Transactional emails you can count on

Reliably send transactional emails straight to the inbox with Brevo. 97% deliverability guaranteed!

Rely on our 10 years of deliverability

Ensuring the delivery of your emails is our core expertise. Choose dedicated IPs for high-volume sending.

Tailor your emails to match your sending needs

Thanks to our multiple setup options, you can connect to our Transactional servers however fits your tech stack best.

Pay only for what you use

Buy email credits in bundles that match your email or SMS sending needs. Transactional credits will never disappear.

Make your workday a little bit lighter. Let our Transactional servers do the heavy lifting.

Trust that your customers are receiving your emails

Any undelivered email is a missed opportunity for your business. Relying on our top-notch email deliverability will take the worry off your shoulders. So you never have to worry about whether or not your emails are going out.

Find the setup option that’s right for your tech stack

SMTP relay, email API, webhook or plugin – the choice is yours. Brevo offers integrations for all major CMS tools and e-commerce platforms. Our versatile email API has been released in the most common languages, and there are more coming every day!

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing!

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Buy exactly what you need to match your growing business

Our Transactional services are as flexible as you need them to be. Purchase credits in bundles starting at a volume of 20,000 sends. These credits are there when you need them. There’s no need to use them up by the end of each month. Just because you send more Transactional emails one month than the next doesn’t mean you should pay for it.

Never send a no-reply email again with our free inbound parsing

Make your email transactions two-way with our ready-to-integrate inbound parser. Convert unstructured emails into formatted messages by using state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques. With our Brevo inbound parsing webhook you can receive replies from your email recipients and process them as per your configured conditions.

Send bulk personalized emails in one go

Get more control over your batch sends. Compose a series of transactional messages with dynamic content within the same single API call. You can create as many combinations as you want with Brevo’s bulk email service while getting granular control over “who gets what.”

Do it all with Brevo

Save yourself time, money, and hassle by doing everything from one platform. Transactional is just one of the many offerings available in Brevo. From sending marketing campaigns to tracking your client interactions with our Sales CRM, you can do it all with us.

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