May 17, 2024

How to Create a Professional Email Signature: Examples & Tips

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The email signature may seem like a small design element. However, it can significantly boost your professional image and help you make a good impression.

To put your best foot forward, treat your email signature as a core part of your client communication and email marketing campaigns.

Read on to discover inspiring email signature examples and how to create one for your email sign-offs.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is a customizable block of text at the bottom of outgoing emails. It usually includes contact details and branding elements (e.g. brand colors and logo).

Your email signature may even feature social media accounts or email CTA links.

Email signature example from Salt

Email signature example

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What makes a good email signature

A well-designed email signature conveys professionalism and adds a personal touch to your email. While there’s no single “right” way to create an email signature, here are the most common elements.

1. Name 

Many professionals include their full name, while others only use their first name for a more informal and personalized signature. Your choice depends on your industry and the tone you want to convey.

2. Professional information 

This is where you include your job title, department, and company name. The level of detail depends on your industry and how well your recipients know your company.

3. Photo

A small, professional headshot adds a personal touch and instantly draws the reader’s eye. This is critical when every second of attention counts.

4. Contact information 

If you want to make it easy for people to contact you through other channels, include your phone number, fax (if applicable), social media profiles, or a secondary email address.

5. Links

Your email signature is a subtle yet effective place to include a relevant call to action. For instance, you may link to your booking landing page to make it easy to schedule a call.

If connecting on social media is important to your role, include clickable social media icons.

6. Legal information

This element represents a company legal disclaimer. The legal disclaimer is usually a company-wide block that may contain confidentiality notices or other legal information. It’s often added to the email footer.

Best email signature examples

Here are some real-life examples of professional email signatures that you may use as inspiration.

1. Brevo

Brevo’s email signatures feature a headshot framed in a dialogue bubble. This reinforces our brand image (i.e. Brevo is a conversation management and email marketing platform). The rest is clean and friendly: a cheerful sign-off, full name, and job title.

Email signature example from Brevo

Email signature example by Brevo

2. Scribe

Most email signatures we analyzed look like this one. If you’re looking for a simple signature that maintains a clean, on-brand look, this is a great place to start.

Email signature example from Scribe

Email signature example by Scribe

3. Upwork

For a touch of personalization and authority, C-suite executives often include a handwritten signature in their emails. This works well for leadership roles or when you want to convey a strong personal brand.

Email signature example from Upwork

Email signature example by Upwork


This signature stands out because it features a fictional character, Jasper the AI assistant. This adds personality and is a clever branding strategy, especially for automated messages like newsletters or promotions.

Email signature example from

Email signature example by

How to create an email signature

Follow these steps to recreate any of the examples above or design a custom email signature.

1. Use a drag-and-drop email editor

You might be tempted to use Gmail for that just like many businesses send mass emails directly from it. While you can create a basic email signature within your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), dedicated email editors offer significant advantages. 

These usually include intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces for easy customization, ready-to-use templates, and advanced features for email marketing campaigns and CRM.

With Brevo’s free email signature generator, create a new email signature within minutes. Just drag and drop any element from the Blocks section. This will let you build a custom layout for any section of your email — be it your email body or signature.

Building an email signature in Brevo's drag-and-drop email editor

Brevo’s drag-and-drop email builder

2. Upload branded assets

This step will save you time in the future. By uploading your brand assets (i.e. logo, colors, and fonts) and saving them as a brand style, you’ll ensure design consistency for future campaigns.

You’ll also minimize the work needed to create an on-brand email signature, as pre-designed templates automatically incorporate your brand elements.

In Brevo, you have two ways to create and save your brand library.

  • Automatic: Simply enter your website URL, and Brevo will automatically fetch your brand properties.
  • Manual: If you prefer, you can upload your assets and input brand details yourself.

Setting up brand automatically in Brevo

Brevo automatically detects your brand style

Branded elements will appear in the Style tab in your email editor. These will also be the properties used by default in pre-designed content blocks.

Example of a brand library in Brevo

Brand library in Brevo

3. Start with an email template

Does your email editor offer pre-built email signature templates? If so, this is a great starting point. Simply choose an email template and customize it to fit your needs.

Brevo offers a variety of pre-designed content blocks, including footer and signature sections: 

Footer templates for email signatures in Brevo

Section templates in Brevo

4. Stick to design best practices

Create a clear and impactful email signature design. While we won’t name and shame, there are design choices that can hurt a brand identity and make a sender look unprofessional.

To make sure your signature boosts brand awareness, stick to these email design best practices.

  • Less is more: Avoid including too much information in your signature.  
  • Stay on-brand: Include your company logo, colors, and fonts for consistency.
  • Visual cues: Use font size, color, or bolding to guide the reader’s eye.

5. Don’t forget legal details

In most countries, senders are required to include a valid business address in their email campaigns. To stay compliant, add your company’s physical address in your email signature or footer.

In Brevo, this information is added to your email footer alongside an unsubscribe link and disclaimer by default.

Email footer with business address

Default email footer

You can easily customize this information or move it up to your personal signature if you want.

6. Save your email signature

Once you’ve finalized your design, save it. This allows you to easily reuse your signature in future emails.

For teams, consider saving multiple versions (with different headshots and contact details). Next time you send an email, you’ll just need to choose the right signature.

Saving an email signature as a reusable content block in Brevo

Saving an email signature in Brevo

7. Test your layout on different devices

Before you start using your new signature, make sure it looks great across both desktop and mobile devices.

First, switch to the mobile view in your email editor. Pay attention to image sizes and whether the text fits comfortably on smaller screens. Make changes if needed. 

For instance, you may hide some blocks or make adjustments to your content blocks. These changes will only be reflected in the mobile view and won’t affect the desktop version.

Preview email signature on different devices in Brevo

The mobile view editing functionality in the Brevo email editor

Send a test email to yourself and check it on different devices and email clients. It’s likely you’ll spot issues you may have missed. If that’s the case, make edits, save changes, and you’re good to go.

8. Sync with your email provider

After designing your email signature, sync Brevo with your email provider. Brevo Conversations lets you manage all email communication in one place.

You can even sync multiple Gmail accounts with Conversations. From there, it’s easy to add your Gmail email signature to all outgoing emails.

Append a signature to all outgoing emails when you sync your email with Brevo Conversations

Add an email signature in Brevo Conversations

Generate your business email signature with Brevo

Email signatures are a simple way to add a personal touch to your messages. Choose a format that suits your needs — from a minimalist sign-off with your name to a more comprehensive signature with a headshot and social links.

Brevo offers a free email signature generator. Design your email signature from scratch or use a pre-built template.

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