March 6, 2024

Marketing Automation Case Study: How Rhinov Drives Traffic and Conversions with Brevo

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French interior design startup Rhinov uses automated emails to drive web traffic and conversions. Learn how they do it in this marketing automation case study.

Rhinov launched in 2013 with a novel concept. Simply upload a photo of the room you want to redecorate. A few days later, Rhinov’s professional designers will send you a 3D simulation. Everything happens online — no in-person visit needed.

To boost conversion rates, Rhinov needed a comprehensive marketing automation solution. That’s why they turned to Brevo in 2016. Thanks to automation, their marketing strategy was a success.

Rhinov’s numbers speak for themselves. After starting with Brevo, 26% of their web traffic and 32% of conversions came from marketing automation.

“The marketing automation platform is very quick to install and extremely intuitive and flexible. Its powerful API also made it possible to sync our contacts easily on Brevo.”

Xavier Bouteiller, Marketing Manager @ Rhinov

Streamlining the customer experience with marketing automation software

Rhinov needed to revamp their digital marketing strategy to cultivate strong customer relationships. Their main objectives were to 1) convert prospects and 2) boost customer retention via automated email and SMS campaigns.

Before joining Brevo, Rhinov used different tools to run their marketing strategy. This included Mailjet for emails and Primotexto for text messages. As a result, it was hard for their marketing team to keep tabs on prospects across the customer journey.

It was also time-consuming. Not only did Rhinov need to add new contacts twice, they then had to track performance metrics separately.

The solution? Rhinov needed one tool for transactional emails, SMS, and email marketing campaigns. And thanks to Brevo’s all-in-one CRM, Rhinov could manage their marketing efforts from a single platform.

Converting potential customers with automated reminders

Marketing automation played a big role in Rhinov’s sales process. Before, many users would sign up but never send a photo of the room they wanted to redecorate. 

With Brevo, Rhinov set up an automation workflow to turn these prospects into paying customers.

Example of a marketing automation workflow from Rhinov — trigger emails for contacts who haven't submitted a photo

In this scenario, prospects automatically received a follow-up email after 15 days. The email gave them more information about Rhinov and prompted them to send a room photo. This lead nurturing workflow successfully encouraged users to try Rhinov’s services.

Follow-up email from Rhinov

Retargeting inactive clients with special discounts

Rhinov also used Brevo in their B2B marketing efforts. For instance, they sent reactivation email campaigns to target real estate agencies.

Specifically, they targeted customers with unused credits or who had been inactive for 30 days.

Unused credits email follow-up — example of a reactivation campaign from Rhinov

In the reactivation email, customers received a 30% discount on their next purchase, enticing them to use Rhinov’s services. 

automated discount code email follow-up

Better results with marketing automation

With the help of marketing automation, Rhinov successfully optimized their efforts. Here are the results.

  • Improved efficiency. Rhinov saved considerable time sending follow-up emails. Before automation, they had to send them manually.
  • Rise in traffic. Automated emails drove more traffic to Rhinov’s website. 26% of their web traffic came from marketing automation.
  • Greater conversions. Rhinov converted more inactive users. In fact, automation accounted for 32% of their conversions.

Lessons from Rhinov’s marketing automation case study

Marketing automation can benefit you, whether you’re an ecommerce site or brick-and-mortar retailer.

Here’s what you can learn from Rhinov’s success with marketing automation.

  • Streamline your marketing efforts. Automatically follow up with customers and save valuable time.
  • Re-engage inactive customers. Prevent lost sales with personalized discounts and automated notifications.
  • Create a seamless customer experience. Run multichannel marketing campaigns from a single platform.

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