Brevo or Mailgun for transactional & marketing emails?

Send 300 marketing and transactional emails per day with Brevo. Try Brevo today and get transactional emails, marketing emails, live chat, and more — all for free. Get more, pay less with Brevo.

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Brevo vs. Mailgun: Which one is best for you?

The main difference between Brevo and Mailgun is that there is no “send” button on the Mailgun platform. Mailgun lets you send transactional emails from your own application, configured through APIs or SMTP endpoints. It’s all code-based. It’s not suited for sending email campaigns as per your marketing calendar.

On top of transactional emails, Brevo works as an email marketing platform with a convenient Send button for marketers. Create, manage, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns and avoid paying for two tools.

Mailgun is an email service aimed at developers. If you’re not a developer and don’t know much about coding emails, Mailgun is probably not the tool for you. Brevo, on the other hand, works for email beginners, advanced marketers, and developers.

Easily customize your email campaigns with Brevo

With Brevo, you get beautiful emails, a powerful email API for bulk sending, and integrated mutlichannel tools.

Brevo vs. Mailgun:

Send up to 9,000 free emails a month with Brevo. Separate prciign available for SMTP use only.

Brevo vs. Mailgun:
Email features

Unlike Mailgun, Brevo lets you send both transactional and email marketing campaigns.

Brevo vs. Mailgun:
Multichannel tools

Mailgun stops at transactional emails. Brevo does a whole lot more.

Why Mailgun users switch to Brevo

Better value

“Brevo costs less for the same number of emails and similar features.”

Great customer service

“Other platforms that we've used have been difficult to manage. Customer service is top tier.”

Easy to use

“Mailgun seemed complex for
a noob.”

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