October 5, 2022

13 Examples of WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages for New Subscribers

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Imagine greeting a person and never hearing back. Not a pleasant experience, right? When customers reach out to your brand, they expect a response, too. This is where WhatsApp business messages can act as greetings to start a conversation. 

The first step of a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy is to welcome people in. However informal communication on the messaging app may be, basic courtesy will get you a long way. 

It’s a way to set expectations and get your customer relationships off to a good start. That’s why it’s good to set up a WhatsApp Business greeting message to welcome new subscribers.

But where do you start? We strongly recommend that you begin by picking great message templates. This post features the best business greeting message examples that you can adjust for different use cases.

Why use WhatsApp business messages to greet people?

Using WhatsApp Business messages for welcoming new users is beneficial in many ways:

  • They confirm user actions — You need to acknowledge you’ve received a message to show subscribers you don’t ignore them. 
  • They create a good first impression A cheerful greeting message will set a positive tone for your customer communications.
  • They reduce response time 88% of consumers expect to hear back from a brand within an hour after they’ve initiated a conversation. With WhatsApp quick replies, you’ll manage to decrease the wait time and reduce the pressure on your customer service agents.
  • They set clear expectations for your customer communications — A welcome message is an opportunity for you to explain your next steps. 
  • They improve customer experience All the above-mentioned benefits create a positive customer experience and help you build stronger customer relationships.

WhatsApp users won’t be surprised by automated business messages. They feel a lot like chatbots on Facebook Messenger or like SMS.

13 Examples of WhatsApp business greeting messages

All things considered, how do you create WhatsApp greeting messages that spike engagement?

No need to reinvent the wheel. Use the message examples below as templates for your own WhatsApp greeting messages. 

Note: Curly brackets in the templates stand for variables used to personalize your messages. For instance, {{1}} usually indicates the customer name.

One-size-fits-all WhatsApp business greeting message

If you need an all-purpose welcome message to connect with your customers without setting up a dedicated automation workflow for every case, use the example below.  

Welcome to <Company name>, {{1}}!

Check out our <What you offer> on our website: <Link>

If you have any questions for us, we’re here to help: <Link>

Follow us on social media to be the first to learn about our updates: <Social media link> 

Your <Company name> 

Brand awareness greeting message 

Oftentimes, people interacting with your brand for the first time will have little to no idea of what you actually offer. Why not boost brand awareness with your WhatsApp greeting message? Here’s how.

Hi {{1}}!

I’m <Your name> from <Company name>. Let me guide you through what we can do to help you <Desired action>:

💫 We are <Brief company description>.

✨ We can <What you offer>.

💡 Visit our website to learn more about our offers: <Link>

You’ve received this notification because you <Specify a trigger>. You can unsubscribe here: <Link>

Note: An unsubscribe link is as important on WhatsApp as it is in emails.

Engaging new subscribers 

It’s a good practice to welcome new WhatsApp newsletter subscribers so they know they’re in the loop now. 

Hey {{1}}! Thanks for signing up for updates from <Company name>.

We value your time and promise to send only the most interesting news. From now on, you can expect to receive weekly newsletters with discounts, new products, arising trends, and tips. 

You’ve received this message because you subscribed to newsletters from <Company name>. If you have never done so, you can unsubscribe by sending STOP, and you’ll never receive a message from us via WhatsApp.

Welcome discount message

It’s not uncommon to offer discounts and gifts to users that subscribe to your brand communications. It helps fill your contact list with people interested in your products or services fast. Use this template to share discount codes with new subscribers.

Your discount awaits!

Thank you for subscribing to the <Company name> newsletter. Get your 10% discount with the <Discount code> coupon code. Enter the code at checkout.

To The Store (CTA)

Lead welcome message

Do you generate leads with downloadable lead magnets such as an ebook or a checklist? Why not add a WhatsApp opt-in checkbox on the signup form and follow up with those leads on there later?

Hi {{1}}. You’ve recently downloaded your copy of the <Lead magnet name>. 

Has it answered your questions about <Topic>? Let’s discuss how we could help you <Achieve the goal that’s covered in the lead magnet>.

Book a call with <Sales rep name> to learn more about <Topic>: <Calendar link>. It’s free!


<Company name>

Form submission welcome message

When customers fill in the contact form on your site to get in touch with your team, you must let them know you’ve received their submission. If you don’t, and your sales rep calls them in a week out of the blue, they may well learn the prospect has already turned your competitor.

Set up an automation flow that will trigger a form submission confirmation message the moment a user submits their request on your website. Include this template in the flow:

Hello {{1}}! We’ve received your message and will get in touch within 24 hours. In case of an urgent issue, call us at: <Phone number>.

<Company name>

Order confirmation message

In addition to order confirmation emails, you can send similar messages on WhatsApp for Business. This way, you can be sure contacts get this important notification.

Thank you for your order from <Company name>, {{1}}! It’s placed for shipment now. 

We’ll send the order number {{2}} within 2-3 business days. The delivery to {{3}} might take up to {{4}} business days.

