March 4, 2024

Enterprise Marketing Automation Software: Tips & Tools

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Enterprise marketing automation (EMA) is key to saving time and driving results. Read on to learn more about enterprise marketing automation as well as the top providers.

Regardless of a company’s size, automating internal workflows is beneficial. But for enterprises, the scale of operations, volume of data, and number of personnel are much larger. All of these make automation indispensable.

The right marketing automation software lets your team focus on strategic tasks. It also helps you build an excellent customer experience across channels. On top of that, it shouldn’t be too complicated or too expensive — which often happens with software designed for bigger companies. 

Selecting an enterprise-level marketing automation platform is a huge step for the entire organization.

We’ve put together a list of seven enterprise marketing automation tools to help you choose the best.

  1. Brevo Enterprise Solution
  2. Oracle Eloqua
  3. Braze
  4. Netcore
  5. Bloomreach
  6. Wrike
  7. Improvado

Enterprise marketing automation explained

Enterprise marketing automation (EMA) refers to a set of strategies and tools used to optimize and streamline marketing activities at enterprise-sized companies.

Enterprise marketing automation isn’t limited to a specific aspect of digital marketing strategy. Rather, it can be applied across marketing tasks and processes. This includes:

What you should look for in enterprise marketing automation software

The must-have features for your enterprise marketing solution depend on the marketing processes you want to automate. However, there are two features that every EMA platform needs to have, regardless of its function.

Integration with your enterprise tech stack

So the first criterion you should be looking for is integration with your enterprise tech stack.

The main differentiator between process management in small businesses and process management in enterprises is the challenge familiar only to large-sized companies. This is known as “enterprise silos.” 

Enterprise silos is a term describing the compartmentalization of data and processes within different departments of a large organization. As the size of a company expands, so does the complexity of its internal structure. 

More departments, more teams, and more people contribute to the exponential growth of the tech stack of the organization. 

To break organizational silos, each piece of the enterprise software should seamlessly integrate with the other tools in the system, and your enterprise marketing automation software is no exception.

Access control and data security

To steer clear of the risks, you also need software that incorporates robust access control management and data security measures.

Unlike small businesses where internal operations can be closely monitored and controlled, large enterprises often grapple with a multitude of processes, teams, and sensitive data. At such a scale, maintaining the same level of direct oversight as in a small business becomes impractical. 

This opens up opportunities for both willful and accidental data breaches. And when it comes to customer data and budget information, you definitely don’t want to have it mismanaged or leaked.

7 Enterprise marketing automation software solutions

Quality software is the cornerstone of marketing automation. We’ve hand-picked the best enterprise marketing automation software for every task.

Enterprise marketing automation softwareBest forFeaturesStarting monthly price
Brevo Enterprise SolutionCRM automation & email marketing at scaleCRM, CDP, automation, transactional and marketing email, chatbot,SMS,, WhatsApp, Phone, Meetings, PaymentsCustom
Oracle EloquaMarketing and sales alignmentEmail campaigns, automation, SMS, integrated sales tools$2,000/month
BrazeOmnichannel customer engagementEmail marketing, personalization, WhatsApp, SMS, AI workflowsCustom
NetcoreCustomer experience automationEmail marketing, personalization, SMS, WhatsApp, Gen AICustom
BloomreachEcommerce personalizationEmail marketing, SMS, ads, personalization, AI workflowsCustom
WrikeMarketing project managementWorkflow automation, task management, team performance analyticsFree to start
Paid plans start at $9.80/user/month
ImprovadoReporting and analyticsData centralization, marketing campaign analyticsCustom

1. Brevo Enterprise Solution: Best for CRM automation and email marketing

Brevo Enterprise Solution homepage

Brevo Enterprise Solution is an enterprise marketing automation solution by Brevo. It offers key functionalities such as customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, segmentation, SMS marketing, A/B testing, and campaign management.

With this robust tech stack, Brevo empowers you to create personalized experiences for each individual customer.

Marketing teams can build strong customer relationships across channels thanks to the Marketing Platform. And with the Email API, power senders can set up large-scale email sending in no time — especially with the help of Brevo’s responsive technical support.

While designed to serve the needs of enterprise marketing teams, the platform’s interface remains simple and intuitive. This ease of use sets Brevo Enterprise Solution apart. 

Brevo Enterprise Solution features:

  • Native CRM
  • Marketing workflow automation
  • Customer segmentation and lead scoring
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages and signup forms
  • Transactional email and SMS
  • Email API
  • Live chat and chatbot
  • WhatsApp marketing campaigns
  • Facebook ads

Why choose Brevo Enterprise Solution:

  • Built to address enterprise marketing challenges
  • A complete marketing tech stack in one place
  • Developer-friendly email API
  • CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR compliance
  • Centralized permission management
  • Access to priority assistance for enterprise clients
  • Integrations with over 150 tools
  • One of the most budget-friendly enterprise marketing automation platforms

Brevo Enterprise Solution in action: a 40% increase in customer loyalty and 3x money transfer transactions

Moni (ex. Monisnap), a money transfer service company, implemented Brevo Enterprise Solution to automate and customize customer communications at every stage of the journey. With Brevo, the marketing team has managed to re-engage customers across channels and reduce churn.

“We were looking for a solution that was practical, easy to use and affordable. Brevo was the best option, since the platform allows us to merge our customer behavior information with our CRM data and personalize all our communications.”

