April 10, 2024

120 Father’s Day Email Subject Lines to Excite Customers and Boost Conversions

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Heat up your Father’s Day campaigns with our collection of outstanding Father’s Day email subject lines

Whether you’re planning a campaign a few weeks leading up to June 16th or want to run a Father’s Day flash sale — we’ve got you covered!

We’ve tackled different themes to make it easy to adjust your Father’s Day email campaign to your unique business needs.

Father’s Day sale subject lines

If you run an ecommerce business, show your customers that what you’ve put on sale is what dad really wants. Make your Father’s Day subject lines even more compelling with a special offer or limited sale.

  • We’ve Got the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day
  • Daddy Needs This! 10% Off for Father’s Day Essentials
  • Father’s Day Power Pack — 20% Discount
  • The Right Gift With The Right Price
  • Father’s Day Weekend Special – 10% Off Every Purchase
  • Spoil Yourself – It’s Your Day Dad!
  • Daddykins Gift Cards
  • The Cool Dads Offer (Nerd Dads Are Welcome Too)
  • The Latest & Greatest Father’s Day Gear — On Sale!
  • Dad’s Day! Here’s the Good Stuff!
  • Jeans & Tees for the Perfect Dad Bod!
  • Just in — Father’s Day Lineup with 10% Off
  • Midsummer Collection with 30% off on Father’s Day
  • We’ve Shaved Down Our Prices! 30% Off Everything On Father’s Day!
  • Handsome Gifts for the Handsomest Dad
  • Father’s Day Everything Sale! 
  • Free Shipping Through Father’s Day Weekend
  • Father’s Day Deals Round-Up
  • The Secret Dad Sauce
  • Dad is in for a treat!

Father’s Day gift subject lines

The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates Father’s Day spending at $196.23 per person.These Father’s Day subject line ideas will prime your customers to shop for the perfect Father’s Day treat. 

  • Dads Are Us — And We Want Gifts!
  • Half Off on Father’s Day Send Offs
  • Gifts to Trim Grizzled Beards 
  • Tried, Tested, & True — Father’s Day PC Guide
  • Two Dads? Get Two Gifts for One Price
  • Wunderkind Gifts for One of a Kind Dads
  • The Manliest Dad Onesies 
  • The 360 Guide to Everything Dads Like
  • Dad & Beer — you get it right?
  • Dad Love Bombs on Sale! Plenty of Discounts & Glitter
  • Spoil Dad with our Super-sized Father’s Day Gift Packs
  • Make Dad Smile with our Father’s Day Gift Guide
  • Unbelievably Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Wow the Pants Off Dad — with New Pants!
  • The Most Effective Father’s Day Treat — Engineered to Perfection!
  • Happy Father’s Day Deals — 20% Off Sitewide!
  • Father’s Day Favorites — with Prices You’ll Love!
  • This Will Make You Dad’s Favorite
  • Make This Year’s Father’s Day Unforgettable!
  • Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Dad!

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Father’s Day family treat subject lines

Target family and friends in your Father’s Day email by promoting offers that customers can turn into a group experience.

  • Father’s Day Movie Gems
  • Dad’s Night Out — Kids Get in Free
  • Father’s Day Comedy Night — There’ll Be Plenty of Dad Jokes!
  • Father’s Day Meal Planner 
  • Best Father’s Day Family Treats
  • New Home BBQ Kit —15% Off on Father’s Day
  • The Big Belly Special — Free Father’s Day Delivery
  • Bond with Dad — Father’s Day Trip Guide
  • Not-so-Wild Adventures with Dad
  • All-for-the-Family Bundle — 20% Off on Father’s Day
  • Father’s Day Bangers — 30% Off Family-size Orders
  • The Dad Coolade — Drink it with the Whole Family
  • Best Father’s Day Outings
  • Light Up Your Grill on Father’s Day
  • Pull the Dad Card and Take the Family Out this Father’s Day Weekend!
  • Daddy Deals the Family Will Love
  • The Dad Combo — Half Off!
  • Gifts for Dad & Grandpa
  • Father & Son Play Guide
  • Father & Daughter Play Dates

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Father’s Day last-minute subject lines

Sweep in just in time to save last-minute shoppers from missing out on a great Father’s Day deal. Extended Father’s Day sales are equally effective. Match your call-to-action (CTA) in the email body to the subject line to stay true to the theme.

