September 7, 2023

How to Record a Phone Call on Any Device

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Record business calls to improve call quality standards, take advantage of exact quotes for case studies, or just keep track of important information without having to manually take notes. We’ll show you how to record a phone call for your business so you can get started today.

With a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system, you can record incoming and outgoing calls on a variety of devices connected to your business phone number.

Why your team should record phone calls

It makes sense that businesses turn to a variety of services to record phone conversations. Having voice recordings of important calls can be a great asset to your business. Whether you’re looking to record incoming or outgoing calls, there are many use cases for business phone call recording. Some use cases include:

1. Quality control 

Make sure your team members are set up for success and always know where extra support is needed.

As a manager, call recordings help you ensure consistent call quality. You can check  calls at any time.

2. Upgrade onboarding and training

Get new employees up to speed with improved onboarding and training processes. 

Showcase completed calls to train on best practices. These calls can help demonstrate how to navigate difficult conversations and how to provide stellar customer service.

3. Reduce liability 

Protect yourself from disputes with hard proof. 

With call recordings, you’ll be protected from certain risks. You have hard proof of exact agreements, verbal resolutions, and oral confirmation. Call recording can eliminate a “he said, she said” situation.

4. Keep track of important information

Take notes at your own pace with recorded phone conversations. 

Instead of frantically jotting down notes during a call, you can focus on what matters: connecting with your clients. Call recordings help you keep track of order information, troubleshooting resolutions, and any necessary post-call to-dos. 

How to record cell phone calls on different devices

With Brevo Phone

Brevo Phone makes it easy to record a phone call on any device — whether that means a smartphone or a computer. With its built-in call recording software you can easily record incoming calls and conversations.

To get started with this feature, go to your Brevo Phone settings and click “Activate.” 

Note: Depending on your business’s and your customers’ locations and regulations, you will have to pay attention to legalities such as data protection laws. There can be a wide variety of state laws including one-party consent states, so double-check what is needed in your area. Incoming calls will either be warned or will be asked for consent before call recordings begin.

  • No need to actively consent: If your call doesn’t need active consent before recording, then you can select the “call recording with announcement” button. That way Brevo Phone will still inform your caller that the call is being recorded, but it won’t require the extra step of explicit consent.
  • Call recording with explicit consent: With explicit consent selected Brevo Phone will ask the caller for their consent to record the call. If they give a positive reply then the call will be recorded. If there is no response or a negative response, then Brevo Phone will not record the call. 

It is easy to start, pause, and stop recording as needed. Pause or end the recording to keep certain parts of the conversation confidential by simply pressing pause or end on the record button. That way you can keep track of everything that you need, without putting your client’s private information at risk. 

To find a call recording, simply go to Brevo Phone Settings. All your recorded calls are stored there. 

In addition to audio recordings, voicemail transcriptions are available as an advanced feature. Easily review voicemail messages in a usable format.

Accessing Brevo Phone

If you’re looking for how to record a phone call on Android or iPhone, Brevo has you covered. 

Brevo Phone offers access across a variety of devices:

  • iPhone and iPad: If you have an Apple device you are probably interested in making sure that your business phone system will work with your iPhone and iPad. You can easily record iPhone calls through the Brevo Phone app for iOS devices.
  • Android: The Brevo Phone Android app works across Android devices including popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy. 
  • Computer: If you are accessing Brevo Phone from your computer (Windows or Mac) you can still take advantage of call recording. Simply push the record button. 

Download the Brevo Phone app from the App Store to get started recording your phone conversations right away.

Brevo Phone pricing

The Brevo Phone paid plan is $19/month and provides your business with all the tools you need to provide excellent customer support and close more deals. Beyond call recording, Brevo Phone offers welcome messages, interactive voice responses (IVR), and call forwarding to efficiently connect your customers to your team.

If you’re looking to begin with a business phone service, try out the free Brevo Phone plan. Set up your business number and start receiving unlimited inbound calls and see how easy Brevo Phone is to use. When you’re ready for call recording and advanced features you can always upgrade.

The best part is that whether you choose the paid or free plan, Brevo Phone contacts integrate into the Brevo suite. This means you can keep track of your prospects’ information, needs, and preferences so that your team can always deliver the best customer experience possible.

Other call-recording tools

There are of course other ways to record phone conversations. While Brevo Phone is an all-in-one business VoIP solution, call recording apps also exist.

Here are the two most popular alternatives. 

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall is a voice recorder app. With it, you can record calls on the phone number you already have.

TapeACall lets you record calls on your iPhone or Android device by creating a conference call where it’s one of the parties. This is because TapeACall is a third-party app, not a VoIP software.

TapeACall Pro pricing

TapeACall Pro costs $10.99/year for basic inbound and outbound call recording. It is important to note this is a standalone app and does not link to a CRM suite or marketing software. You will need to keep detailed records of your calls if you want to use customer insights for further marketing.

Google Voice

If you’re using Google Voice as your VoIP solution, you can also use it to record your business phone calls. 

You’ll start by creating a Google Voice account or connecting to an existing Google Drive account and routing that number to your Android phone. 

Once your Google Voice account is set up, you can enable call recording. Open the Google Voice app on your Android device and tap “Settings”. Turn on incoming call recordings under the call button. 

Remember that this only works for incoming calls. So if you record your outgoing and incoming calls regularly, it might not be the best option for you. 

Google Voice pricing

While there is no free plan available, the Starter plan is $10/month and includes basic auto-attendant functionalities, call forwarding, and unlimited calls to the US. Google Voice is limited to certain countries, so make sure to check that it will work for your business before signing up.

Get started with call recording on any device

With Brevo Phone you can record calls coming to your business phone number on any device. 

Get started with the Brevo Phone call recording feature and easily keep track of important call details. Setting up your business phone number only takes a few minutes, so you can begin today.

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