Im E-Mail-Marketing-Kurs von Brevo (ex Sendinblue) lernen Sie E-Mail Marketing von der Pike auf kennen. Nach Abschluss verfügen Sie über das Wissen, eine erfolgreiche E-Mail-Marketing-Strategie zu erstellen, mit der Sie stärkere Kundenbeziehungen aufbauen und Ihr Unternehmen auf Wachstumskurs bringen!

Unsere E-Mail-Marketing-Expertin Valerie Khalifeh gibt Ihnen praktische Tipps sowie Einblicke in die neuesten Trends, sodass Sie am Ende genau wissen, wie Sie Ihren E-Mail-Verteiler effektiv aufbauen und mehr Klicks und Öffnungen in Ihren E-Mail-Kampagnen erhalten.

Dieser Kurs gibt Ihnen einen umfassenden Überblick darüber, wie Sie ein erfolgreicher E-Mail-Marketer werden! Geben Sie Ihrer Karriere einen Schub, indem Sie als E-Mail-Marketing-Experte*in zertifiziert werden!

Brevo (ex Sendinblue) Academy

4 Stunden

62 Videos

1 Abschlussprüfung

Brevo (ex Sendinblue) Academy: Zielgruppe

Für wen ist dieses E-Mail-Marketing-Seminar gedacht?

The content of the Brevo (ex Sendinblue) email marketing course is designed for beginners and advanced marketing managers alike. We take an educational approach to covering every aspect of email marketing in great detail. The seminar is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their email marketing knowledge: email marketing managers, CRM managers, online marketing managers, content managers, sales managers *Inside; as well as CEOs, CMOs, individual consultants and agencies.

Lassen Sie sich als E-Mail-Marketing-Experte zertifizieren!

Find out everything you need to know about email marketing – from email deliverability to A / B testing and GDPR. After completing this email marketing seminar, you will receive your personal expert certificate. Enclose it with your application or upload it to LinkedIn to show that you are an email marketing professional. Learn how to use e-mail marketing confidently, increase your market value and actively contribute to the success of your company with your newly acquired knowledge! Training at Brevo (ex Sendinblue) Academy can help you justify your next raise. What are you waiting for?

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Zum Online-Kurs

E-Mail Marketing Grundlagen

(Module 1 | 18 min | 5 videos)

  • Terms in email marketing
  • What are the advantages of email marketing?
  • Which goals can be pursued with email marketing?
  • The concept of deliverability: how are emails delivered?
  • What requirements should email marketing software meet?
  • When is it worth getting started with email marketing?
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Einführung in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)

(Module 2 | 22 min | 6 videos)

  • How to create an account with Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to add contacts to Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to create a campaign on Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to create a sender on Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Brevo (ex Sendinblue) prices & packages
  • Overview of all apps in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Datenschutz im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 3 | 17 min | 3 videos)

  • What is the GDPR?
  • How do you set up GDPR-compliant email marketing?
  • How to complete an AV with Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Empfängerverwaltung & Segmentierung im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 4 | 31 min | 10 videos)

  • Overview of the recipient management in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • What are active and inactive contacts in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)?
  • What are validated and paused contacts in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)?
  • How to blacklist contacts in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to manage lists in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to use segmentation successfully in email marketing
  • How to segment and filter in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How to create contact attributes in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How do you implement lead scoring in email marketing?
  • How to set up automatic lead scoring in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Adressaufbau im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 5 | 51 min | 11 videos)

  • Reasons for subscribing to the newsletter
  • What added value do you offer in your registration form?
  • Where do you put your registration form?
  • What other methods and tactics are there to expand the mailing list?
  • How to create a registration form in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • Expert tip: The secret potential of welcome emails
  • How to create a welcome workflow in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How do you get more data from your recipients?
  • How to create a recipient profile form in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • The ideal unsubscribe procedure for newsletters
  • How to create an unsubscribe form in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Kampagnen & Reports im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 6 | 57 min | 12 videos)

  • How to use Brevo (ex Sendinblue)’s drag and drop editor to design professional emails
  • Overview of all key figures in email marketing
  • How to analyze the reports and statistics in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Erfolgssteigerung im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 7 | 36 min | 6 videos)

  • What does the email marketing conversion funnel look like?
  • How can you optimize your delivery rate?
  • How to purchase a dedicated IP address in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • How can you optimize your open rate?
  • How can you optimize your click-through rate?
  • How can you minimize your unsubscribe rate?
  • What is responsive design and why is it relevant to optimize your conversions?
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A/B-Tests im E-Mail Marketing

(Module 8 | 29 min | 5 videos)

  • Why should you do A / B testing regularly?
  • Which email elements should you test and when?
  • How do you set up an A / B test strategy?
  • 8 practical examples with results
  • How to create an A / B test in Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
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Was kostet das E-Mail-Marketing-Seminar?

The email marketing course is free. You can access the content either via the website de.sendinblue.com/academy or via the learning platform academy.sendinblue.com .

Wie melde ich mich für das E-Mail-Marketing-Seminar von Brevo (ex Sendinblue) an?

The videos of the e-mail marketing course are accessible both without registration directly on our website and in a learning environment. To go directly to the content of the individual modules, click on the link to your desired topic above. If you want to track your learning progress right from the start, register for the email marketing seminar at academy.sendinblue.com. This will give you access to our learning environment where you will take the final exam at the end of the course to become certified as an Email Marketing Expert. When registering for the e-mail marketing seminar, personal information such as first name and surname will be requested so that this will appear on your e-mail marketing certificate at the end of the course.

Sind Vorkenntnisse im E Mail-Marketing erforderlich?

No previous knowledge of email marketing is required to successfully complete this email marketing seminar. Everything you need to know for the exam is explained in the videos. After successfully passing the exam, you will receive your own email marketing certificate at the end of the course.

Wie lange dauert das E-Mail-Marketing-Seminar?

The email marketing course lasts approximately 4 hours and consists of 8 modules with a total of 63 videos. The videos last between 2 and 10 minutes. Each video is provided with a note about the video length. Schedule your learning experience at your pace.
At the end of each module, there is a short quick test that queries the important content of the module. This way you are well prepared for the final exam. In order to receive the certificate, it is necessary to pass the final test with a rate of 90%. You should plan at least 60 minutes for this exam.

Benötige ich ein Brevo (ex Sendinblue)-Konto, um am Kurs teilzunehmen?

To better understand the content of the course, we recommend creating a Brevo (ex Sendinblue) account. You can open this free of charge at www.sendinblue.com .

Wie viele Versuche habe ich, um die Abschlussprüfung zu bestehen?

To get the Email Marketing Certificate, you must pass the final exam with a rate of 90% or better. You can repeat the test as often as you wish.

Läuft das E-Mail-Marketing-Zertifikat ab?

Since email marketing is part of fast-paced, technically based marketing communication, new possibilities are constantly being discovered and approaching us. To keep up with modern technology, we will be constantly updating our free email marketing seminar. Because of this, our email marketing certification expires after one year.

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