Discover Brevo (ex Sendinblue), a cheaper alternative to ActiveCampaign

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Brevo (ex Sendinblue): the same features at half the price of ActiveCampaign

Brevo works out a lot cheaper than ActiveCampaign for sending bulk emails.

This is because ActiveCampaign charges you based on your number of contacts while Brevo lets you store unlimited contacts at no extra cost. This way, you only pay for email usage and not for growing your business.

Brevo’s free plan offers a flexible way to test-drive the platform by sending up to 300 emails a day. ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, only offers a 14-day free trial limited to 100 contacts and 100 emails.

Number of contacts Brevo (ex Sendinblue) ActiveCampaign
Free plan 300 emails/day, unlimited contacts
Send a monthly newsletter to 1,000 contacts Free $29
Send a monthly newsletter to 2,500 contacts Free $49
Send a monthly newsletter to 5,000 contacts Free $79
Send a monthly newsletter to 10,000 contacts $25 $139
Send a monthly newsletter to 25,000 contacts $35 $229
Send a monthly newsletter to 50,000 contacts $49 $339
Send a monthly newsletter to 100,000 contacts $69 $549

Based on ActiveCampaign “Pay Monthly” prices, taking cheapest offering available. Source: Date: 06/15/2022.

Brevo: Manage your marketing and transactional emails all from one platform

If your business relies on time-sensitive transactional emails (order updates, password resets, etc.), you’ll be able to send these through Brevo’s dedicated SMTP server. Brevo lets you manage both marketing and transactional emails from the same platform as part of your monthly email plan. 

ActiveCampaign does not have a transactional email server. For this you’ll have to use another service which will mean paying even more for email.   

Available Features Brevo (ex Sendinblue) ActiveCampaign
Transactional emails Paid add-on (Mandrill)
Email marketing campaigns
Advanced marketing automation
Send time optimization
Real-time reporting
Click heat map
HTML email editor
Landing page builder
Telephone support For $69 plans and up Enterprise plan


Go multichannel with Brevo's all-in-one sales and marketing platform

Brevo isn’t just for email. Tap into a range of multichannel features to grow your small business.

Available Features Brevo (ex Sendinblue) ActiveCampaign
Sales CRM
SMS marketing
WhatsApp marketing
Facebook ads   Audiences only
Live chat
Push notifications
Appointment scheduling
Video meetings hosting

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Deliverability: Land your emails in the inbox with Brevo

At Brevo, deliverability is a top priority. We work hard to protect the sender reputation of our shared IPs.

  • We have a rigorous anti-spam policy and account validation process.
  • Our team of deliverability experts actively monitor servers and work with clients to resolve any issues.
  • Our platform automatically removes hard bounce contacts from your campaigns.

If you’re a high volume sender, Brevo gives you more control over your deliverability with dedicated IPs. You can also set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication to help improve your deliverability. These options are also available with ActiveCampaign.

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They explain it best

An accessible, affordable tool

Brevo is very easy to learn, and lets you design attractive, effctive emails that combine images, text and links to sites or documents. Importing contact files is very intuitive, and the system automatically checks for any duplicate entries. It also manages unsubscribes and blacklists people automatically. What's more, statistics on opens and clicks help us fine-tune our analysis of active contacts. All at a very affordable price! I highly recommend it.


Truly practical and intuitive

For our current needs, Brevo is free, practical, and intuitive... Importing contacts is convenient, managing newsletters is easy, and the reports give us feedback about our campaigns. In my opinion, Brevo is the best emailing software on the market. The interface is clear, and plans are simple and transparent... Real professionals were at the other end of the line (or email) for technical assistance with our account setup, for example, or using automation.

Ludovic P.

Accessible and effective

The follow-up is great; you feel supported from day one. The prices are affordable and the service couldn't be better. The human factor is clearly present in their follow-up, and the customer service is fast and very efficient. I'm so glad I found it.

Internal consultant

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