December 27, 2022

5 Revue Alternatives to Switch to in 2024

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With Revue emailing software shutting down, you probably need a new newsletter tool urgently. 

Revue provided email marketing, automations, and email newsletter templates. Unfortunately, it shut down in January 2023, leaving customers in the lurch.

So if you need a reliable Revue alternative to continue sending email newsletters, read on.

To help you switch quickly and painlessly, we compared the top Revue alternatives for all your email newsletter needs. Read on to find the perfect replacement newsletter software.

An Overview of the Best Revue Alternatives 

With Revue shutting down, surely your first concern is switching to another email newsletter provider offering the features you’re used to at a comparable cost. 

Luckily, there are quite a few Revue competitors with similar features and often better prices.

Revue/AlternativePros ConsBest forOther marketing tools
RevueN/ANo longer available N/AN/A
BrevoUnlimited newsletter subscribers
300 emails/day free forever

Easy-to-use newsletter templates and customizations
Available in 6 languages
Sign up to enjoy the pros
Marketing automation
Transactional emails (SMTP) CRM
Landing pages
Signup forms
SMS marketing
WhatsApp marketing
Live chat
Push notifications
Lead scoring
Meetings booking
MailchimpEasy to customize 

Simple automation features 

Friendly UX
Expensive pricing, especially as your contact list grows

You pay for unsubscribers 

Lacks integrations like Shopify

Only available in English
Marketing beginners 
Businesses with a small contact list
Landing pages
Signup forms
Marketing CRM
Social media posting and ads
HubSpotAdvanced marketing features

Extensive email automation options
In 6 languages
Potentially overwhelming for users 

Very pricey 
Large enterprises 
Experienced marketers
Ad tracking and management
Social media management
SEO content strategy tools
MoosendBeginner friendly

UX Lots of integrations
Only email marketing 

Only in English
Small businessesTransactional emails 

Landing pages
SubstackStreamlined offerings Revenue commission-based pricing

Very limited capabilities 

Blog writing and hosting 

What Makes a Good Revue Alternative? 

We kept all of the available features and popular use cases in mind when considering the best alternatives for Revue. Here are some of Revue’s highlights you’d want to find a replacement for. 

Revue was known as a newsletter platform that made it easy to create and send newsletters. In fact, the ease-of-use of Revue was one of its most attractive features. 

Teams, writers, and publishers used the Revue newsletter platform to build their audiences and improve conversions through engagement. 

Revue was effective for a wide variety of use cases, including social media influencers who wanted to nurture their followers with longer-form content. Content creators loved Revue for the unlimited subscribers, unlimited team members, and the engagement insights it provided. 

Revue also included a Twitter integration that allowed new users to subscribe via the creator’s Twitter profile. 

Revue’s pricing followed a freemium model. There was a free tier that included the following features: 

  • Newsletter editor 
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited team members
  • A custom profile domain
  • Engagement insights

The paid version of Revue was commission-based. That meant that Revue was charging a 5% fee of your total revenue from any paid newsletter sent out. 

New opportunities after Revue 

While Revue may have been your email newsletter provider of choice, focus on the positives now that you’re migrating to a new tool. You’ll be leaving Revue’s cons behind: 

  • A limited set of features
  • Inconsistent pricing, impacting your bottom line directly 
  • An email tool disconnected from your other marketing tools 

When you look at Revue alternatives, consider all the new potential opportunities now available. 

Price Comparison of the Best Revue Alternatives 

One important difference between providers is that the pricing of Revue and Substack is commission-based. Another important note is that Brevo is the only provider to not charge per contact but by the number of emails sent. Mailchimp and Moosend charge for subscriber storage, which inflates the price as your list grows.

Here’s how pricing of the top Revue alternatives compares when sending one email per month to specific numbers of contacts.

Revue/alternative5,000 contacts20,000 contacts50,000 contacts100,000 contacts200,000 contacts500,000 contacts
Revue5% of revenue from paid newsletters5% of revenue from paid newsletters5% of revenue from paid newsletters5% of revenue from paid newsletters5% of revenue from paid newsletters5% of revenue from paid newsletters
Brevo Free$25$49$69$209$349
Mailchimp$69$220$350$700$1,510Custom quote
Substack10% of revenue from paid newsletters10% of revenue from paid newsletters10% of revenue from paid newsletters10% of revenue from paid newsletters10% of revenue from paid newsletters10% of revenue from paid newsletters

The 5 Best Revue Alternatives

1. Brevo: The best Revue alternative

Email and newsletter template gallery from Brevo.

