Synchronize your cobra CRM customer data

Developer: AUREX GmbH
Pricing: Paid
Active installs: 400+
Rating: ★★★★★

Synchronize your cobra CRM customer data.

With the synchronization function, you can set up a fully customizable synchronization process that keeps your recipient data up to date both in your cobra CRM system and in your Brevo recipient lists.

Segment and refine your contacts

You can freely decide which customer data should be synchronized with which lists. Allocate the recipients to your preferred lists directly in the integration. Always adjustable later on.

Grow your business

The integration benefits from the scalability of the cobra CRM system. You decide which customer data should be synchronized with the Brevo contact. The ideal template for highly personalized mailings.

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Engage with eye-catching newsletters

  • Brevo lets you design beautiful responsive emails with our drag & drop editor
  • Boost your open rates and always send your campaign at the best time (for each contact tailored to their time zone) using our Send Time Optimization feature.
  • Test your email on up to 16 devices to ensure it looks exactly like you want it to on your recipients’ inboxes
  • Learn from the past and improve on future campaigns with detailed reports: get the click and open reports, email heat maps, deliverability reports, and more. 
  • A/B Testing: test your subject lines & content to see what performs better and drives higher returns for your email marketing
Design your email template

Grow your audience & sync your data

  • Use our Drag & Drop Editor to create subscription forms for your website, and/or customize the HTML & CSS directly yourself.
  • Integrate your Brevo subscribe forms in your posts, pages, or sidebars as an Iframe, HTML or Simple HTML
  • Confirmation email, double opt-in, or simple redirection to a specific page: offer the best UX for each subscription form
  • Customize success and error messages easily and integrate Google’s Captcha technology to follow the best security practices
  • Share your form via the social media, by email or a QR code
Place your forms wherever you want

Get advanced marketing automation for your business

  • With Brevo, you can activate our marketing automation tracker in one click, and identify your contacts when they visit your website.
  • Use our pre-built automation scenarios or build your own from scratch – ensure personalized experiences for every contact, no matter how big you get!
  • Use lead scoring to segment and score your contacts based on their activity, and create custom onboarding flows that adapts to their behavior and needs.
Set your marketing funnels on autopilot

World-class email deliverability

  • Make sure your emails always land in your customers’ inboxes with an email marketing platform built for deliverability.
  • Enjoy detailed reports for all your automated emails.  Gand detailed reports on your campaign performance. Know who opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and more.
  • Create transactional email templates in seconds with our drag & drop editor. Step up the design, engagement, and deliverability of your transactional messages.
Reach the inbox. Every time.

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