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Autoresponder software free for up to 300 emails a day. Store unlimited contacts.

Drive email marketing results while you sleep

Imagine being able to drive sales and engagement completely hands-off. That’s what an email autoresponder tool lets you do.

Your subscribers will get all the right messages at the right time. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. It’s all done passively.

Brevo’s free email autoresponder is available for up to 300 emails a day and to 2,000 contacts. Paid plans start at $25 for 20,000 emails a month. Try it today and start saving time.

Never miss an opportunity to engage

Email automation adds value at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

As an automation tool, an email autoresponder catches and reacts to any user action you set it up to. Behavior triggers, milestones, and opportunities — engage and convert at every step.

Here’s some examples of autoresponder series you can set up in no time.

Free email autoresponder

Welcome emails

Get your new subscriber relationships off to a stellar start with a personalized welcome message.

  • Drive sales with an exclusive welcome discount
  • Promote links to special landing pages and social media profiles
  • Ask additional questions to help with segmentation later
Free email autoresponder

Abandoned cart emails

Cart abandonment is the bane of ecommerce businesses. Brevo’s page tracking triggers a follow-up email whenever one of your subscribers abandons a cart.

  • Recover lost sales, passively
  • A/B test different autoresponder series to find what works
  • Recommend similar products
automation email for anniversary
Free email autoresponder

Birthday emails

Birthday/anniversary emails are a great way to drive conversions. An email autoresponder to capitalize on an occasion when people are more likely to treat themselves.

  • Send a special birthday coupon
  • Generate a ton of email engagement
  • Drive appreciation for your small business
Free email autoresponder

Do so much more with autoresponders

Onboarding, reactivation of idle customers, asking for feedback, loyalty rewards — automate them all with autoresponders! No need to worry to send the email yourself, engagement is taken care of.

  • Add SMS and WhatsApp messages to email series
  • Workflow and email templates ready to use
  • Manage your email list with advanced automation
Template gallery of free email templates with Brevo's drag-and-drop or html email builder.
Free email autoresponder

Stunning design, minimum effort

Our free email autoresponder is part of a complete email marketing platform and so you get full access to our email design toolbox. Perfect for beginners and pros alike!

  • Three email builders (drag-and-drop editor, HTML, plain-text)
  • Free email templates & ready marketing automation workflows
  • Customizable signup forms for lead generation

Advanced features

What makes Brevo one of the best free autoresponder tools? It’s a complete CRM suite with multichannel tools, not just an email marketing software.

Features Brevo
Integrations Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress and many more
Transactional email service
Email marketing campaigns
Landing page builder
WhatsApp & SMS marketing
Web push notifications
Live chat

The best part? Brevo’s pricing is based on the number of emails you sent, not on the number of subscribers. So you can store as many contacts as you need for free and engage them with our free email autoresponder as needed.

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Send up to 300 emails per day completely free.

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Email autoresponder software made to reach the inbox

Brevo’s email autoresponder software is built for deliverability.

No need to worry about your autoresponder emails landing in the spam folder. Our email servers are actively monitored to ensure the best possible chance at inbox placement.

Heavily protected sender reputations

Our rigorous anti-spam policy protects the sender reputation of our shared IP addresses.

  • Validation process for new users to keep spammers out
  • Only accept contact lists that are 100% opt-in
  • Hard bounce contacts are automatically sent to a contact blacklist
Email marketing and CRM stats dashboard overview with Brevo.

Avoid the spam folder

Brevo has dedicated infrastructure and resources in place to make sure your emails are successfully delivered to subscribers’ inboxes.

  • Actively managed SMTP servers
  • Dedicated IPs for high volume senders
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts to resolve any deliverability issues

Email autoresponder FAQ

What are autoresponders used for?

Autoresponders trigger automated emails when a user takes an action. You define the action and the response. And then the software fires the message automatically when needed.

Learn more about what autoresponders are and find examples of autoresponders.

Are there free email autoresponders?

Yes, Brevo is one. You can send 300 autoresponses (9,000 a month!) for free.

How much does an email autoresponder cost if it’s not free?

Brevo’s paid plans start at $25 for 20,000 emails a month, advanced automation features such as workflow editor and page tracking included. Discover the best email autoresponders and how they compare in terms of price and functionality.

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Free plan includes core email features, 300 emails/day, 40+ templates, customizable automations, and autoresponder features.

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