January 16, 2024

120+ Mother’s Day Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates

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We’ve curated a list of the best Mother’s Day email subject lines to improve your open rates and boost conversions. This original list of subject lines includes a variety of sections that highlight different themes – gifts, love, empowerment, humor, urgency, and emojis. 

If you’re still figuring out what will go into your email marketing campaign, check out our guide to Mother’s Day email marketing

By the way, many of these subject lines work really well as calls-to-action (CTAs). Consider mixing a few of them into banners or buttons in your email design to improve your conversion rate. 

Mark your calendars: Mother’s Day 2024 is Sunday, May 12th in the US and Australia. In the UK, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, March 10th.

Now let’s jump in!

Gift giving Mother’s Day email subject lines

Gifts are a Mother’s Day staple. Discount coupons and Mother’s Day specials are an absolute must for gift shops and online stores. Use these gift-themed subject lines to sell out fast and help readers find the perfect gift.

  • The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift
  • Free Shipping for Mother’s Day Gifts
  • For you, Mom, and the whole family!
  • Moms like surprises – and so do we!
  • The #CoolMom Gift Guide
  • Celebrate Mom in Style: The Top Brunch Spots for Mother’s Day
  • Our Most Popular Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  • The Best Mother’s Day Treat
  • Mother’s Day Exclusive – 30% Off
  • A Magical Mother’s Day Deal
  • She’ll Love This Gift – And You’ll Love the Price
  • Mom’s Day Out
  • The Big Momma Package
  • Pre-order Now and Save 10% Off Your Mother’s Day Gift
  • Awesome Gifts for Mom + Awesome Prices for You
  • Free Shipping on Mother’s Day Orders
  • We’ll Deliver in One Hour – Mom’s Honor
  • Love Doesn’t Have to Cost so Much – Check out our Mother’s Day Offer
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day | Limited Offers
  • Mother’s Day Treasure Trove – There’s Something Here for Her!
  • Mother’s Day Weekend Special
  • Half Off – Mother’s Day Gift Pack
  • 3 Day Mother’s Day Trip
  • NEW: Mother’s Day Series
  • Mother’s Day Giveaway
  • Free Drinks for Moms
  • Handpicked for Moms by Moms
  • The Mama Special is Back
  • Our Mother’s Day Sale Starts Today
  • Mother’s Day Shopping? Shipping’s On Us!

Mother’s day sale email subject lines

  • Mother’s Day Sale
  • Celebrate Mom with Our Exclusive Mother’s Day Sale!
  • Spoil Mom this Mother’s Day with Unbeatable Deals!
  • Limited Time Offer: Shop Our Mother’s Day Sale Today!
  • Limited time offer: 50% off for Mother’s Day!
  • XX% Off Your Mother’s Day Purchase!
  • Get ready for Mother’s Day with 50% off!

Loving Mother’s Day email subject lines

Love is a positive message that any brand can get behind. Let your customers know how fun it is to love and appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day. 

  • Share Her Joy – Mother’s Day Gift Shop
  • Mom Will Love This
  • Happy Hour for Moms
  • Our Gift to Moms Everywhere
  • Moms Are Made to Be Loved
  • Unforgettable Gifts for Her – Mother’s Day Gift Guide
  • 99 Gifts that Say “I Love You Mom”
  • Mother’s Day Treat – She Deserves It
  • The Secret Art of Making Moms Happy
  • What does mom love? (Besides you)
  • Warm Her Heart | Special Gifts for Mother’s Day
  • Where the Heart Is (with Mom)
  • 101 Ways to Make Mom Smile
  • Our Mom Promise: Buy With Us and She’ll Be Happy
  • Mom Care Package
  • Let Mum Know You Love Her With a Special Gift
  • A Special Treat for Mom

Empowering Mother’s Day subject lines

A great idea if you’re trying to steer clear of stereotypes. You can use an empowering message if you just want to include a shoutout to moms while you promote a product with broader appeal. 

