WhatsApp Business API by Brevo

Brevo now offers WhatsApp Business API for Marketing

Why Use the WhatsApp API?

The WhatsApp Business API gives you full access to all WhatsApp Business Platform features. Add a cutting-edge communication channel to your mix with no coding at all!

Build marketing campaigns, send personalized messages, and connect directly with customers and leads. Use as many devices and phone numbers as you need to scale your customer care and marketing communications.

Perfect for ecommerce, small business, and enterprise alike.

Brevo: Business Solution Provider (BSP) of the WhatsApp Business Platform

The WhatsApp Business Platform powers WhatsApp campaigns on Brevo.

Integrating WhatsApp with Brevo lets you make the most of both tools. Create WhatsApp messages without coding in seconds, manage contacts in your CRM, and start business-initiated chats with your audience. The API is also the only way to get a green tick next to your display name.

WhatsApp Business API FAQ

Can I send WhatsApp campaigns without an API?

Yes, with the WhatsApp Business App but limited ones. Only to 256 at a time and only to people who have your business number saved in their phone. One device and one user only. No mass campaigns, very limited automation. Unsuitable for customer service and proactive engagement. Also, you cannot apply for the official green tick badge unless you’re on the API.

How much does the WhatsApp API cost?

The WhatsApp API by Brevo is free to use. You pay only for the messages sent. Other providers charge license fees or setup fees for the API. We don’t.

How do I get started with the WhatsApp API?

Find a WhatsApp business solution provider to give you access to the API. The good ones offer an embedded signup for easy connecting your Facebook Business Manager, the WhatsApp Business account (WABA), and the API. Go through the verification process (also automated by the embedded signup). Set up your business profile. Then you can start creating message templates (need to be approved before sending) and an opt-in signup form for growing your WhatsApp contact list.

Seamless WhatsApp API Integration

Integrating WhatsApp Business to Brevo is quick and easy, designed for non-technical marketers and business owners who want to start sending WhatsApp messages in no time.

  • Native integration within Brevo — no need to switch between platforms
  • Create your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) through our embedded signup process
  • Create, send, and manage message templates without any coding!
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Level Up Your Multichannel Marketing

An WhatsApp Business API account through Brevo makes use of the platform’s full functionality for seamless multichannel marketing.

  • Collect consent with integrated opt-in forms
  • Manage WhatsApp lists in the Brevo CRM
  • Use Brevo segmentation to tailor WhatsApp campaigns
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Run WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns at Scale

WhatsApp Business API is like email marketing and SMS business messaging in one. Run both mass and one-to-one campaigns, scheduled or in real time, one-off or automated for maximum customer engagement.

  • Promote product catalogs, give company updates, and announce sales
  • Send purchase alerts, notifications, and confirmations
  • Guide user onboarding and answer FAQs quickly
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All Types of Messages Supported

Brevo’s WhatsApp Business API integration supports all formats of messages made possible by Meta.

  • Plan text messages with emojis and images
  • Interactive messages with quick reply buttons
  • QR codes
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For Growing Businesses and Teams

The WhatsApp Business Platform enables both your marketing and customer support teams to do more with the Brevo platform.

  • Unlimited sending and contact storage
  • Easy list management and contact tagging with the Brevo CRM
  • Use up to 25 different WhatsApp numbers on the same business account
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Create a Whatsapp campaign window for Brevo dashboard.

No Limits for Your Campaigns

The WhatsApp Business API gives small and large businesses alike access to the full range of marketing features by WhatsApp.

  • Message unlimited contacts in any of Meta’s supported languages
  • Get extra exposure with the branded WhatsApp Business profile
  • Speed things up with quick reply buttons and chatbot
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Market on the Most Popular Messaging App

WhatsApp for Business connects you to a huge audience with sky-high engagement rates.

  • 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide
  • 98% open rate
  • 5 minutes average read time
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WhatsApp Business API Pricing

The WhatsApp integration is free. Then, it’s conversation-based pricing. You only pay for what you send, no setup or licensing fees. Prices depend on the recipient’s country. Simple and transparent!

Campaign Inspiration: What’s Possible With the WhatsApp API?

Here are just some ideas you’ll be able to realize if you integrate WhatsApp via the API:

  • Speed up login resets and two-step validations
  • Promote your business
  • Set up automated messages
  • Set up quick replies to FAQs
  • Create onboarding flows
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Send transactional messages (e.g. shipping and status updates)
  • Push new products to loyal customers
  • Proactively reach customers for feedback
  • Receive customer-initiated messages and answer them!

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