March 5, 2024

Marketing Automation for Agencies: The Top 10 Tools

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Choosing marketing automation software for your agency is a strategic task. It should streamline your internal workflows while maximizing the value you provide to clients.

To help you save time, we’ve selected 10 marketing automation tools designed for the unique needs of agencies. These tools cover a range of use cases. Many also offer agency-specific plans with perks like partner programs and priority support.

Want to learn more about marketing automation for agencies? Here are the top features and tools.

Marketing automation for agencies: 3 key features

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a marketing automation tool for your agency.

1. Multi-account management

Multi-account management functionality lets you set up multiple sub-accounts or workspaces within a single interface. So instead of constantly logging in and out when switching between clients, you can simply navigate to a different tab or account.

Every tool in your tech stack should offer:

  • A centralized account dashboard: a dashboard where agencies can view and manage all client accounts at a glance. You should be able to easily switch between accounts.
  • User permissions and roles: granular control over user access and permissions. This allows you to assign roles and restrict access to specific clients or features.
  • Advanced security: robust security measures to safeguard sensitive client data.

2. White label 

Your marketing automation platform should allow you to customize the deliverables with your client’s logo, colors, and branding elements. For instance, if you manage email marketing campaigns for your clients, you should be able to set up custom domain names and branded email templates.

Depending on the use case, you should seek out the following features:

  • Customizable branding options: the ability to upload the agency’s branded assets and customize the interface and deliverables.
  • White label domain: custom domains for client-facing portals.
  • White label reporting: customizable, client-ready reports that can be branded with the agency’s logo and colors.
  • Client-specific branding: the flexibility to apply different branding settings to each client account.

3. Integration

Your tech stack isn’t limited to a single automation tool. You may use different tools to manage social media content, streamline omnichannel customer experiences, and handle reporting. However, all these solutions must be compatible with each other. 

To prevent data silos, you need to make information flow seamlessly. 

When choosing a marketing automation tool, look for the following features:

  • API access: robust APIs that allow for easy integration with third-party applications.
  • Pre-built integrations: a library of pre-built integrations with CRM systems, email marketing platforms, analytics tools, and other essential software.

Data syncing: tools to map and synchronize data between the marketing automation service and integrated systems.

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Best marketing automation solutions for agencies by use case 

Digital marketing agencies can use a variety of tools to streamline marketing operations. We’ve put together a list of automation solutions for tasks that marketing agencies handle most often.

SoftwareBest forFeaturesPaid plans start at
BrevoCRMEmail marketing
Sub-accounts and priority SLAs
Lead segmentation
Multi-channel marketing (SMS, chat, WhatsApp campaigns, etc.)
WritesonicContent creationAI-powered copy creation
Landing page generator
AI chatbots
SEO optimizer
ConvertFlowCROFunnel builder
Landing page optimization
A/B testing
SurveyMonkeyMarket researchSurvey forms
Audience panel
AI-powered analysis
BufferSocial media automation11 social media channels
Landing pages
AI assistant
AdEspressoPaid advertisingFacebook, Instagram, and Google paid campaign management$49/month
SemrushSEO project managementSEO tools
SEO reporting
Client management
MakeWorkflow automationApp connector$9/month
DashThisReportingData collection and visualization
34+ digital marketing channels
Preset templates
ScribeDocument managementAuto-generated guides
AI assistant

1. Brevo: best for CRM automation

Automate your efforts, scale your growth. Overview of Brevo, a marketing automation solution for agencies

For all agencies, integrating a CRM platform into your toolkit is absolutely essential.

Brevo is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for teams that value their time. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for customer relationship management. This includes email marketing, transactional email and SMS, Facebook ads, and WhatsApp campaigns.

On top of that, you can use Brevo’s integrated AI assistant to generate subject lines, email content, and more.

What makes Brevo a good choice for agencies

  • Brevo Enterprise Solution is designed to meet the needs of agencies and enterprises.
  • You can join the Brevo Expert program to earn a commission for every referred client.
  • As part of the Brevo Expert program, you get an overview of all your clients’ accounts. You can also switch between clients easily.
  • To meet the needs of power senders and ensure excellent email deliverability, Brevo offers an email API, dedicated IPs, and advanced security measures. 

Success story: How Group 22 strengthens client relationships with Brevo

Brevo is popular among digital and email marketing agencies that need to manage different marketing activities in one place. This is what Group 22, an agency offering design and advertising services, was looking for when they found Brevo.

The team replaced multiple platforms with Brevo’s all-in-one solution. Brevo has proven to be more flexible and cost-effective for the agency.

