January 17, 2024

Use Marketing Automation with Your Next Demand Generation Campaign in 4 Easy Steps

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Understanding Demand Generation 

Demand generation is about gaining the attention of potential customers and nurturing their interest in your products and services. Over time, quality demand generation efforts result in more brand mentions, high-quality leads, and revenue (Gartner 2023).

Ask yourself: How does your marketing campaign contribute to your overall demand generation, and is there room for improvement?

If you’ve answered yes to the latter, then marketing automation is an area you should take a look into. 

80% of companies see an increase in lead generation after implementing marketing automation. Your business can be one of them.

To generate leads at scale, you just need to create a lead magnet, build a signup form, and put it where your target audience is most likely to find it. Your marketing automation solution will handle the rest. 

Then to take it a step further, you’ll want to generate more qualified leads. For this, you must understand prospects’ needs, interests, and buying patterns. Sending one-size-fits-all messages that lack personalization, often are the root cause of unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

4 steps to drive demand and increase engagement through automation

Step 1: Make sure you target the right customers 

Without proper segmentation, generic emails are not as relevant to a diverse audience and often result in low engagement rates. Micro-segments can help you create highly targeted campaigns based on customer behavior or demographics. For example, you might target customers based on their location or the last time they opened your campaign in order to increase engagement.

With segmentation, you can categorize your audience based on different criteria such as by campaign engagement or website interaction. This allows you to send focused messages without manually sorting and organizing your contacts.

Read on for more segmentation examples

Step 2: Personalize at scale with dynamic content 

Once you’ve defined your automation target, leverage dynamic content to create unique, personalized experiences for your prospects and customers. Dynamic content allows you to create personalized email campaigns that adjust to your subscribers’ details on autopilot. No need to craft multiple templates for each specific case. 

You can create personalized emails in a few clicks, from showcasing the most related content to recommending products based on their interest.

You can leverage AI tools, such as Brevo’s AI subject line creator to write personalized subject lines. By personalizing the title, you’ll be able to get a higher open rate. Combine this dynamic content to boost engagement rates. 

Step 3: Cross-channel marketing campaigns

Cross-channel marketing automation allows you to follow prospects and customers across an array of different channels. 

Marketing automation tools typically combine advertising campaigns, live chat, SMS marketing, email sending, CRM, and other features under one roof — making it easy for you to build custom cross-channel marketing workflows and reach your customers wherever they go.

With automated sequences, you can reach cart abandoners with relevant offers by email, target warm leads with Facebook ads, or send SMS notifications to webinar attendees. 

Step 4: A/B test what works the best

Now that you’ve segmented your audience and optimized the content, you’ll want to optimize your efforts with A/B testing.  

Add an A/B split step to your automations. This allows you to evenly split participants in your workflow between two distinct paths. From there, review the outcome of each path to determine what works best for your contacts (and what doesn’t). 

Running an A/B test on a workflow and choosing the best path will increase your open rates, click-through rates, purchases, signups, etc. 

Drive demand with marketing automation

You should now have a clearer understanding of marketing automation, as well as how you can use it in your next demand generation campaign.

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