A success guide to driving customer retention and loyalty with email marketing

Discover how to retain your customers throughout their life cycle by successfully developing brand attachment! In this guide, you will understand the opportunities retention offers to grow your business in a more sustainable and future-proof way, using email marketing as a key-channel to support your efforts to retain satisfied customers and reduce churn.

Make the most of the growth opportunity that retention represents

Any successful business acknowledges customers come first, and they are likely going to great lengths to ensure they are satisfied. But satisfaction is not the only factor that determines customer retention. Product innovation, discounts, and outstanding service are instrumental in achieving this goal. To communicate your retention initiatives, you must have to personalize your content, adapt your message to each client, and create additional contact points beyond transactions. For this reason, email marketing is the ideal channel to increase customer loyalty!

In this guide, explore the basic concepts related to retention, the KPIs that you must track to evaluate the current status of your retention, and finally, how to develop and implement an efficient retention strategy. We will also cover and show you practical use cases, industry-focused examples, and the different tools that Brevo can offer you to obtain more loyal customers with less effort.

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    Take your retention strategy to the next level by unlocking the power of email marketing!

    Learn the basic concepts and KPIs regarding retention

    Start from the beginning by understanding the concepts of retention, churn, and lifetime value and the formulas to measure them.

    Understand the business case for email

    Discover why email is one of the best channels to support your retention efforts, its benefits, and a real-life success story that will provide you with a practical view of what you can unlock with email marketing!

    Define an effective retention strategy

    Learn about the fundamental steps you should follow to ensure that you have covered all the bases when it comes to retention. Defining your strategy is just as important as setting up the activities! Without it, you won’t know what you are aiming for.

    Design powerful email campaigns that drive retention

    Read about some of the approaches to setting up an effective email campaign. We will provide you with some guiding principles and examples of effective campaigns from our very own clients.

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    A better understanding of how to assess your current retention strategy

    Understanding where you are now will give you a starting point and is essential to measure your progress. Numbers, initiatives, feedback are all essential to having a clear view of what retention looks like across your business.

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    A clear view on how to make retention a common goal across all teams

    Since every single member of your organization should be actively involved in driving retention, in this ebook you’ll find concrete examples of how to make this a common core goal for all employees, regardless of their role in the company.

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    Clear knowledge on setting up a communications plan for your customers

    After reading this guide you will understand how email marketing can help you support your retention efforts, and actually reduce your cost of acquisition by lowering the cost of churn!

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    Unlock all the great opportunities that retention has to offer and start growing your business from today!

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