January 17, 2024

7 Mother’s Day Email Marketing Ideas to Drive More Sales

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Mother’s Day email marketing campaigns are a great way to drive ecommerce sales by helping your email subscribers choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Read on to discover our top tips for boosting conversions this Mother’s Day.

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th in the US and Australia, and Sunday, March 10th in the UK and Ireland, so it’s time to start preparing your Mother’s Day email marketing strategy.

Your Mother’s Day email should provide subscribers with useful information to help find the best Mother’s Day gift for moms and mother figures alike. As with Father’s Day emails and any other holiday campaign, you have to find the balance between being helpful and being promotional.

With that in mind, we’ve put together 7 Mother’s Day email marketing ideas to help you create an email campaign that’s sure to do the job.

Successful Mother’s Day email marketing examples

Like with all holiday marketing emails, online retailers need to strike the right balance between helpful and promotional. The same holds true when it comes to Mother’s Day email marketing.

Need inspiration? Here are a few Mother’s Day newsletter ideas and examples to fuel your strategy.

1. Give readers gift ideas

One of the hardest things about Mother’s Day can be finding the right gift. There are so many options out there, and moms are always too nice to tell you what they want. 

Email is the perfect opportunity to help your customers with this problem. Present them with a gift guide of products in your store that would make a good Mother’s Day present.

The goal is to cut out the decision work and present gift ideas with a clear CTA.

You could either feature individual products or highlight the most suitable product categories, just like Mulligan’s Pharmacy did in their #MumLike Gift Guide campaign sent with Brevo.

Another great thing about this email is that the home delivery and gift wrapping options are clearly spelled out. Since the pandemic, this sort of information has become very important to shoppers.

Mother's day email example.

The email example below from Forever 21 does a nice job of showing off specific products that would make great gifts. They also include the price, making the email content even more actionable to the consumer.

mother's day email example by Forever21

2. Focus on outcomes or benefits

While including gift ideas is great, you can do even more to help people make the right gift decisions.

When shopping for gifts, it can be hard to match a product with a person. To help with this, focus your email copy on how the product is used or what benefits it provides.

Mother's day email example by Apple.

You can see how Apple highlights each of their products as a possible gift idea. But instead of including the price, they include text that highlights why the product would make a good gift for mom.

This is an effective psychological tactic for increasing ecommerce sales. By highlighting the benefits of the product, readers will match that benefit with the gift recipient (i.e. their mom). 

Of course, everyone wants their mom to stay “active, motivated, and in the know,” so they’re going to read that and want to purchase it for their mother.

You can do the same thing with your business by focusing on the most positive aspects of getting your product as a gift.

3. Engage customers with useful content and personalization

If you offer a wide variety of products, it might not be the best idea to simply showcase everything as a gift idea. Instead, try to simplify the process as much as possible.

Anthropologie’s email is very simple, but they do a nice job of highlighting their free personal shopper service. This is an excellent example of focusing on helping customers rather than being promotional. 

Anthropologie Mothers Day Email

There are two specific features you can use to deliver this type of Mother’s Day emails to your subscribers:

  • Personalized emails: Provide personalized product recommendations based on existing subscriber data.
  • Email list segmentation: Send different emails to different groups of customers based on their interests, behavior, or demographics.

4. Use humor in your Mother’s Day email

Making people smile is one of the best ways to increase email engagement. Mother’s Day is no different.

Jack Spade Mothers Day Email example

Here you can see a very simple Mother’s Day email example with a clear call-to-action. The text is light-hearted and also a not-so-subtle reminder that the reader should buy a Mother’s Day gift.

Anytime you can inject a little humor and personality into your emails is great because it humanizes your brand, warms up the reader, and comes off as less promotional. This can go a long way in boosting your conversions.

5. Celebrate motherhood in all shape and sizes

All mother figures should get to celebrate Mother’s Day — don’t forget to target them in your email newsletter. Greet grandmothers, godmothers, and mommas-to-be.

mother's day email example


This Mother’s Day email example from Fortnum & Mason encourages subscribers to treat whoever means “Mum” to them. It’s important to have an inclusive Mother’s Day message in your holiday marketing campaigns — and this campaign gives all mother figures the appreciation they deserve.

6. Create a sense of urgency

Build a sense of urgency in your Mother’s Day messages. Include a countdown timer in your campaign. Encourage subscribers to pre-order greeting cards and gifts. Or, run a limited-time Mother’s Day promotion.

mother's day email example by Everlane.