Jean-Baptiste Bouvier, Co-founder and CMO at Moni (ex. Monisnap)

2. Oracle Eloqua: Best for marketing and sales alignment

Interface of Oracle Eloqua, an enterprise marketing solution

Oracle Eloqua is a powerful B2B marketing hub. The tool has gained a reputation as enterprise-size software for its flexibility, advanced functionality, and integration with the rest of Oracle’s cloud applications suite.

Eloqua integrates sales tools, giving both marketing and sales teams access to a unified view of customer data. The integration allows for a synchronized approach to lead management. Marketers can efficiently nurture leads through targeted campaigns, and when leads are deemed sales-ready, the data transitions to the sales team.

Note: People often compare Oracle Eloqua to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. While these platforms have very similar functionality, Eloqua is a more straightforward tool. Salesforce doesn’t offer many features out of the box, which makes it a more flexible yet complex solution. 

Oracle Eloqua features:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • SMS
  • Landing pages and forms
  • No-code workflow builder
  • Integrated sales tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integration with Oracle Cloud Suite
  • API

Why choose Oracle Eloqua:

  • The capability to integrate sales data insights into marketing campaigns
  • Automation and API capabilities
  • Strong customer segmentation 
  • Robust integrations with Oracle and Salesforce apps

3. Braze: Best for omnichannel customer engagement

Interface of Braze, an enterprise marketing automation solution

Braze is a leading customer engagement platform with strong automation capabilities. It’s a great choice for all things customer segmentation and personalization, especially if you manage omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Braze has a straightforward approach and practical features. It helps mid-sized businesses and enterprises create personalized and seamless experiences throughout the entire customer journey. On the downside, Braze isn’t the most budget-friendly option for businesses that store large amounts of customer data.

Braze features:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile and web push
  • SMS messaging
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Data analytics
  • AI-powered workflows

Why choose Braze:

  • A user-friendly interface 
  • A comprehensive solution for managing owned channels
  • Machine learning (ML)-powered experimentation and automation
  • Access to an exclusive customer community where you can get insights from top experts

4. Netcore: Best for AI-powered personalization

Interface of Netcore, an enterprise marketing automation solution

Netcore Cloud offers a suite of product experience management, email marketing, customer engagement, and AI-powered personalization solutions. 

Each of Netcore’s products comes in a separate package. We’ll focus specifically on its personalization capabilities, which are part of Netcore’s Customer Engagement & Experience platform.

The tool uses customer data to personalize multiple touch points throughout the customer journey in real time. The AI-powered personalization platform dynamically segments customers, delivers tailored product recommendations, and crafts personalized content.

Users generally speak highly of the platform’s functionality. However, some find that Netcore lacks integrations with external tools and services.

Netcore features:

  • AI-powered personalization (web & app)
  • Email marketing
  • Omnichannel campaigns
  • App push notifications
  • Customer behavior data

Why choose Netcore:

  • Outstanding customer service and support
  • Unparalleled ecommerce personalization 
  • The ability to dynamically adapt to changing customer preferences and behaviors

5. Bloomreach: Best for ecommerce personalization

Interface of Bloomreach, an enterprise marketing solution

Bloomreach is a dedicated ecommerce personalization platform. Like Netcore, it harnesses AI to analyze customer data and create personalized customer journeys.

Each feature in Bloomreach comes in a separate package, allowing businesses to only pay for the products they use. That way, you can start with one channel and add more as your marketing campaigns expand.

Bloomreach features:

  • AI-enabled personalization
  • AI-powered forecasting
  • Email marketing
  • SMS
  • Ad optimization
  • Experiments and A/B testing
  • Security and compliance support

Why choose Bloomreach:

  • Strong data analytics capabilities and AI-powered insights
  • Variety of automated customer segmentation and journey scenarios

6. Wrike: Best for marketing project management

Interface of Wrike, a project management and enterprise marketing solution

Wrike offers a digital space where teams can collaborate and execute projects. It’s a great project management tool for companies of all sizes that are looking to centralize all their work in one place.

With Wrike, marketing teams can optimize campaign planning with ready-made templates, customizable dashboards, request forms, and more. You can set up automatic reminders and prompts to save time on manual follow-ups and help your team members stay ahead of the deadlines.

Wrike features:

  • Pre-built templates
  • Generative AI
  • Gantt charts
  • Resource management
  • Performance analytics
  • Access and permission control

Why choose Wrike:

  • Over 400 automations that make marketing project management a breeze
  • Wrike’s resource management tool allows you to stay on top of your team’s workload and set realistic goals.
  • Generative AI can speed up the creation of marketing assets. It can also create project plans and suggest ideas for workflow optimization.

7. Improvado: Best for reporting and analytics

Interface of Improvado, an enterprise marketing solution

Improvado is a marketing analytics platform designed for data-driven enterprises. It helps marketing teams automate data collection from across different campaigns and channels.

The platform compiles the data from major marketing channels and visualizes it with insightful charts. From SEO metrics to revenue dashboards, Improvado provides a comprehensive view of marketing and sales performance.

Improvado features:

  • Data extraction
  • Data visualization
  • Business data QA
  • Data ownership control
  • AI assistant

Why choose Improvado:

  • Over 500 data sources
  • Focus on data analysis instead of data aggregation
  • Get instant answers to performance questions by interacting with an AI-powered chatbot.

Get started with enterprise marketing automation

When picking a marketing automation platform for your enterprise, prioritize simplicity and compatibility. In other words, look for a solution that simplifies your workflows and easily fits into your existing tech stack.

Brevo offers a reliable enterprise marketing automation system. Our features are customized to fit your unique needs. From tailored onboarding to our specialized support team, we give you all the tools you need to succeed. 

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