April 30, 2024

4th of July Email Ideas, Examples & Best Practices

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Create your own 4th of July email campaign to celebrate with your subscribers. Read on to find the best ideas and examples to help you make the most of your 4th of July marketing campaign.  

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual consumer survey, Americans spent an average of $93.34 on food alone on the 4th of July. And just last year, five out of six Americans celebrated the 4th of July. 

Independence Day celebrations typiclaly include barbecues, family cookouts or picnics, and an estimated 150 million hot dogs get grilled! Fireworks, parades, and other community events are popular as well.

About a third of 4th of July shoppers actively looked for patriotic symbols such as the American flag and decorations.


When you look at the numbers it’s easy to see why Independence Day is the perfect launch pad for a successful email marketing campaign. 

4th of July email marketing ideas

To help you find the best Fourth of July marketing strategies we dug into our inbox and selected the best Fourth of July email examples. Whether you’re promoting special offers or an event, these will be sure to inspire your campaign and your subscribers. 

1. Plan an Independence Day sale

Let your customers know that you’re planning a 4th of July sale. 

Most online stores will plan a sitewide sale — a simple yet effective promotional tactic. A flash sale at peak hours is another great way to start your promotional campaign.

As an example, HelloFresh ran a 4th of July flash sale on its home-cooked meal kit subscription to win back churned customers.

A 4th of July email sent by HelloFresh to their subscribers. This email is for a flash sale for their home-cooked meals and features a pulled pork burger with pickles (yum!). There is a deal for $80 off if a purchase is made this week only.


Remember: An effective sales campaign combines attractive offers with a limited time window. Creating a sense of urgency can help indecisive customers make up their minds.

2. Create a summer shopping guide

July is when summer is at its peak. Running a July holiday marketing campaign a few days or weeks ahead of time will help your customers plan their summer festivities.

Brit + Co did an awesome job with their beach-ready shopping guide. 

It features everything you’d want for the perfect summer outing — including tote bags, beach towels, and ice cream cakes!

This is a 4th of July email example by Brit + Co. This email has  a picture of six fun items to bring at teh beach for 4th of July celebrations such as a tote bag, ice cream cake and placemats.


Sticking to red, white, and blue as your color palette is a subtle way to include patriotic imagery. If there’s room for stars and stripes in your design, include them too.

3. Promote 4th of July activities

Most shoppers will be eating out with friends and family as part of their Fourth of July celebrations. Promoting products that are well-suited for outdoor gatherings is an excellent way to tie in your brand.

KOA fine-tuned its Independence Day email for campers by offering to host parties and events on its campgrounds.

A 4th of July email example by KOA. They have a picture of people barbecuing at night in a log cabin campground.


Consider brand partnerships that have an outdoor component that complements your product or service. The added exposure will grow your brand’s awareness and is a great way to reach new customers.

4. Celebrate American freedoms

If you go with a positive message, be sure to touch on American values in your email campaign. 

Kiel James Patrick did this beautifully with a happy fourth of July email that evoked fond memories of the American dream and truly resonated with its audience. 🇺🇸

A 4th of July email example by Kiel James Patrick. This email shows a couple wearing yachting American flags. They are standing by a blue canoe and the water's edge near a lush forest. There is a 25% off code to use sitewide.


Free expression, diversity, and inclusion are values that have universal appeal and will make your marketing message this Independence Day special.

On that note, a personable Fourth of July message is nice to have, but not always necessary. When in doubt, keep your email campaign lighthearted and fun.

5. Curate a 4th of July collection

If you have a wide selection of new products, narrow it down to what you feel will sell best in a Fourth of July email campaign.

The Wanderer Bracelets’ red, white, and blue collection is an excellent example of smart product curation. Just three bracelets were promoted in its 4th of July email, out of hundreds of available bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. 

This is a 4th of July email example by Wanderer Bracelets. There are three simple star bracelets, each one with a different color band (red, white and blue).


Try putting together an original 4th of July deal that collectors will go out of their way to nab when the sale goes live.

6. Run a fundraiser or charity drive

Raising funds for a charity is a popular way to celebrate Independence Day and give back to communities that support your business.

Khan Academy, for example, ran a successful fundraiser to keep its educational platform running and finance new course material centered on American history and politics. 

Its non-partisan pitch welcomed people from all political backgrounds to donate and feel included in a common goal.

4th of July email example from Khan academy asking for subscribers to make a donation in the name of education.


There are many ways to organize a fundraiser. A portion of the sales proceeds can be put aside for charitable purposes or you can set a big monetary goal to strive for. 

