A Practical Guide to Email Contact List Cleaning

Discover the benefits of email list cleaning and how to successfully keep a tidy contact list to optimize your email marketing campaigns, maintain your sender reputation, and build a better relationship with your audiences. It's always a good time to clean up!

Drive better campaign results with enhanced email list hygiene

Sending emails regularly to unengaged contacts can hurt your reputation as a sender. For this reason, cleaning out dormant subscribers is one of the most important practices to ensure a good email campaign engagement and high deliverability. There are several things to consider and good practices you should follow in terms of email hygiene. In this ebook, you will learn the most important factors to keep in mind when cleaning your email lists, and the most effective ways to ensure you constantly gather verified subscribers’ information.

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    Learn about Contact List Cleaning in four simple sections: from the basics concepts to best practices so you can start implementing them today!

    What is a clean list and why does it matter?

    Learn what it means to have a clean contact list and its benefits for your email marketing strategy.

    Understanding how clean your lists are

    Get a clear overview of what the metrics and KPIs involved can tell you in terms of email hygiene. Also, understand the concept of sender score and how to verify your IP reputation.

    How to clean what’s in place

    Find out how to remove contacts who are uninterested and out of date from your lists, to ensure a database of engaged subscribers and customers.

    Keeping things tidy for the future

    Learn how to maintain a clean contact list and the good practices to ensure you are building your lists the right way from now on.

    After reading this guide you will...

    Be able to properly assess your email hygiene

    By understanding and analyzing the right metrics to purge current bad contacts and to maintain your lists clean overtime.

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    Filter your lists and define action plans for reengaging contacts

    Based on pre-defined criteria and subscribers’ interest based on their response to your campaigns. Additionally, you will discover a checklist for successfully sending reactivation campaigns.

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    Know the importance of best practices for effortless list cleaning

    Such as implementing a double opt-in process and email verification process. Also, how to leverage segmentation and automation to accelerate list cleaning.

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    Start sending targeted email campaigns that land in the inbox of engaged subscribers. Let’s start cleaning up!

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