“Since we work with many small and medium-sized businesses, we are aware that our clients don’t always have the resources or skills to access and manage one solution for each need. We truly appreciate everything that we can do with Brevo and the fact that we can cover all our clients’ needs.”

Stephen Ludwig, President at Group 22


The free plan includes core automation features, automations for up to 2,000 contacts, and 300 emails per day. Paid plans start at $25/month. Get in touch for a tailor-made Brevo Enterprise Solution plan.

2. Writesonic: best for content creation 

Create content at scale with Writesonic enterprise, a marketing automation tool for agencies

Managing loads of content is your daily task. Writing emails, landing pages, social media posts, and other digital content takes up a lot of time. Just imagine how much time you could save by automating content creation.

You can do it with a generative AI platform like Writesonic. The tool can auto-generate blog posts, ad copy, landing page copy, images, and even audio.

While it’s not recommended to create all your content with AI, it’s a powerful solution for content repurposing. Once you have one piece of original content (say, a blog post), you can feed it to Writesonic to create ads, YouTube scripts, LinkedIn posts, etc.

What makes Writesonic a good choice for an agency

  • It offers a fast and effective way to brainstorm and create content for your clients.
  • Writesonic Enterprise includes an unlimited number of user seats.
  • Writeconic offers an open API and integrates with automation software like Make and Zapier. 
  • You can save the overhead costs of having a full-time writer on your team with just one software.


Writesonic has a free plan. More sophisticated AI models (GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K) are only available in paid plans starting at $13/user/month. The Enterprise plan comes at $500/month and includes unlimited user seats, priority AI processing, custom templates, and more.

3. ConvertFlow: best for CRO automation

Overview of integrations for ConvertFlow, a marketing automation software for agencies

ConvertFlow allows you to optimize your content for conversions. With it, you can create and test personalized calls-to-action, targeted pop-ups, and interactive forms. This will help your clients achieve their marketing goals.

ConvertFlow is a funnel builder, offering conversion rate optimization tools and targeting options. It’s designed to support brands and agencies in maximizing revenue from their marketing assets.

What makes ConvertFlow a good choice for an agency

  • It allows you to manage all your client websites from one account.
  • Each sub-account has its own settings, integrations, and campaigns.
  • ConvertFlow provides lead generation insights and conversion reports to prove ROI and retain agency clients.
  • It syncs with your client’s CMS, CRM software, and customer data platforms.
  • Agencies are eligible for a special partner program.


Free for up to 5 landing pages and up to 1,000 views per month. Paid plans start at $39/month.

4. SurveyMonkey: best for market research 

Create wining campaigns with SurveyMonkey Audience, a marketing automation tool for agencies

To deliver on your clients’ objectives, you have to know their target audiences well. Yet, the data you get from your clients often falls short. That’s where SurveyMonkey Audience comes in handy. 

By targeting individuals who meet your clients’ customer database criteria on a broad scale, it quickly aggregates reliable data for your campaigns.

What makes SurveyMonkey a good choice for an agency

  • SurveyMonkey allows agencies to accumulate insights for new projects and build data-driven campaigns.
  • APIs and powerful integrations allow you to sync the data between different systems and platforms.
  • It’s possible to create branded surveys and forms, tailored to reflect your clients’ identity and messaging.


Paid plans for teams start at $25/user/month (3 users minimum).

5. Buffer: best for social media management

Buffer for agencies, social media and marketing automation software for agencies

For managing clients’ social media campaigns, Buffer is your go-to option. The platform allows you to plan and schedule social media posts across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and others.

Buffer’s AI assistant will help you generate content ideas, translate copy, and repurpose posts in seconds.

What makes Buffer a good choice for an agency

  • You can manage all of your clients’ social accounts in one place.
  • Collaboration features make it easy to set up custom access and permissions, work on drafts with your team and clients, and request approvals right from the Buffer interface.
  • Priority customer service ensures you get around-the-clock support.
  • Buffer allows you to compile PDF reports customized with the client’s logo.


Pricing for agencies starts at ​​$120/month. The agency plan includes 10 social channels and unlimited users. Additional channels are priced at $6/month per channel.

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6. AdEspresso: best for paid campaign automation 

Create and manage your clients' ads with Adspresso, a marketing automation solution for agencies

Running paid advertising campaigns on different channels is tough enough. But when you’re managing them across various platforms, it gets even trickier.