Once we ship your package, you’ll receive your tracking code. You can track your shipment by entering the code here: <Link>

Find more shipment information here: <Link>

Onboarding welcome message

Once a customer signs up for your web product or places an order through your ecommerce store, it’s good to guide them through their next steps. An onboarding welcome message on WhatsApp is a perfect way to do so.

Welcome aboard {{1}}!

What are your next steps with <Company name>?  

1️⃣ <Step 1>

2️⃣ <Step 2>

3️⃣ <Step 3>

4️⃣ You’re all set!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions: <Email address>

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Customer support greeting message

Whenever existing customers reach out to customer support, you should respond immediately. Customer satisfaction often depends on it, even outside of your working hours. But how do you make this a reality?

A customer care greeting message is an automated notification confirming you’ve received a customer inquiry and are going to resolve their issue as soon as possible. Here’s a template you might want to use.

Hello {{1}}! We’ve received your request and are currently looking for an agent who will be able to resolve it in the best way. It might take up to 8 business hours.

Meanwhile, check out our knowledge base where you might find an answer to your question: <Link>


<Company name>

Out-of-office greeting message

You may also want to set up an automated WhatsApp message specifically for when customers reach out to you outside of working hours. 

Thanks for contacting us!

You’ve reached us outside of our business hours, and all our support agents are currently away.

We work from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. One of our team members will get back to you soon.

Meanwhile, you can check out the answers to FAQs. Maybe yours is answered there? Find out here: <link>

Thank you,

<Company name>

Waitlist notification

When customers subscribe to be alerted when their favorite product is back in stock, send them a WhatsApp message to tell them when the restock is expected and offer similar products for those who can’t wait.

You’re on the waitlist!

We’re expecting the restock for <Product name> on <Date>. If that’s too long, check out similar products our customers love just as much!

To the store (CTA)

Outage update message

You can’t avoid issues disturbing the customer experience, but you can make it feel less frustrating by informing your customers you know there’s a problem, and that you’re on it. Use this template to create an outage update message that will help you win some time.

Dear customer, we are facing technical issues with <Specify a problem>. Our team is working hard to resolve it.

Meanwhile, we’ve come up with an easy workaround you can go for until the problem is solved. Find a guide here: <Link>

Thank you for your understanding,

<Company name>

Loyalty program welcome message

You also need to send a welcome message when a customer joins your loyalty program. This is your chance to explain how your program works and what they should do to get rewards.

Congratulations on joining <Company name>’s loyalty program, {{1}}! 

Now, you’re all set to start receiving rewards for referring new customers to us. 

Here’s how you get your first reward:

❇️ Access a referral link in your personal account: <Link>

❇️ Share the link with your friends through any social channel.

❇️ Receive a 15% commission from your referrals’ first purchases.

That’s it! You can withdraw your money once a month. 

For more information on our rules and policies, read this guide: <Link>

Referred customer welcome message

And what do you do when your affiliates refer customers to you? You welcome referrals with a greeting message! 

Hi {{1}}! Your friend {{2}} has shared with you an exclusive discount for your first purchase from <Company name>. Shop 20% off with the <Discount code> coupon code. 

Explore Products (CTA)

Read more to learn how to use automatic replies on Whatsapp.

Business messages on WhatsApp: Best practices

These simple practices will help you create great WhatsApp Business greeting messages.

Follow WhatsApp’s content rules

Before a WhatsApp business message reaches the recipient, it’s reviewed by the WhatsApp team. You need to follow WhatsApp’s Message Template Guidelines to get your messages approved.

The most important things to keep in mind are: 

  • Proofread your content for spelling and grammar
  • Use valid URLs
  • Make your message content match the language you’ve selected
  • Only reach contacts who have opted in to receive communications from your brand
  • Follow formatting rules when you add variables
  • Familiarize yourself with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy before you create your messages

Personalize your messages

You might have noticed we used the name attribute in most of the template messages. This simple step helps you to make your welcome messages sound more personal and drives open rates up.

With WhatsApp Business Platform (or any of the WhatsApp Business API Partners), you can insert variables that will be dynamically replaced with your contacts’ attributes when messages are triggered.

Use WhatsApp message templates

WhatsApp message templates are pre-approved messages that you can save and use over and over again. Whenever you as a business want to initiate a conversation, you’ll need to create a template that will be first approved by the review team. 

As you identify which templates result in the highest engagement rates, you can reuse the best performers in different campaigns by adjusting them to fit the context.

And don’t forget, interactive messages with quick reply buttons are also available to speed up and spice up your customer engagement.

quick reply buttons in whatsapp messages

Turn to a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Did you know WhatsApp offers two platforms for businesses? 

The WhatsApp Business App is a simple solution for small businesses with limited resources. You can set up basic welcome messages to be triggered in response to clients reaching out. All communications can be managed through your WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business Platform is a professional solution for businesses looking to scale their marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. It’s the only way to send WhatsApp advertising messages to thousands of contacts at once. You’ll also get a professional business profile. All you need to access it is working with a WhatsApp marketing software.

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