Brevo or Mailgun for transactional & marketing emails?

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What's the difference?

The main difference between Brevo and Mailgun is that there is no “send” button on the Mailgun platform.

Brevo vs. Mailgun

Mailgun = No SEND button

Mailgun lets you send transactional emails from your own application, configured through APIs or SMTP endpoints. It’s all code-based. It’s not suited for sending email campaigns as per your marketing calendar.

Brevo vs. Mailgun

Brevo = Transactional & marketing emails combined

On top of transactional emails, Brevo works as an email marketing platform with a convenient Send button for marketers.

Create, manage, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns and avoid paying for two tools.

Brevo vs. Mailgun: Which one is best for you?

Mailgun is an email service aimed at developers

If you’re not a developer and don’t know much about coding emails, Mailgun is probably not the tool for you.

Brevo works for email beginners, advanced marketers, and developers

  • Beautiful email
  • Powerful Email API for bulk sending
  • Integrated mutlichannel tools

Easily customize your email campaigns with Brevo

Brevo vs. Mailgun

Send transactional and marketing emails with one tool

Mailgun is a good option for plain text transactional emails, but limits how you can customize email campaigns. Marketing features and email templates are additional services, with separate pricing plans.

With Brevo, you don’t have to pay extra to send transactional emails if you’re already on a Marketing Platform plan. It works for developers and small teams that can’t hire a dev or write code.

Brevo  Mailgun
Email marketing campaigns


Extra charge

Transactional emails


Brevo vs. Mailgun

Create professional-looking emails in no time!

Save time and start with a template from our library. Drag & drop your preferred blocks and edit them to perfectly match your brand. Wow your audience with beautiful emails that sell.

Email Features Brevo  Mailgun
Customizable email signup forms
Customizable email templates
Drag and drop editor
Plain text editor
HTML editor
Email automation workflow builder
Brevo vs. Mailgun

Personalize campaigns to get more clicks and sales

Segment your lists and send emails that always feel relevant. Dynamically personalize campaigns for a good customer experience at scale. Schedule campaigns to go out at the best time for each recipient.

Email Features Brevo Mailgun
Email client preview
Send time optimization
Device preview
Advanced segmentation
Email personalization
Brevo vs. Mailgun

Send the best possible email, every time

A/B test your campaigns to learn which messages resonate with your contacts (and which don’t). Track key metrics and optimize future campaigns for more opens, clicks and sales.

Brevo  Mailgun
Email tracking
Heat map for email clicks
A/B testing
Unlimited log retention

Send transactional and marketing emails with one tool

Try Brevo for free

Send up to 9,000 free emails a month to unlimited contacts with Brevo

Brevo Mailgun
Free emails 9,000 per month 5,000 one time
Free plan Yes, free forever No
10,000 emails/mo $25 $35
20,000 emails/mo $25 $35
50,000 emails/mo $49 $35
100,000 emails/mo $69 $75

Based on Mailgun pricing on 10/17/22.

Brevo vs. Mailgun: Multichannel Tools

Mailgun stops at transactional emails. Brevo does a whole lot more.

Multichannel features Brevo Mailgun
SMS marketing ✔️
WhatsApp marketing ✔️
Sales Platform ✔️
Facebook ads ✔️
Live chat ✔️
Marketing automation ✔️
Landing page builder ✔️
Push notifications ✔️
Ecommerce dashboard ✔️
Appointment scheduling ✔️

All your marketing activities in one platform

Save time, no switching between apps

Reduce marketing spend on tools

Why Mailgun users switch to Brevo

“Brevo costs less for the same number of emails and similar features.”

Alaister L.

“Brevo is a great platform. Other platforms that we've used have been difficult to manage [...] Also, customer service is top tier.”

Kaleen C.

“Mailgun seemed complex for a noob.”

Verified Capterra user

Your Brevo FAQs — answered

Brevo vs. Mailgun pricing — how do they compare?

The main difference is that Brevo offers a free plan, while Mailgun doesn’t. Brevo offers a forever free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails a day, store unlimited contacts, and access essential email marketing features. Mailgun offers a one-month free trial of its most basic plan with 5,000 free emails — there’s no free plan available.

Both Brevo and Mailgun base their prices on the number of emails sent rather than number of contacts stored.

How many free emails can I send with Brevo vs Mailgun?

Brevo lets you send up to 300 emails per day (9,000/month) with unlimited contact storage on the free plan. Meanwhile, Mailgun allows a one-time quota of 5,000 free emails, which you can only use during their 1-month trial period.

Brevo Mailgun
Free emails 9,000 per month 5,000 one time
Free plan Yes, free forever No

What kind of marketing automation do I get with Brevo?

Triggered emails, contact management, tagging, event tracking, and multi-step automations including SMS and WhatsApp messages are all available with Brevo.

The emails of one campaign can be sent out at the best time for each recipient or A/B tested automatically. WhatsApp subscribers are checked for you so you don’t have to pay for messages to non-existent numbers. Sign up for Brevo and enjoy these and many more ways it makes your job easier.

Mailgun offers limited email marketing features: you’ll need to use its sister solution Mailjet on top of Mailgun’s plan you’d be paying.

Do I get more marketing features with Brevo vs Mailgun?

Yes! Brevo is a CRM suite with functionality that goes beyond email marketing. Aside from sending emails you can also use automation for SMS messages, managing your subscribers, and chatting with your website visitors.

Here’s every digital marketing functionality you get with Brevo:

  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Transactional Emails
  • SMS marketing
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Signup forms
  • Live chat and Chatbot
  • Sales Platform

What kind of integrations does Brevo offer?

Sending emails via a third-party application is easy with the Brevo API/SMTP server or with one of our many custom-built integrations (see the full list here).

Is Brevo's deliverability reliable?

Great email deliverability is essential to the success of email marketing campaigns. At Brevo, we have a team of email deliverability experts helping our customers maximize their email delivery rate. For exceptionally large senders, we also offer dedicated IPs to take even more control of their reputation.

  • 10 years of email deliverability expertise and a dedicated global team to support your growth.
  • Actively managed sender reputations for all of our Brevo sender IPs.
  • Leverage a network of SMTP servers that are built and maintained for bulk email sending.
  • Dedicated IP for large senders available.

Who is Brevo best for?

Brevo works best for SMBs and ecommerce stores that want to attract, engage, and nurture customers via email marketing and marketing automation.

Whether you are digitizing your business for the first time or looking to rapidly reach more customers online, Brevo makes your life easier by putting multiple marketing tools under one roof.

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