October 23, 2023

7 Webinar Invitation Email Examples to Boost Attendance

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Have trouble getting invitees to attend your next webinar? Send better webinar invitation emails with these examples, subject lines, and tips.

Webinars are a cheap and accessible way to connect with your audience. Run webinars to boost brand awareness, run virtual trainings, or drive website traffic.

But it’s not always easy to get invitees to tune in on the day of the event. To promote your webinar, you’ll need to rise above the noise. A top-notch webinar invitation email is a great tool for improving attendance rates.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve gathered the best webinar invitation email examples, templates, and tips to help you out.

Webinar invitation email best practices

A webinar invitation email is a message you send to subscribers to get them to watch your webinar. Follow these best practices to send an effective webinar invitation email.

Include all key webinar details

To get people to attend the webinar, be sure not to leave out any important details. Include the following information in your webinar invitation email:

  • What the webinar is about: State the webinar topic. Try to come up with a memorable webinar title.
  • When the webinar will take place: Make the date and time of the webinar clear for the reader. Be sure to include the time zone. This is especially important for virtual events.
  • Who will speak: Give a brief introduction of the webinar hosts and presenters.
  • How to sign up for the webinar: Make it easy for invitees to register online. Boost click-through rates with a clear call-to-action (CTA) button. Link to the webinar sign up form.

webinar invitation email example


Design an eye-catching header image

The header image is key to catching your subscribers’ attention. Keep this in mind when designing your webinar invitation email template.

Your header image should be informative and visually appealing. Include key details, like the webinar title and when it will take place. Try adding an extra CTA button. Or use the presenters’ images and company logos, like in the example below.

webinar invitation email example


Include compelling call-to-actions (CTAs)

The goal of the webinar invitation email is to entice subscribers to register for the event. To get the best results, follow email call-to-action best practices. Make the CTAs clear, concise, and compelling. It’s also important to place each one in a strategic location. 

Consider adding a CTA at the very start, middle, and end of your email. For inspiration, check out the example below.

webinar invitation email example cta


Keep your copy brief

Make your webinar invitation email copy brief and to the point. That way, key details (webinar topic, date and time, registration link) will stand out. People are also more likely to read it.

The email copy should be easy for your subscribers to digest. Use short paragraphs and bullet points, like in the example below.

email copy example


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Webinar invitation email templates

Need more inspiration? Use these templates to send more effective webinar invitation emails.

General webinar invitation email template

Customize this general webinar invitation template for your next online event. Feel free to add context about the webinar topic, presenter bios, and more.

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there,

Join us on [webinar date and time] to learn more about [webinar topic].

In this webinar, [webinar presenter(s)] will discuss:

– [Webinar subtopic 1]
– [Webinar subtopic 2]
– [Webinar subtopic 3]

Don’t wait to save your spot!

[CTA button]
Register now

Personalized webinar invitation email template

Grab subscribers’ attention with a more personalized webinar invitation. Most email marketing platforms let you add the subscriber’s name — thanks to dynamic content — in the email subject line and copy.

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there [subscriber name],

Ever wondered about [webinar topic]?

My name is [presenter name], [presenter job title] at [company name]. I’m thrilled to invite you to our next webinar on [webinar date and time].

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– [Webinar subtopic 1]
– [Webinar subtopic 2]
– [Webinar subtopic 3]

Hope to see you there!

[CTA button]

Register now

Last-chance webinar invitation email template

Nothing encourages people to attend a virtual event more than the fear of missing out (FOMO). Build a sense of urgency with this last-chance webinar invitation email template.

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there,

[Webinar title] is starting in only [x] [hours/days]!

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn about [webinar topic].

Sign up for free, but be quick! Spots are filling up fast.

[Webinar title]

[Webinar date and time]

[CTA button]

Register now

Webinar invitation email subject lines

An impactful subject line helps get subscribers to open your webinar invitation email. To get you started, we’ve gathered 25 webinar invitation subject line examples.

  • Mark your calendars: [webinar title] 📅
  • Sign up for free: [webinar title]
  • Join us to learn all about [webinar topic]!
  • Learn the top tips for [webinar topic]
  • The best-kept secret to [webinar topic]
  • Introducing the [webinar title] series
  • Meet the speakers of [webinar title]
  • Announcing this month’s webinar speaker!
  • Last chance to join [webinar title]! ⏳
  • Happening today: [webinar title]
  • [Webinar title]: a talk by [presenter name]
  • [Subscriber name], become a [webinar topic] expert
  • One day until our experts tell all!
  • One hour until [webinar title]
  • A free training you won’t want to miss
  • A simple introduction to [webinar topic]: Register for free!
  • Will you be there? Let’s chat about [webinar topic]
  • Ask an expert: Join us for our free webinar on [webinar topic]
  • Upcoming webinar and Q&A with [presenter]
  • Become a pro at [webinar topic] 💪
  • Can you join tomorrow for [webinar title]?
  • Coming soon: [webinar title]
  • Discover how to [webinar topic] (live training)
  • Don’t miss our webinar on [webinar topic]!
  • [Webinar title]: Sign up for tomorrow’s free webinar!

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