February 29, 2024

11 Follow-Up Email Templates for Sales

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No reply to your cold emails? Trying to move the sales process forward without being too pushy? We have follow-up email templates to get you started. Write follow-ups for one-on-one use or automation workflows that’ll get results. 

The hard truth of the matter is that when starting out with follow-up emails, it will take time to build up a high response rate. But they’re still a necessary part of your email marketing strategy. Why? 

Because prospects aren’t always going to reach out to you on their own. And, your competitors are already doing it. 

In this article, we’ll cover follow-up email templates, examples, and tips so you can write a professional email that goes beyond “Just checking in,” and improve your email outreach.

Sales follow-up email templates

Below we cover templates for how to write an official follow-up email for common use cases so your prospects don’t fall through the cracks. Use these as a guide and personalize as needed. 

1. Follow up after a meeting

Scenario: You’ve had a productive meeting with a potential client or business partner. You want to follow up to recap the meeting and discuss next steps. The example below is from the perspective of a financial consulting company. 

Subject line: Great meeting with you, [Prospective Client’s Name]!

Hi [Prospective client’s name],

Thanks for meeting with me to discuss how our consulting services can support [Prospective client’s business name] in improving [your financial strategies].

We touched upon several key areas, including [optimizing budget allocation and implementing cost-saving measures].

Should you want to move forward, the goal of our next meeting will be to [outline your specific financial challenges].

Let me know how you want to proceed.


[Your name]

[Your position, company name]

[Contact information]

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2. Follow up after presenting at an event

Scenario: You’ve attended a networking event or conference and made valuable connections. Now, you want to follow up with those contacts to continue the conversation and explore potential opportunities.

Subject line: Thanks for attending [presentation name]!

Hello [Name],

Thank you for attending my keynote on [topic] at [event name]!

I hope you enjoyed it and got some actionable insights for how to use [your product] for better [prospect pain point].

I thought this resource [case study/article/resource name] would help you get started growing your webinar signup lists.

Let me know what you think.


[Your name]

[Your position, company name]

[Contact information]

3. Trigger event follow-up email template

Scenario: A contact interacts with a page on your website or content in your email campaign. For example, they request more information about a service. By adding this trigger in an automation workflow, you can send a pre-made follow-up email template to reach out to them while they’re interested. 

Subject line: Interested in [goal your product achieves]?

Hi [Contact’s Name],

Your team has been exploring our [specific product/service page] on our website.

All of the [product] you’ve been eyeing are specifically made for [purpose].

Would you like to chat briefly this week to discuss what you’re looking for? I’ll attach my booking page below so you can choose your free consultation.

Talk soon,

[Your name]

[Link to your booking landing page]

[Your phone number]

4. Follow up after no response

Sent a cold email to a potential prospect and they haven’t replied after a few days? Or did you talk once, and now radio silence? Now’s the time to send a first follow-up email. 

4.1 Politely bump an email

Subject line: Any interest in our [services/offer/proposal]?

Hi [Contact’s name],

Do you have any questions about my previous email?

To recap, I have some ideas for how to [solve problem] with our [product], such as [one solution].

Let me know if you’d like to join me for a quick 15-minute chat. You can respond via email or reach me here: [phone number].


[Your name]

[Your position, company name]

[LinkedIn/Social media links if applicable]

4.2 A second follow-up

This email is an adapted email that nailed the sale.

Subject line: Trying to connect

Good morning [Prospect name],

It’s been a bit over a week since our last conversation, and I wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything. Has anything about your project/problem changed since then? Any other information you need from us?



4.3 Final follow up

At some point, you need to know if you’re just wasting your time. The final follow-up email is essentially a “last chance” and creates a sense of urgency without being pushy.

Subject line: Time to part ways?

Hi [Prospect name],

We’re cleaning up our files and I wanted to know if you’re still interested in our services.

If you’re not, no problem at all, I’ll go ahead and close your file.

Otherwise, let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Thank for your response, [Signature]

5. Inquiry follow-up email template

Scenario: A prospect has inquired about your product or service. You want to follow up to provide more information and answer any questions they may have, ideally through a call. 

Subject line: The info you requested

Hi [Prospect’s name],

I’m following up with a request you made for more information on [service].

I spoke to the [specific department] department, and they’d be happy to give you a brief walkthrough of how our product works.

Do you have time for a 20-minute call with [Name of sales team member], our [position] this week? You can book a time slot with [Name of sales team member] on our booking page [link].

Let me know if you need any additional information.


[Your name]

[Your position, company]

[Phone number]

6. Follow up on a proposal

Scenario: You’ve submitted a proposal to a client, and you want to follow up on your previous email. The goal is to address any questions or concerns they may have and move the deal forward.

Subject line: Thoughts about our proposal?

Hello [Prospect name],

When we last spoke, our [product/service] at [price] seemed like a great fit for your needs. It’s been a couple of [length of time]. Would you like to discuss any questions you have on a quick video call?

I have two slots available on [day/s of week]. Here’s a link to my booking page so you can choose what’s most convenient for you.


