September 14, 2023

Product News: Introducing Brevo Sales Solutions

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Over the last few years we’ve made huge developments to the Brevo marketing platform. We’ve added more channels, like WhatsApp and push notifications, and enhanced our marketing automation capabilities. We’ve developed our segmentation engine and revamped our landing page builder. 

In short, it’s never been easier to capture and communicate with leads using Brevo.

For our B2B customers, each contact represents a potential big opportunity, requiring special care and attention. To help these customers grow their business more efficiently, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Brevo Sales Solutions — an entire suite designed to simplify customer relationships at every stage of the journey.

Once a lead is captured, we offer simple and powerful pipeline management to visualize priorities. Short term, you can see which opportunities need immediate attention. Long term, you see the deals with the biggest revenue potential. We provide sales reports to analyze performance at every stage of the deal pipeline, both on average and per team member. 

Now, all your contact interactions can be (and should be!) done with Brevo. From our platform you can: 

  • Exchange with contacts via email, WhatsApp, or live chat thanks to our shared inbox 
  • Get a free professional phone number and make calls via Brevo Phone, with call recordings accessible on the contact profile and in the deal history  
  • Present your calendar to customers so they can book meetings when you’re both available 
  • Send a payment link to be paid via Brevo once the deal is concluded (currently live for French customers, with more countries coming soon)

Everything is centralized and easy to access. With all contact history in one place, we’re giving our users the best opportunity to leverage data and accelerate revenue growth. 

We’ve been able to build the best platform to meet the needs of our 500+ early adopters. I’m looking forward to thousands more businesses that will join them in benefiting from these new capabilities. 

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