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Brevo vs. SendGrid: What's the difference?

When it comes to email marketing, both products offer similar features, including tools for design, segmentation, and personalization.

The main difference between Brevo and SendGrid is that Brevo gives you transactional emails, live chat, and a Sales Platform at no extra cost, while SendGrid charges extra for these features.

Brevo  SendGrid
Marketing campaigns                  ✔
Transactional emails




Paid extra

Engage customers, don't worry about the bill

Brevo vs. SendGrid

Transactional emails at no extra cost

You pay extra for SendGrid’s Email API plan on top of its Marketing Campaigns plan, if you want to send transactional messages like password resets and order updates.

Brevo offers SMTP relay. You don’t have to pay extra to send transactional emails if you’re already on a Marketing email plan.

Brevo vs. SendGrid

Talk to customers via SMS and live chat — from the same tool

Want to add a live chat widget to your website or send SMS messages? With SendGrid, you have to purchase SendGrid’s Twilio solution separately.

Brevo gives you a free live chat widget with unlimited chats and complete conversation history. Sending SMS and WhatsApp messages is included in your plan — you only pay for your sending volume and destination.

Brevo vs. SendGrid

Get more marketing automation features

Automatically add or remove subscribers from lists. Assign contacts with lead scores based on their engagement. Use Brevo automation for SMS messages and segmenting your subscribers.

Automations are limited with SendGrid. It offers a pre-built welcome workflow and not much else. And while it supports lead scoring, this feature is only available as a paid add-on.

Start sending today — transactional emails included

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Send up to 9,000 free emails a month to unlimited contacts with Brevo

SendGrid doubles your costs or more as your contact list grows. With Brevo, you get unlimited contacts on all plans. No matter how big your list gets, you don’t pay extra.

Brevo SendGrid
Free emails/day 9,000 6,000
Free contacts Unlimited Up to 2,000
2 emails / month to 5,000 contacts $25 $15
2 emails / month to 20,000 contacts $35 $50
2 emails / month to 50,000 contacts  $69 $120

Based on on 11/09/23.

Brevo vs. SendGrid: The full comparison

Available Features Brevo   SendGrid
Email marketing ✔️ ✔️
Transactional emails SMTP relay & API Email API only (extra cost)
Customizable signup forms Unlimited Limited per plan
Free unlimited contact storage ✔️
Landing page builder ✔️
SMS marketing ✔️ Paid add-on
Live chat ✔️ Paid add-on
Facebook ads ✔️
Sales Platform ✔️
Prebuilt automation workflows ✔️ Welcome series only
Custom automation workflows ✔️ ✔️
If/then automations ✔️ ✔️
Website activity triggers ✔️
Lead scoring ✔️ Paid add-on
SMS automation ✔️

Why SendGrid users switch to Brevo

Simple and comprehensive

“We used others like SendGrid and Mailchimp, but either their features were too limiting or you had to scale up and pay quickly to get the solution you wanted. [SendGrid] was too complicated to understand and I felt it was designed more for IT savvy users than end users looking for functionality.”

Daniel S.

Clear interface and efficient customer service

“The way we use the software with differing contacts list size and numbers of sends per month make SendGrid more expensive and unpredictable in pricing.”

Richard T.

Brevo is better than the competition

“After a not so decent experience with SendGrid, I decided to try out Brevo, and it was awesome. Mails get delivered in about 2 seconds, the API docs were well laid out, the support team responded on time. Good Job Brevo, keep it up!!!”

Olufemi O.

Your Brevo FAQs — answered

SendGrid vs Brevo — how do they compare?

SendGrid and Brevo have similar pricing but Brevo works out cheaper for high-volume senders.

Number of emails sent Brevo SendGrid
< 2,000 contacts Free Free
2 emails / month to 5,000 contacts $25 $15
2 emails / month to 20,000 contacts $35 $50
2 emails / month to 50,000 contacts $69 $120

Consider these prices are only for SendGrid’s email marketing service. If you need to send transactional emails, you must purchase SendGrid’s Email API plan separately.

For similar pricing, Brevo plans include email marketing & transactional emails (via SMTP relay). Plus, you’ll also get access to other multichannel tools. This means Brevo is better value for money.

How many free emails can I send with Brevo vs SendGrid?

Brevo lets you send up to 300 emails per day (9,000/month) with unlimited contact storage on the free plan. Meanwhile, SendGrid allows 6,000 emails per month free but only for up to 2,000 contacts.

Brevo SendGrid
Free emails/month 9,000 6,000
Free contacts Unlimited Up to 2,000

What kind of marketing automation do I get with Brevo?

Brevo offers advanced marketing automation features to help you send the right message at the right time to your subscribers.

On top of common automations like welcome, birthday, and abandoned cart emails, Brevo lets you create custom workflows with different trigger options. Triggers can be based on subscribers’ engagement with your emails and also their activity on your website, thanks to the Brevo Tracker tool. You can also build personalized journeys with conditions to determine which messages users receive, based on their behavior.

On the other hand, SendGrid offers fewer automation options. The only prebuilt workflow SendGrid offers is for a welcome series. SendGrid has lead scoring functionality only as a paid add-on.

Do I get more marketing features with Brevo vs SendGrid?

Yes! Brevo is an all-in-one marketing tool with functionality that goes beyond email marketing. Aside from sending emails you can also use automation for SMS messages, managing your subscribers, updating contacts on your CRM, and chatting with your website visitors.

Here’s every digital marketing functionality you get with Brevo:

  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Transactional emails
  • SMS marketing
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Signup forms
  • Live chat and Chatbot
  • Sales Platform

What kind of integrations does Brevo offer?

Sending emails via a third-party application is easy with the Brevo API/SMTP server or with one of our many custom-built integrations (see the full list here).

Is Brevo's deliverability reliable?

Great email deliverability is essential to the success of email marketing campaigns. At Brevo, we have a team of email deliverability experts helping our customers maximize their deliverability rate. For exceptionally large senders, we also offer dedicated IPs to take even more control of their reputation.

  • 10 years of email deliverability expertise and a dedicated global team to support your growth.
  • Actively managed sender reputations for all of our Brevo sender IPs.
  • Leverage a network of SMTP servers that are built and maintained for bulk email sending.
  • Dedicated IP for large senders available.

Who is Brevo best for?

Brevo works best for SMBs and ecommerce stores that want to attract, engage, and nurture customers via email marketing and marketing automation.

Whether you are digitizing your business for the first time or looking to rapidly reach more customers online, Brevo makes your life easier by putting multiple marketing tools under one roof.

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