  • Super Gifts for Super Moms
  • Moms Run the World
  • Gifts for the Neighborhood Rockstar | Mother’s Day Special
  • Amazing Deals for Amazing Moms
  • Heavy-duty Machinery – Made for Moms
  • Moms Are Like Duct Tape – They Can Fix Anything
  • Don’t Worry – Mom’s Got This
  • Mom’s Fashion Guide
  • Mom Boots – Built to Last
  • Momma’s Way – Fine Dining for the Whole Family
  • For Moms that Lift – 20% Off Annual Memberships
  • Around the World in One Day → Cruises for Moms
  • Forever Young – Makeup for Moms
  • Mom’s Knockout Hot Sauce
  • Momzilla Discounts
  • Moms Are the Best – That’s Why They Deserve the Best Gifts
  • The Beauty Kit for Lifetime Moms
  • Once a Mom – Always Awesome
  • Utility Knife for DIY Moms
  • Extra Mom-strength Glue
  • Mom-grown flowers – Perfect for your Mom
  • The Mom Makeover – 20% Off Our Spa Trip
  • Bring Your Own Mom Dinner Special
  • They’ve Given Us Their All – It’s Only Right We Give Moms Their Day

Funny Mother’s Day subject lines

Humorous subject lines can be a hit or miss the mark entirely. Our list of funny Mother’s Day subject lines is unlikely to offend anyone, but it’s still a good idea to test out variations of your email to find the best fit.

  • Was today Mother’s Day?
  • Of course, you’d never forget Mother’s Day… right?
  • Mom Knows Best – so why not let her choose?
  • The Ultimate Mom Love Bomb
  • Flowers Are Like Kryptonite for Moms
  • You Don’t Need to Catch a Grenade for Mom – Just Buy This Instead
  • What a Mom Wants → Sitewide Sale
  • The Mom Breakfast Special (we’ll make it this time)
  • Instant Mother’s Day Dinner (just add free shipping)
  • The Mother of All Gifts (get it?)
  • Order Now – Don’t Forget Mother’s Day Again
  • Your Mom Called – She Said You’d Definitely Buy This for Her?
  • Pick it up for Mom (just say you went to get the milk)
  • Mother’s Day Special – Today Only (Duh)
  • Viva la Mama!
  • Buy Before You Try (Moms Have Standards You Know)
  • Get your Mom-Approved Gear
  • Eat, Buy, Love – Mother’s Day Books
  • Bring a Kid, Get One (Meal) Free
  • We have Mom Sizes (Don’t Ask)
  • Mom Edition: Limited to Moms (Buy It for Her)
  • We’ll Ship It to Your Mom’s Room (Upstairs)
  • Mothercare Package for Moms Who Love too Much

Last-Minute Mother’s Day subject lines

Last-minute shoppers won’t have time to peruse your catalog. They may already know what mom wants but just don’t have the time to get it. This is where offers that include same-day or free shipping matter most.

  • Last Chance to Get the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!
  • Save it for Mom – Order Now and We’ll Deliver Today
  • We’re Never Out of Stock | Mother’s Day Gift Shop
  • Mother’s Day Sale Countdown – 1 Hour to Go!!!
  • Mom Can’t Wait! – Same Day Delivery on Mother’s Day
  • Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts? We’ve got you covered!
  • Let Mom Know You Love Her – Buy Now While Stocks Last
  • Get it Gift Wrapped Now | Mother’s Day Offers
  • Call In Your Order – We Know What Mom Wants
  • It’s Not Too Late to Order Your Mother’s Day Gift
  • Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute → Buy Mom a Gift Now
  • Today’s Mother’s Day Discount is Almost Gone
  • Buy Now – Ships on Mother’s Day
  • Early Bird Discount for Mother’s Day Preorders
  • We’ve Got the Right Mother’s Day Gift for You
  • We Ship Overnight – Your Mom Will Thank You
  • It’s the Last Day to Get Free Shipping on Mother’s Day
  • Time is Running Out – We’re Almost Out of Stock
  • Don’t Forget Mom! Get Her a Special Gift Before It’s Too Late!
  • Shop Now & Get Free Shipping For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day subject lines with emojis

Sprinkling in a few emojis can make your message more relatable and fun. Some of the best email subject lines ever include emojis. Use them sparingly, though, to ensure that your subject line is easy to read and understand.

  • Mother’s Day is Here 💞
  • Happy Mother’s Day! 💗
  • Just for Moms 😍
  • One 🎁 is Worth a Thousand 💬
  • The Mom Pack – For the Coolest Moms 😎
  • Give Mom a 🤗 and show her 💖 with these amazing 👉 🎁 🎁 🎁 👈
  • ✨ Remember to Send Mom Your Love ✨
  • Free Gift Cards 💌 with Every Purchase on Mother’s Day ❣️
  • Half Price for Moms 💃
  • For Moms – With Love 💝
  • Here’s a Sneak Peek of our Mother’s Day Exclusive 💎
  • Surprise Mom with a Special Mother’s Day Gift 💟

Try these Mother’s Day email subject lines this year

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