of applying the temporary tattoos they sell to your body, they’ve encouraged their customers to tattoo their own Easter eggs.

Easter email example 5: Fancy Sprinkles

Subject Line: Easter Sale Ends Tonight!

Industry: Baking and event supplies, food.

Baking and event supplies Easter Email Example by Fancy Sprinkles.


Fancy Sprinkles created their own Easter collection of sprinkles that wonderfully conveys the bright colors and light-hearted nature of an Easter holiday party.

Easter email example 6: Wightlink

Subject Line: Say bye to boredom this Easter

Industry: Transportation, tourism

Wightlink Tourism and Travel Easter Email Example.


Wightlink arranged their own Easter themed family travel guide. There are no eggs, chocolate bunnies or pastel colors in this email. They’ve focused entirely on adventure and fun with the whole family.

Easter email example 7: Jackpot Candles

Subject Line: Easter Basket stuffers? We gotchu!

Industry: Home fragrance, ecommerce, bath and body.

Jackpot Candles home fragrance ecommerce Easter Email Example.


Jackpot Candles provides an adorable selection of Easter and spring-themed candles in their Easter email. 

Their Easter subject line appeals to shoppers that want to fill their Easter baskets with new goodies.

Their discount coupon “Bunny25” is a cute and memorable play on words.

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