Turning free users into paying customers

involve.me offers an online no-code builder for forms, quizzes, surveys, and calculators. They help anyone build beautiful interactive content — no matter their coding skills. 

As a freemium tool, involve.me has a large base of non-paying users. Converting free users into paying customersand then retaining them — has been their main growth challenge in recent years.

Many of involve.me’s features are already available in the free plan. Users can also try most premium features for free. Other advanced components, such as their 30+ native integrations, are included in their free 14-day trial.

To drive conversions, involve.me needed to reach customers with targeted, timely information. For this, they turned to Brevo.

Driving conversions with targeted communication

involve.me used Brevo to activate users with email marketing campaigns. Brevo’s tracker and API connection also simplified how they communicated with users. With Brevo email automation features, involve.me’s team created tailored email sequences. That way, users received personalized campaigns based on product usage data. 

Overall, Brevo helped involve.me create well-targeted onboarding email sequences, product activation emails, and dedicated feature promotion flows. As a result, involve.me saw an 8.7% increase in paid plan purchases and a 6% decrease in their churn rate. 

From user to partner

After seeing the value of Brevo for their marketing strategy, involve.me decided to share the benefits with their users. They added Brevo as a native integration to their product. Now, users can automatically sync data between involve.me campaigns and Brevo email lists. 

involve.me is also one of the first partners to integrate with Brevo’s Sales CRM. This integration lets users automate how they create customized deals. That way, users can boost lead generation and customer engagement.

If involve.me had to describe Brevo in one word, it would be worthwhile. To them, Brevo has so much to offer and is a very affordable tool for SMBs like them.

Image credits to © Florentina Olareanu | TEDxVienna

About Company

involve.me is a SaaS company that offers an online no-code builder for forms, quizzes, surveys, and calculators. With involve.me, anyone — especially those without coding skills — can create beautiful interactive content. Their tools help customers boost user engagement, generate leads, and gather audience insights.

  • Industry: MarTech
  • Company Size: 12 employees
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Website: involve.me
  • Plan: Premium

Vlad Gozman, Founder & CEO

“We are proud to be one of the first partners to natively integrate with Brevo’s Sales CRM for the automated creation of customized deals.”

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