March 16, 2020

A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing

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In this article we’ll be discussing the benefits of real estate email marketing, how it will impact your business, and how you should go about launching an effective real estate email campaign.

Real estate email marketing may seem like an overwhelming concept, especially for agents and companies that rely on a traditional approach to engage with clients. But make no mistake, if you are working in today’s competitive market, you need to learn how to use email marketing for real estate.

To understand the importance of email marketing for realtors, you’ll need to learn what it can do to help your business. That includes discovering how real estate email blasts and campaigns can help you better engage with customers and prospective clients.

Email marketing goes well beyond engagement, however, and can help nurture leads and expand business. It’s a simple concept, but one that requires skill and the help of a trusted email blast service to execute.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why you should be doing real estate email marketing

The benefits of email marketing to realtors are many. The first thing you need to know is why you should be using email marketing.

1) To save time and money

Once you craft a winning email campaign (we will discuss how to do that later on), you can sit back and let the system do its work.

The great beauty of email marketing is that it can be automated. So once you have your email list in place and have designed your messaging, you can focus on bigger ticket items like closing sales.

2) Build your real estate brand

Real estate email marketing should directly reflect your agency’s brand. Your business already has a reputation within your community, and your email messaging should expand on that. By creating relevant content, you can build out your brand efficiently.

3) Foster engagement with real estate clients and prospects

Your main goal as a real estate professional is to engage with your clients and prospective customers. Targeted email blasts and campaigns will help you do just that, fostering your existing relationships and introducing your brand to new prospects. Real estate email marketing is one of the best ways to nurture engagement.

According to Realty Biz News, email marketing for real estate agents is an underutilized tool. “From client acquisition, client retention, product listings, promotions, lead generation, lead nurturing to branding, businesses have yet to harness the full potential of email.”

4) Generate more revenue for your real estate business

A real estate email campaign is a great way to turn leads into sales. Email offers an informal way to communicate with prospects and learn more about their behaviors and needs. That valuable information can then be used to close sells and generate revenue.

How email marketing will impact your real estate business

1) Nurture relationships with real estate clients

Customers want to feel engaged and connected with businesses they work with. This is particularly true in the high-stakes world of real estate. A targeted real estate email marketing campaign will help nurture those relationships.

Remember that not all your customers and prospects are alike. By using techniques such as email segmentation, you can organize your real estate list into segments of contacts which share the same characteristics (e.g. price range and area preferences).

When your email content is relevant to a contact’s needs, they are more likely to read it all the way through. Customers want to feel appreciated and acknowledging their specific interests through focused emails will build trust in your real estate brand.

2) Become more adaptable

You want your business to grow and you want a marketing strategy that will scale alongside you. Real estate email marketing is adaptable to your needs at any given time and can grow organically with your business. Having adaptability in how you engage with clients is critical for success.

3) Gain access to a broader range of customers and prospects

Choosing a trusted email marketing service like Brevo opens the door to accessibility. Our all-in-sales and marketing toolbox will help you market your services to a broader range of clients and prospective customers.

Take Brevo for a test drive and send up to 300 emails/day on our free plan.

4) Close more real estate sales

The end goal of any real estate email campaign is to close more sales. And with the right tools and technology, you will be able to correlate sales to your email marketing efforts. 

Below we will outline how you can implement real estate email marketing efficiently and effectively to achieve higher revenues and business growth.

How to make your real estate email marketing a success

1) Outline your email marketing goals

To get the most out of real estate email marketing, you will need to make sure your goals align with your long-term business plan. That includes targeting the right demographics for your messaging and ensuring your emails have an appropriate call to action.

This might be one of the most important steps to ensuring the success of your real estate email campaign. Along the same lines, you should make sure to adjust and adapt your goals as your business grows and your clients evolve.

2) Build out your real estate email list

You’re going to need an active and engaged real estate to get the best results from your campaigns. But what’s the best way to get a hold of one? Check out our previous blog on real estate email building for 6 ways to create your own.

Of course, it might seem tempting to simply purchase an email list but this option should be avoided at all costs. Sending unsolicited emails puts you at risk of being marked as spam by ISPs and will harm your deliverability in the long term.

Only grow your list organically using opt-in methods such as email signup forms. You can place them on your website, link them on social media, and even have a written signup form in your agency office.

3) Choose the best email marketing service for real estate professionals

There’s no shortage of email marketing services for realtors to choose from. Be sure to check out our real estate marketing automation guide to find the platform that works best for you.

Remember that you are choosing a partner in addition to a marketing tool. Choose a service that will grow and adapt to meet your changing needs – and not cost a fortune in the process.

Tip for email marketing beginners: When choosing an email service, always consider the prices of higher tier plans – even if you’re list is tiny right now. Be aware that while some email marketing services have super cheap baseline offers, their prices often jump massively once your needs grow.

Keep in mind that the ideal partner will not only offer technology, but support throughout the entire process. That includes everything from tech support to advice on how to implement your plan based on your business size and expertise.

4) Focus on really great content

Planning and designing your emails may seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Designing an email with Brevo is easy thanks to our intuitive Drag & Drop email editor and template gallery. There are also plenty of free email templates available for download from different external sources.

Winning email campaigns aren’t all about aesthetics, although a visually appealing design and good graphics are a must. Be sure to focus on a catchy subject line and include the type of information most likely to engage clients.

Further reading: How to create a newsletter from start to finish

It’s time to try real estate email marketing

Hopefully, you are now convinced that real estate email marketing is a good choice for your business. From newsletters to targeted content, email offers an easy and affordable way to grow your business and engage with clients.

It also affords endless opportunities for creativity and gives your real estate agency a chance to differentiate your brand from the competition. It has the unique quality of providing niche, targeted communications to a broad group of people. 

Real estate email blasts and campaigns are relatively simple to construct. Working with a trusted partner like Brevo will give you all the tools necessary to succeed. Open your free Brevo account in just a couple of clicks to get started!

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