September 21, 2021

Brevo Acquires Metrilo, Chatra & PushOwl to Expand its Ecommerce Offering

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We’re proud to announce the acquisition of three companies to help us further develop our ecommerce offering: Metrilo, Chatra, and PushOwl.

Our goal? To help businesses boost their ecommerce growth through analytics, instant messaging, and push notification tools.

What this means for Brevo users

More features, more integrations, and an even better experience for our ecommerce customers!

With these acquisitions, we’ll be offering new platform possibilities from 2022 onwards such as:

  • Connecting your ecommerce store to get data and analytics on traffic, sales, and website visitor behavior
  • Improving conversion rates thanks to an improved and automated live chat feature
  • Launching push notification campaigns on your website

Our teams are already working together to create an even more powerful marketing solution for you.

A platform tailored for ecommerce businesses

The pandemic prompted many small and medium-sized businesses to pivot towards ecommerce strategies. On the consumer side, online shopping increased by more than 46%. Meanwhile, ecommerce spending in 2021 is set to reach more than $933 billion

In response, Brevo has selected three of the best Shopify apps to expand its offering and help small and medium-sized businesses compete digitally on a larger scale. 

“Acquiring Metrilo, Chatra and PushOwl are part of Brevo’s longer term vision to expand our marketing capabilities and dive into the growing ecommerce space. Now, our all-in-one digital marketing solution will become even more powerful, enabling these businesses to expedite sales and drive strategic business decisions.”

Armand Thiberge, CEO of Brevo

About Metrilo

Based in Bulgaria, Metrilo is a marketing and sales analytics SaaS platform for e-merchants. 

The solution helps brands grow online using the power of their data and focus on customer retention. Metrilo thus makes it possible to study traffic, sales, visitor and customer behavior, product performance and conversion funnels.

“We discovered that we have the exact same mission as Brevo, the European leader in digital marketing. That’s why we’ve joined their team to further develop the ecommerce offering.”

Murry Ivanoff, Co-founder of Metrilo

Visit the Metrilo website >>

About Chatra

Founded in 2015 by Yaakov Karda,  Maria Karda, Artem Polikarpov and Slava Olesik, Chatra is a messaging platform for SMBs. 

The company provides its customers with a centralized platform for all interactions with customers, be it live chat, emails or social media. Customers can also access analytics on website visits and user profiles, which helps them improve the quality of their services.

“With our technology we’ll be able to further develop Brevo’s existing chat tool. Users will be able to deploy automated chat on their websites within 30 seconds. No need to have an advisor managing the chat, it’ll be automatically triggered by visitor behavior and provide personalized responses.”

 Yaakov Karda, Co-founder of Chatra.

Visit the Chatra website >>

About PushOwl

PushOwl was founded in 2016 by Shashank Kumar. Based in India, PushOwl allows ecommerce stores to enable web push notifications as a marketing channel, turning visitors into subscribers, and driving more revenue. 

With the app, customers can send marketing campaigns, set up automated flows, recover abandoned carts, personalize their promotions, and constantly optimize their strategy with granular metrics and reporting. 

“A push notification channel has yet to be launched by Brevo. Now, with our technology, users will be able to launch push notification campaigns from their websites and in response to specific scenarios such as abandoned carts. 

ShaShank Kumar, CEO of PushOwl. 

Visit the PushOwl website >>

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