If you’d like to see your brand associated with a charitable initiative but don’t have an ongoing CSR program, start one. Or find a cause you believe your audience will passionately support. 

If choosing just one charity proves too difficult, let your customers nominate their favorite cause. Create a shortlist of potential partners. Then select the charity whose mission and values closely align with yours.

7. Host a competition or giveaway

Competitions with great prizes are a fun way to involve your customers.

Lootcrate gamified its 4th of July jackpot by randomizing the bonus bundle that new yearly subscribers receive.

A 4th of july email example by Lootcrate. They are offering a July Jackpot to win a random free bonus item with a yearly subscription bundle.


If the potential winnings are large enough and open to the public, your campaign could go viral or get covered in the news.

Popular giveaways often go hand-in-hand with charity drives. If this idea speaks to you and your audience, set a big fundraising goal and announce the winners along with how much your community was able to raise.

4th of July subject lines

Using celebratory subject lines that clearly present your offer is the first step in encouraging open rates. Let your subscribers know if they can expect a coupon, a cultural newsletter, or just a simple “Happy Independence Day!” note. 

  • Happy birthday, USA!
  • Independence Day Special
  • Independence Day Sale!
  • 4th of July sale this weekend only
  • Celebrate freedom with free shipping 
  • Let’s make plans for July 4th
  • Stars & Stripes Special
  • Ready for fireworks?
  • Gifts for America’s birthday

You can also add an emoji to give it a little pop of celebration.

4th of July sales email best practices

Expect to see big returns on your 4th of July campaign as this holiday ranks as the 8th most lucrative in the entire holiday marketing calendar

Here are some tips to encourage conversion rates and make your Fourth of July sales email a success.

  • Create time-limited offers and special deals that entice new and old customers alike
  • Use flash sales with indicators like a countdown timer to engage customers 
  • Make your call to action (CTA) stand out and space them between offers
  • Have a landing page ready that shows all your 4th of July email offers
  • Segment your audience according to their interests to ensure your offer stays relevant
  • Stage emails leading up to Independence Day to keep customers engaged
  • Cross-promote on social media, WhatsApp, and via live chat on your site
  • Send abandoned cart emails to bring back shoppers that dropped-off midway
  • Cater to last-minute shoppers with same-day shipping and extended offers

To raise your chances of success use a marketing automation tool like Brevo to plan your July sales campaign. Personalizing emails based on customer preferences and purchase history is a piece of cake with Brevo.

Take a look at similar holidays for more inspiration. Memorial day email examples can be a great place to source more July email marketing ideas.

How to create a 4th of July newsletter

If you’re planning on growing your email list, a newsletter can be a fantastic starting point. 

Creating a newsletter isn’t hard. And the expected return on investment is usually phenomenal, with many ecommerce businesses averaging $36 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Here’s a quick guide to setting up your own Fourth of July newsletter:

  • Create a customer persona of your target audience to better understand their needs
  • Identify the best ways to add value to your product or service
  • Offer freebies and exclusive deals to your email subscribers
  • Only email subscribers that you know have expressed a clear interest in your newsletter
  • Regularly clean your email list to remove inactive subscribers
  • Use double opt-in to lower your email bounce rate
  • Add a subscription form to your website to boost newsletter sign-ups

Further reading: Summer Email Inspiration: 10 Best Summer Newsletter Ideas to Boost Sales

4th of July email design tips & tricks

Here are general email design principles you can use whether your goal is a short-term sales campaign or a long-haul newsletter that deepens customer loyalty with useful content.

  • Personalize emails with the first name of each email recipient
  • Use patriotic colors (red, white, and blue) and imagery that includes stars and stripes
  • Stick to friendly, informal language and an upbeat tone
  • Optimize your CTAs by making buttons clearly visible
  • Add clickable links to email banners and product screenshots
  • Make your 4th of July email subject lines catchy with big promo discounts
  • A/B test a few variations of your emails with a sample of your audience 
  • Include product screenshots or an animated GIF 

Take advantage of a ready-made email template to speed up your design process and send your Independence Day email faster. Brevo offers a gallery of holiday email templates to use readily. Or easily create July email templates with the available stock images (free of charge!).

Planning your 4th of July email campaign

Creating the perfect holiday marketing campaign can be especially difficult for small businesses. You’ll want to have the right tone coupled with inspiring visuals to make your campaign more engaging.

We’ve put together a holiday marketing calendar for 2024 filled with insightful tips and tricks to help you make the most out of every major holiday throughout the year.

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