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Keep your contacts in sync automatically

Update your Brevo contacts automatically & trigger zapier workflows when a contact is added or updated in Brevo

Send automated emails without a single line of code

Send transactional emails directly from a Zapier workflow. Endless possibilities

Keep an eye on your results easily

Trigger Zapier workflows when an email campaign changes status to keep your reporting in sync

Unlimited contacts, for free

At Brevo, we only charge based on the emails you actually send. Make Brevo your segmentation powerhouse and keep it in sync with your marketing & sales tools to save cost and increase engagement. Enjoy advanced contacts segmentation, on-site live-chat, marketing automation, and up to 300 emails sent per day for free.

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Connect Brevo to all the tools you need with our zapier triggers & actions


  • New Campaign Status: Trigger a workflow when a campaign is updated
  • New or updated contact: Trigger a workflow when a Brevo contact is created or updated
  • Contact added to a specific list: Trigger a workflow when a contact is added to a specific list


  • Add or update a contact: Create new contacts or update one or several contact attributes
  • Send a transactional email: Send an email automatically from your Brevo account with HTML or Plain Text