Brevo's Guide to Marketing Automation

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Discover the power of marketing automation
Marketing automation not only boosts efficiency — it also makes it easier for companies to personalize the customer experience. With the right solution, automation can help you overcome your biggest marketing challenges.

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Discover the power of marketing automation

What you'll learn

Scale your demand generation

Target campaigns with pinpoint precision. Send personalized messages at scale. Meet your customers on their preferred channels, from email to SMS and WhatsApp.

Maximize your ROI

Narrow your focus to leads with the highest conversion potential. Automate how you classify leads to improve segmentation. Re-engage customers with perfectly timed messages.

Consolidate customer data

Store all information in one place to better follow each customer's journey. From there, create customer profiles that give you a complete understanding of their preferences and needs.

Everyone can grow with Brevo
Over 500,000 companies trust Brevo to build better customer relationships. The results speak for themselves: greater earnings, higher engagement, and stronger customer loyalty.
Brevo has helped clients:
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  • Grow conversion rate to 5%
  • Boost revenue by 42%
Everyone can grow with Brevo
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