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We’re here to help you digitize your business and thrive online. Get the right mix of digital marketing tools at your fingertips and grow your business with confidence today.

Build stronger customer relationships

Engage your customers with beautifully designed emails, and send them personalized offers based on their purchase history, anniversary dates, and much more.

Scale your business with automation

Scale your successful marketing campaigns in a few clicks using marketing automation. Whether you’re looking to increase traffic or boost revenue, we’re here to help you get instant lift-off!

Grow with new marketing channels

As your business grows, so will your needs for new channels to expand your reach. With Brevo, you can speak to customers in real time on your website, via email, SMS, and WhatsApp — all in one platform.

One platform for all your multi-channel marketing needs

Email Campaigns

Professional email marketing has never been easier

Get all the tools you need to send effective email campaigns. Personalize your emails with ease to speak to your different customer segments, and bring your email content to life by dynamically adding information such as your contact’s first or last name using our advanced personalization tools.

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Design elegant and effective emails

Pick your desired template from our free templates library, or build your own using our Drag & Drop Editor. We give you all the flexible blocks you need to build your perfect campaign – all you need to do is drag and drop the content elements you want to add. 

1-click product transfer from your ecommerce store

Available for Shopify and Shopware users, our 1-click product transfer feature enables you to select products from your ecommerce store that you wish to promote, and drop them directly into your email campaign.

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing!

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Marketing Automation

Do more with less using automation

Grow your business and automate your campaigns at scale using marketing automation. Take advantage of our pre-built workflows and get your first automated campaigns up and running in no time! 

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SMS Marketing

Send personalized SMS messages to your contacts

SMS marketing campaigns are a great way to promote time-sensitive news and special events to your customers. Personalize your SMS messages and dynamically add contact attributes such as your customer’s first name, company name, or any other information you would like to display in your SMS campaigns.

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WhatsApp Marketing

Connect with your customers on WhatsApp

Create personalized campaigns to your customers via WhatsApp. Send rich marketing content to your WhatsApp customer lists, including pictures, documents, links, and more!

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Push notifications

Convert more visitors with push notifications

Turn your one-time visitors into loyal customers with push notifications. Create Abandoned cart reminders and improve your checkout rates by reminding visitors about items left in their carts. Give your promotions higher visibility and display them directly on your customer’s screens.

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