Hyper-Personalization Toolkit for B2B Marketers

Developper: Hyperise.com
Pricing: Free trial - $49 / month
Active installs: 45
Get help: Hyperise.com

Improve Email CTR

Personalized images have shown to 2-3x email CTR.

Dynamic Images

Personalized images generated automatically, with enriched data from your prospects email.

Seamless Scalability

Set and forget; create your personalized image templates and add to your email templates.

Unlimited contacts, unlimited growth

At Brevo, we only charge based on the emails you actually send. Enjoy advanced contacts segmentation, on-site live-chat, marketing automation, and up to 300 emails sent per day for free.

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The Hyperise integration works nicely with the following features

Email Marketing

Marketing automation


Signup forms

Landing pages


Resources for Brevo's Hyperise integration

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