Brevo offers all email newsletter capabilities to be the ultimate Revenue replacement: 

  • Newsletter templates available on all plans (even the free one)
  • Drag-and-drop email builder for easy creation of beautiful newsletters
  • Preview on different devices and email clients
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing automation for customized audience engagement
  • Engagement metrics for every campaign
  • Send Time Optimization feature
  • Customizable signup forms that can be shared on social media and through QR codes
  • Contact list management and automatic cleanup
  • Plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more

Brevo is a beginner-friendly platform, with customizable newsletter templates and an easy drag-and-drop email editor. If your email marketing skills are a little bit more advanced, then you can take advantage of HTML editor to code emails from scratch. Regardless of your marketing experience, the ease of use makes Brevo the perfect choice. 

Find more resources on newsletters:

Whether you are an influencer, an entrepreneur running a startup, or a small business marketer,  you will be able to send beautiful newsletters to your audience. 

Going one step further, with Brevo you can easily segment and personalize your newsletter content to reach different sections of your audience. Segmentation is one of the best ways to boost your audience engagement.

Brevo’s multichannel features

Brevo is more than an email marketing platform. Brevo can replace Revue and open the door to new opportunities. Consider adding more marketing channels and tools to your strategy:

  • Sales CRM
  • Transactional emails
  • Live chat
  • Push notifications
  • SMS & WhatsApp marketing
  • Online meeting booking and scheduling

Brevo Pricing

Brevo offers a forever-free plan with 300 emails a day. Unlimited contacts, signup forms, and email newsletter templates included! 

Plans start at $25/month for 20,000 emails and grow with your business needs, not with your contact list.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is overall a popular tool that gives you and your team access to a wide range of resources. It makes customizing email newsletters with your branding easy even for beginners.

s. Beyond emails, Mailchimp even has social media, landing pages, and website-building capabilities. 

Mailchimp is known for having both free and entry-level plans, but the free plan is not without limitations. It only allows 500 contacts, and up to 1,000 emails a month. If you are looking for the unlimited subscribers that Revue offered, you’ll have to go on Mailchimp’s paid plans. 

A few of the things to note about Mailchimp as a Revue alternative are the following: 

  • Predesigned and custom HTML templates 
  • Audience segmentation 
  • Email automations 
  • Email campaign analytics 

Discover more Mailchimp alternatives here.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot could be another Revue alternative to consider if you are looking for more than just email newsletters. While Revue was focused on that, HubSpot’s email is a part of a larger suite of marketing and automation solutions. 

Newsletter features from HubSpot include: 

  • List segmentation
  • Newsletter templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Hubspot CRM integration
  • Analytic dashboard 

Keep in mind that HubSpot works primarily for large enterprises, rather than small businesses and startups. This is because newsletter tools are accessible only on the paid HubSpot marketing platform. The pricing increases dramatically if you have more than 1,000 subscribers.

The advanced functionalities make HubSpot a better option for experienced marketers, who are more likely to get their money’s worth.

Discover more HubSpot alternatives here.

4. Moosend

Moosend is an affordable email marketing solution. One of its top pros as a Revue alternative is the pricing: there’s a 30-day free trial to help you get started. 

Here are a few of the key features offered by Moosend: 

  • Unlimited emails
  • List segmentation
  • Newsletter templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Lead scoring

Compared to other Revue alternatives, Moosend lacks native integrations and multichannel marketing features. This could limit its use to newsletters only and force you to get other marketing tools as well. That said, it has everything you need to create and send successful newsletter email campaigns. 

5. Substack

Substack is yet another alternative to Revue if you are looking for a more direct replacement. The platform has very similar functionalities, and appears to target a similar audience. Substack caters towards writers and podcasters, similar to Revue’s influencer focus. 

With Substack, you are able to set up a blog, podcast, and an email newsletter. However, there are no templates or shortcuts to create a professional-looking newsletter. Substack does give you complete ownership over your blog postings and podcast hosting.

Here are a few of the features available if you choose Substack as your Revue alternative:

  • Email list building 
  • Blog landing page
  • Popup subscription sign up
  • Newsletter customizations

Substack’s pricing is similar to Revue’s: you pay a revenue-based commission. It’s important to note that Substack charges a lot more, 10% of all revenue generated through its platform. 

Revue Is Shutting Down, Time to Switch to an Alternative 

Take advantage of free plans and free trials to get a feel of the software and decide if they’re a good fit for your business needs. We hope this guide helps you find your Revue replacement quickly.

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