7. Follow up email template after leaving a voicemail

Whether you’re cold-calling your prospects or reaching out to someone you met, following up with an email gives your prospects a bit more context. 

Subject line: Left a voicemail with ideas for [goal you help achieve]

Hey [Prospect name],

It looks like I missed you. I left a voicemail with [brief content of voicemail here]. 

Would you like to schedule a quick call to discuss these points more? 

Let me know when you have 10 minutes to call next week and I can answer any questions you have. You can also reach me directly at [phone number]. 


If phone calls are a primary part of our business, consider a VoIP service so you can record calls and keep track of client conversations.

8. Follow up after a demo or trial

Scenario: A prospect has participated in a product demo or trial, and you want to follow up to gather feedback, address any issues, and discuss next steps.

Subject line: Your recent product demo experience

Hi [Prospect’s Name],

Thanks for joining our product demo. I hope you found the experience valuable in understanding how our solution can help your business achieve [goal].

Are there any specific areas you’d like to explore further, or any questions you have about moving forward with our product? I’m here to provide you with the information you need.

I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation and exploring how we can support your business objectives.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your position, company name]

How to write a follow-up email: dos and don’ts

These are the favorite dos and don’ts our Brevo sales experts shared with us. We also included our favorite tips from around the web to help you master follow-up emails. 


Follow up promptly. Prompt follow-ups (1-3 days) leave less time for contacts to forget the context. However, it’s always good to A/B test what works best for your campaign. Try 12 hours and work from there.

Be brief. People don’t have all day to read emails, so make your message concise. A couple paragraphs is a good range to aim for.

Add value. To make your follow-up successful, offer something useful to potential customers. Is it a resource, a chance to chat, or a solution to their problem? 

Put the prospect first. Think of their needs and respond with genuine suggestions.

Reply to their original email. Reply to the email thread and include original attachments if applicable. If you met your prospect another way, provide a quick refresher about how you met. 

Create an informative follow-up email subject line. Let your recipient know what to expect. 30-50 characters is a good length. If it’s too long, it’ll get cut off in Gmail inboxes. 

Was it nice meeting someone at a networking event? Say, “Great meeting you, {{Name}}.” Are you thanking someone for a download, “Thanks for downloading our {{resource name}},” or answering an inquiry “In response to your inquiry”? And so on.

Create a professional sender name. Having a professional email sender name increases the chances someone will open your email. Beyond building trustworthiness, it allows you to easily segment your email lists later on. Include a profile picture to perfect it. 

An email sender name preview.

Include a clear call to action (CTA). In a B2B email, this is your ask. Do you want them to schedule a call? Or plan a demo? In a B2C email, your CTA is usually a button with persuasive text such as “Unlock my free trial.” 

Analyze your campaigns. Campaign reports show how well your templates perform. Track key email metrics like open rates, clicks, and unsubscribes. Then optimize your follow-up email template for future prospects.

Campaign metrics showing the success of a follow-up email campaign.

Email campaign metrics in Brevo

Use automation. Not all follow-up emails are personal, handwritten emails. Sometimes, it’s better to automate them. If you had a lot of attendees at your webinar, you can email them all individually, but it’ll take a lot of time. 

This image shows how to use automation to send follow-up emails.

Follow-up email campaign automation

Set up lead nurturing automation follow-up sequences and populate your sales follow-up email template with dynamic content, like each contact’s name or industry. 


Don’t attach large files. This may cause your email to bounce. 

Don’t use jargon. As Motherofcatss put it on Reddit, “Write like you talk.” Your prospects might just skim emails on their phones, so make it easy to read. 

Don’t start an email with “Just.” Using “Just” makes whatever you have to say less valuable, explains Borla78

“Just seeing what you thought about our [proposal]” is much less confident than “What did you think of our [proposal].” Don’t let your prospects doubt you. 

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Real-world follow-up email examples

Here are a couple of follow-up messages we sourced to show some real-life methods.

Networking event follow-up email example

This is a follow-up email example after an event.

Follow up email example after an event

Use the adapted follow up template below.

Subject line: Great meeting you!

Good Afternoon,

My colleague and I enjoyed getting to meet your team at [event name] on [date]! I spoke to your colleague, they suggested I send an email to this address.

We chatted about [topic].

That happens to be exactly what we specialize in. We’re great at [what you do]. Take a look at our [resource] to how we help clients achieve [ goal]. 

Are you free [date] for a coffee chat? Let me know. 


This follow-up email template starts with a quick refresher, shows expertise, and finishes off with a call to action for a coffee chat. 

Lead nurturing follow-up email example

Subject line: Inside CRE: The page we send to our new clients (to improve their success rates)

This is a follow-up email example for content download.


This follow-up email is part of a lead nurturing workflow. It shows how to add value to a follow-up email by including some top resources. You can use a similar tactic in your follow-up email.

Survey follow-up email example

A survey follow-up email example.


This follow up email example is asking for feedback or a review after an event. This format can also be used to ask for client referrals. 

Create your own follow-up email template

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