Leveraging the power of email marketing as a media & publishing company

With the highest return on investment of digital marketing channels and an unbeatable time-to-value ratio, email marketing is without a doubt an ally of media and publishing companies.

When it comes to navigating a world full of content, your subscribers value your emails...

As demand for online content increases, so does the fierce competition of the media & publishing industries. Today more than ever it is crucial for businesses to have a solid cross-channel marketing strategy. Year after year, and with the highest ROI in the marketing mix, email still proves to be the ideal channel to drive conversions for media companies. If like the majority of companies in the industry, you’re operating on a subscription model, email marketing is the perfect way to communicate with your audience and provide them with the content they’re looking for.

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    In the ebook:

    Across three chapters, we’ll cover topics like:

    Optimizing your channels to build your audience

    Investing time in building a solid contact list is one the best best ways to plan for future success. Learn how to connect with visitors from the first time they come to your site to turn them into loyal paying subscribers later on!

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    A deep dive in how to use dynamic segmentation for more powerful campaigns

    Discover how a powerful contact segmentation tool like Brevo can help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Use your subscribers’ data strategically to keep them engaged at every step of their journey!

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    Discover how to drive retention and loyalty

    Having an large content library can be overwhelming for subscribers. Use email marketing and automation to guide them and show them the most relevant content based on their personal preferences and build loyalty along the way!

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    Unlock the potential of email marketing

    Why email marketing is essential for media and publishing companies

    How to optimize your channels to grow your lists

    How to set up effective campaigns to drive new subscriptions and retain loyal customers

    How to use contact segmentation strategically to power your campaigns

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    Make the most of email marketing for your publishing company today!

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