October 24, 2023

8 Winning Strategies to Generate Warm Leads

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Nurturing warm leads is an effective way to boost conversions. Read on to learn more about warm leads and how to nurture them through the sales process.

Warm leads are key sales prospects. These leads are aware of your brand and interested in what you have to offer. With a bit of lead nurturing, you can turn warm leads into loyal customers. 

Target warm leads to boost conversion rates and grow your business. Here are a few winning strategies to get you started.

What you’ll learn:

What are warm leads?

Strategies to generate warm leads

  1. Use a CRM software
  2. Offer lead magnets
  3. Create a referral marketing strategy
  4. Create social media touchpoints
  5. Share case studies
  6. Run drip campaigns
  7. Send personalized content
  8. Write engaging email subject lines

What are warm leads?

Warm leads are potential clients that have shown interest in your product or service. They are looking for solutions and may have engaged with your marketing channels. 

Warm leads are typically receptive to outreach. However, their customer journey needs to be guided through the sales funnel so that they don’t lose interest.

A warm lead is one of many different types of leads. In the sales funnel, warm leads lie between cold leads and hot leads.

Cold leads come at the beginning of the sales cycle. The difference between cold and warm leads is that cold leads have shown little to no interest. With nurturing, some cold leads may turn into warm leads.

Hot or qualified leads have demonstrated the highest interest in your company. They’re also open to direct contact from sales reps. Unlike warm leads, hot sales leads are ready to make a purchase decision.

It takes time to turn potential customers into qualified leads. Although hot leads are a big business opportunity, they don’t come easily. Many sales teams focus more on nurturing warm leads. This helps boost close rates and maximize sales efforts.

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Strategies to generate warm leads

Don’t let your leads turn cold. Get more warm leads with these lead-generation strategies.

1. Use a CRM software

CRM software helps track leads as they move through the sales funnel. With CRM, you get a clear picture of your prospects and keep key sales data in a single place.

CRM software tools also store contact information and previous customer interactions. Use CRM to identify warm and qualified leads. Then automate follow-up reminders and marketing messages. That way, you never lose sight of a sales conversation.

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2. Offer lead magnets

Lead magnets are one effective way to generate warm leads. This includes gated content like ebooks or other downloadable resources. Webinars also help generate warm leads.

People usually have to fill out a contact form to access the lead magnet. Afterward, you can contact leads via email marketing campaigns or phone calls. That way, you build trust and continue nurturing the relationship.

Lead magnets should provide value to the target audience. Make sure to understand their pain points and plan each lead magnet accordingly with relevant content.

Pro tip: Collecting new leads is a great time to start email list building to help you send relevant content to your subscribers further down the road.

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3. Create a referral marketing strategy

Referrals are another great way to generate warm leads. Referred customers convert at a 30% higher rate than leads from other channels.

Start by asking satisfied customers to refer your company to their friends. To make your referral program a success, consider adding incentives like an extra discount or reward. This will encourage clients to spread the word.

4. Create social media touchpoints

Social media is an important marketing channel for generating warm leads because many people prefer to be contacted there instead of by email. 

Post engaging content consistently to build a following. Once you’ve won their interest, it will be easier to start a sales conversation.

LinkedIn is a key channel for B2B lead generation: as much as 80% of B2B leads are from LinkedIn.

5. Share case studies

What better way to kindle interest than with a success story? Share case studies on your website and social media.

People will learn firsthand how existing clients use your products and services. Customer testimonials also give you credibility, which helps build trust with potential clients.

Now is also a good time to share social proof and user-generated content. Show your subscribers how much people love your brand!

A lead-nurturing email campaign by Cascadia Skincare sharing customer testimonials for a hand and body cream.

An email campaign by Cascadia Skincare sharing customer testimonials

6. Run drip campaigns

Another way to warm up your leads is through drip marketing. Run drip campaigns to welcome new leads. Then send them a series of automated emails to build interest in your brand.

For example, you can send an email to thank new email newsletter subscribers (newsletters are a lead magnet!). Afterward, continue to send emails to get them interested in your company’s offerings — maybe a case study as discussed in the previous point.

7. Send personalized content

Your content marketing strategy should focus on developing personalized content. 71% of consumers expect personalized offers and communications from brands (and get disappointed if brands don’t deliver).

Personalized content helps generate warm leads. Targeted email campaigns and landing pages are more effective than a non-personalized cold email. People need to feel that you solve their specific problem to make a buying decision.

Personalization is also key to improving lead quality — that means more return on your effort and warmer leads.

To create personalized content, take time to understand your audience’s needs. People are more likely to engage with relevant content than random email blasts.

Then, use segmentation to create email lists that target different audience groups. Add dynamic content and deliver personalized campaigns at scale. 

8. Write engaging email subject lines

Hook warm leads with an engaging email subject line. The best email subject lines encourage readers to open the email. They often do this by sparking curiosity or building a sense of urgency.

Another way to grab attention is to personalize the email subject line. Include the email sender name in the subject line to make your campaign stand out. This is easy, thanks to email marketing and CRM software.

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