  • Father’s Day End-of-Day Special!
  • Extended Offer — 1 More Hour Left on our Father’s Day Sale!
  • Almost Gone! Father’s Day Special Ends Soon!
  • Last Chance to Make Dad Happy! Gift Guide Inside!
  • Father’s Day Flash Sale — 3 Hours to Go!
  • Get Your Digital Father’s Day Gift Card in One Minute!
  • Don’t Keep Dad Up — Same Day Delivery on Father’s Day
  • That Was a Close Shave! Still 1 Hour Left on our Father’s Day Sale!
  • It’s not too late! Surprise Dad with a $50 Gift Card
  • Want it ready on Father’s Day? Order Now!
  • Too late to grab dinner? Grab our Father’s Day promo instead!
  • Don’t Forget Your Father’s Day Gift! Free Same Day Delivery!
  • Father’s Day Savings Are Waiting For You!
  • The Grandpa Gift Guide for Last-Minute Shoppers
  • It’s Already In Your Cart! Get the discount for Dad!
  • One Day Left! Hurry While Stocks Last!
  • Be Dad’s Hero Today — Get this Awesome Discount Before It’s Too Late!
  • Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day! Buy Now Pick It Up Later!
  • Your Father’s Day Special Offer is Still Here!
  • Free Shipping + Free Gift Wrap if You Order in the Next Hour!

Check out our holiday marketing guide for even more free content that you can use in your promotional emails.

Father’s Day gadget subject lines

Appeal to the do-it-yourself crowd by recommending gadgets and furniture that require technical know-how to assemble and use. The theme allows for catchy subject lines.

  • Does Dad like to tinker? Then he’ll love this!
  • The Ultimate Father’s Day Workshop Kit
  • Screws, Spanners & Everything Nice
  • Father’s Day Classics
  • Gear Up & Buckle Down
  • Father’s Day Essential Kit
  • High Octane Sale! With Grease-free Gift Wraps
  • Dad’s a techie? He’s got to have this!
  • Don’t know what Dad likes? Don’t worry!
  • Father’s Do-It-By-Themselves-Kit 
  • Free Father’s Day Gift Wrapping! We’ll Wrap Anything — Even the Kitchen Sink!
  • Dad-Proof Grills — If It Breaks, It’s Free!
  • Father’s Day Flash Sale! While Stocks Last!
  • Build it With Dad
  • Unpack our Father’s Day Electronics Guide
  • Father’s Day Goodies
  • We’re Going Oldskul on Father’s Day!
  • Game with Dad — 20% Off your second purchase!
  • Epic Father’s Day Wares
  • Only Dad Can Lift This

Father’s Day emoji subject lines 🌈

Emojis help keep your emails light and humorous. Sprinkle in a great dad joke and your subscribers will open your emails with a smile.

  • Father’s Day Throwbacks 💾
  • Father’s Day Treats 🍪🥛
  • We predict happy forecasts 🔮 with these Father’s Day Gifts 🎁
  • The Latest & Greatest Father’s Day Gear 🎒
  • Make him feel like a King 👑
  • Dadsplain Guide — So he can explain it to you 😅
  • Whip him into shape with our Dad Workout Guide 💪
  • Make Him the Happiest Dad this Father’s Day 😊
  • Let Dad Geek Out Today 🤓
  • Find the Dad Joke — Get the 90% Hidden Discount! 🤯
  • Father’s Day Gifts! Wrapped & Ready! 🎀
  • 🚨 Dad Alert 🚨
  • For Dads 🧢 with Kids 👼
  • Gifts for Newly Wed Dads💍
  • ❤️ Best Dad Gifts ❤️ 
  • Don’t forget grandad’s gift! 👴
  • Make Daddy Proud 😎
  • Remember Dad? 👨
  • Baby Gifts for New Dads 🍼
  • Sweet Deals 🍬 for the Sweetest Dads! 💖

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Ready with your Father’s Day subject lines?

Use segmentation and marketing automation to reach customers likely to be looking for a gift for dad, e.g. people who shopped a fitting product category before. If you’re not sure what subject lines your audience likes, try A/B testing to find out. You can also access 40+ free responsive email templates in Brevo.

Pro tip: Use AI to write subject lines. Brevo’s AI Assistant knows all the techniques to make your emails stand out in the inbox.

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