When your campaigns are scattered all over the place, you’re doomed to constant firefighting. With AdEspresso, you can avoid this hassle by keeping all your clients’ ads in one place.

Ad Espresso combines Facebook, Instagram, and Google PPC management in a single intuitive interface. You can get an overview of all ongoing campaigns, set up automated actions, and access performance insights in a few clicks.

What makes AdEspresso a good choice for an agency

  • The Campaign Approval flow makes it easy for agencies to  request and manage approvals right in the platform.
  • You’ll have complete control over which ad accounts different team members and clients can access.
  • With white label options, you can customize the look of your performance reports. 


AdEspresso starts at $49/month with a spending limit of $1,000/month. White labeling for reports and collaboration tools are available starting at $99/month. 

7. Semrush: best for SEO project management 

Semrush, a marketing automation tool for agencies

If you’re looking for a tool to organize your clients’ SEO, content marketing, advertising, and social media under one roof, Semrush is the right fit for you. 

Of all the SEO tools, Semrush has the most outstanding marketing automation for agencies. You can create pitches on autopilot, set up and manage multiple clients’ projects, and automate SEO reporting to keep your clients on top of their search performance.

Semrush also offers a CRM system to manage your agency clients and tasks without leaving the platform.

What makes Semrush a good choice for an agency

  • Semrush API makes real-time reporting easy.
  • Semrush allows you to assign projects, tasks, and reports right in the platform.
  • Agencies are listed on the Agency Partners platform. This boosts your agency’s visibility and chances to win more marketing contracts.


Agency plans start at $198.95/month for up to 5 clients.

8. Make: best for workflow automation 

Automating workflows with Make, a marketing automation software for agencies

You’ve automated key workflows within each aspect of your projects — that’s a solid start, but you can do more. Now, you can connect the marketing tools to create sophisticated cross-platform automations.

Luckily, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to integrate apps that don’t offer native integrations. With Make, you can connect anything and create customized workflows tailored to your agency’s needs.

For instance, when a new lead is captured through ConvertFlow, Make will automatically create a corresponding contact record in Brevo. This then triggers a sequence of personalized email campaigns. Plus, you can use Brevo CRM data to trigger targeted ad campaigns in AdEspresso.

What makes Make a good choice for an agency

  • Make offers an easy way to unify your systems and streamline operations.
  • Agency partners get priority support from the Make team.
  • You can build custom automation workflows to meet the specific needs of your clients.


Make is free for up to 1,000 operations/month. Paid plans start at $9/month and grow with the number of operations and the complexity of automations.

9. DashThis: best for reporting automation

White label reporting with DashThis, marketing automation software for agencies

Reporting and analytics remain the most time-consuming tasks for marketers and agency owners. DashThis is on a mission to make agency-client project reporting more accessible.

The platform integrates with your digital marketing toolkit, fetches data from across all your campaigns, and turns it into insightful visualizations. All you need to do is link your tools and choose your key metrics, and DashThis will do the rest.

What makes DashThis a good choice for an agency

  • You can generate an all-in-one automated marketing report to give your clients a 360-degree overview of their campaigns.
  • You don’t have to pay for additional seats to add your team members or clients to the account.
  • White-label reporting allows you to provide your clients with fully customized, branded reports.


DashThis pricing starts at $42/month for up to 3 dashboards. Pricier plans include more dashboards and advanced customization features.

10. Scribe: best for document management

Marketing process documentation with Scribe, a marketing automation software for agencies

How much time do you spend on documentation? Probably too much. Good news: you can automate digital process documentation with a solution like Scribe.

Whenever you need to explain a digital workflow, let Scribe do it. Instead of taking screenshots and writing instructions, you can have Scribe follow your actions. It then turns them into a step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots and captions. From there, you can document marketing processes and create onboarding guides in seconds.

What makes Scribe a good choice for an agency

  • It offers a fast way to create a knowledge base for internal use or your client’s website.
  • The platform integrates with major document management and communication tools.


Scribe has a free plan. For team use, Scribe starts at $12/seat/month.

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Marketing automation for agencies: FAQs

What is agency automation?

Marketing automation for agencies refers to the use of technology to improve the efficiency of a digital marketing agency. Use marketing automation to streamline repetitive tasks that you complete for your clients.

How do you automate a digital marketing agency’s tasks?

Start by listing all the marketing tasks your team performs regularly. Identify the tasks that take significant time. These are prime candidates for marketing automation for agencies.

Focus first on those that will save the most time, reduce errors, or improve client outcomes. When ready, research and select software that aligns with your agency and marketing team’s needs. 

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