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Security & Privacy: Protecting Your Data

Brevo's multi-layered data security framework ensures our products, applications, and your data are secure.

Your data is safe with us

With Brevo, you can rest assured that your and your clients’ data is in good hands. All our data centers are located in the European Union, and your account data is encrypted before being backed up across three geographically distinct servers.

On top of that, our ISO 27001:2013 certification attests to our continuous efforts at protecting your data with world-class security measures. And as a pioneer in GDPR compliance, we offer unparalleled support to ensure your business checks all the boxes when it comes to data privacy.

Pioneering GDPR compliance

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about data privacy and their rights when it comes to personal data. Reassure your customers by choosing a solution with built-in GDPR compliance. With servers located exclusively in the EU, Brevo is a pioneer of GDPR compliance in digital marketing, supporting your business with:

- Customizable subscription forms
- Proof of consent records
- Automated routing system for Data Subject Requests
- Data Subject Request management natively within the platform
- Advanced compliance review of data processing chain

Stay GDPR-compliant with Brevo

ISO 27001:2013-certified

The ISO 27001:2013 is one of the most widely recognized international information security standards. Brevo’s certification demonstrates our commitment to upholding a comprehensive, multi-level data security framework. Beyond that, the certification represents our investment in physical and human resources dedicated to data security. As a Brevo client, your data is protected by:

- Regular internal penetration tests
- External bug bounty programs
- Multi-factor authentication
- IP address whitelisting
- Managed account access

Download ISO certification

Consumers and data security

"Data security is becoming more and more of a concern in the eyes of users. The ISO 27001:2013 certification demonstrates our commitment to upholding a rigorous data security framework, which is pretty non-negotiable for tech consumers today."
- Julien Champseix, Chief Information Security Officer at Brevo

Brevo data security in action