For example, this Mother’s Day email campaign from Everlane offers free two-day shipping for one day only. It also encourages subscribers to make sure that they order “in time for her special day.”

This will reassure last-minute shoppers that their gifts will make it there on time.

7. Optimize your ‘inbox envelope’ to boost email open rates

Like with any email, if you want it to get noticed in the inbox, you need to optimize what we like to call your ‘inbox envelope‘. This envelope consists of three main elements: sender name, email subject line and email preview text (also known as a preheader).

Let’s look briefly at how you can use these elements to your advantage.

Check your sender name

It’s the first thing the recipient looks at when they receive an email message. 

Your sender name needs to display a real name, whether it be the company’s name or an employee’s name — not just an email address. This enforces trust and reassures the recipient that the email is genuine. 

Craft an enticing Mother’s Day email subject line

Some quick tips to achieve this:

  • Address the reader’s pain points. Let’s say they’ve left their Mother’s Day shopping to the last minute. Prime opportunity to put forward a solution in your subject line. (“Order today to deliver in time for Mother’s Day.”)
  • Make it personalized. If you’re a Brevo user you can easily personalize your email subject lines with custom contact attributes.
  • Keep it short (50 characters or less)
  • Add an emoji to your email subject line — but be careful not to overdo it either!
  • Use Brevo’s AI Assistant. Generate catchy, humorous, and loving subject lines — all with the power of AI.

Mother’s Day email subject line examples

Boost your Mother’s Day email open rates with a short, punchy subject line that speaks to the value within the email.

  • It’s not too late! Order now to deliver in time for Mother’s Day
  • No idea what to get Mom? Check out these ideas!
  • Last minute shopping for Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered
  • Don’t break the bank this Mother’s Day
  • Check out our amazing Mother’s Day sale
  • Ready to get your Mother’s Day shopping on?
  • Mother’s Day special: 10% sitewide discount
  • Free shipping for Mother’s Day this weekend ONLY
  • 7 gift ideas your Mom is gonna love
  • The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide
  • Make it a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget
  • Mother’s Day Special: Free Shipping on all orders over $25

For more examples, check out our article dedicated to Mother’s Day email subject lines

Customize the preview text to complement the email subject line

Email preview text is the short snippet of text that immediately follows the subject line when viewing an email in an inbox.

Your subject line and preview text should work together to tell your reader a story.

Note that not all email clients display preview text, so it’s best not to use it for essential information. 

Designing your Mother’s Day email template

Email design tools and resources

If you’re just starting out as an email marketer, you might be wondering about your options for creating an email template. 

Most email marketing software comes with email design tools that beginners can easily play around with.

With Brevo, our email design suite includes Drag & Drop, HTML, and Rich Text editors, as well as a free gallery of over 40 newsletter templates.

Free drag and drop email builder.

A look at Brevo’s Drag & Drop editor

You can test-drive these tools anytime on Brevo’s forever free plan with up to 300 emails a day. 

Having a ready-made Mother’s Day template will definitely speed things up. Grab one from the many free email template resources online. BrevoPlus users can take advantage of custom-made templates by an email designer.

Here’s a beautiful Mother’s Day email template created by our in-house email design team at Brevo.

Free mother's day email template with Brevo.

Design tips for your Mother’s Day email template

Your Mother’s Day email design plays a huge role in making people click and engage with your email content. It’s well worth spending some time on getting it right.

  • If you customize your email template to the theme of Mother’s Day, make sure your branding is still easily recognized with a clearly visible logo. Brand recognition is important for email engagement. If a subscriber is in doubt about the sender, they’re more likely to mark the email as spam.
  • Use plenty of blank space so your Mother’s Day gift guide doesn’t look too cluttered or overwhelming. This will make coupons and CTAs easy to find.
  • Make sure that images for gift ideas are of high quality. Avoid images that are too large or too small, as these can cause deliverability issues.
  • Experiment with animated GIFs in email. Just remember to compress your GIFs beforehand as the GIF file sizes can be quite large (GIFcompressor is a great tool for this).
  • Send yourself a test to ensure the email content displays correctly on different device sizes, especially mobile. While you’re at it, check that any landing pages you’ve linked to are also optimized for mobile. 

Send your Mother’s Day email with Brevo

Hopefully, these ideas and examples gave you some inspiration on how to boost sales with Mother’s Day email marketing. 

Lastly, we at Brevo would like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere – none of us would be here without you!

For more content like this, download our 2024 holiday marketing calendar! It’s full of important dates and helpful digital marketing tips for every month of the year

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