Transactional Email Service

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A reliable and affordable transactional email service

Brevo’s transactional email service delivers important customer updates straight to the inbox in real-time. Thanks to its robust deliverability, Brevo is a transactional email provider you can count on.

Test drive the free plan with 300 emails a day, no commitment required. Paid plans start at just $15 for 20,000 emails.

The best vehicle for your transactional emails

Our transactional email service delivers your important messages with confidence:

  • Account creation and activation emails
  • Welcome and onboarding messages
  • User invitations and shares
  • Security and account alerts
  • Password resets and two-factor authentication
  • Purchase receipts and shipping notifications
  • Legal notices
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Top class email deliverability

Brevo has dedicated infrastructure and resources in place to make sure your emails are successfully delivered to contacts’ inboxes.

  • Actively managed SMTP servers
  • Dedicated IPs for high-volume senders
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts
  • Rigorous validation process to keep spammers out

Design & personalize for engagement

Customize transactional email templates to match your brand.

  • Design tools to suit both beginners and professional email designers
  • 3 different email editors (Drag & Drop, rich text, HTML)
  • Personalize with dynamic content using the advanced templating language

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Flexible setup options

Choose the setup method that best suits your business. Our transactional email service has a range of options including SMTP relay, transactional email API, automation, a range of custom-built plugins for the most popular CMS and ecommerce platforms.

SMTP Relay

Plug our SMTP credentials into another application to send third-party emails through our transactional email service. This way you get to benefit from the sender reputation of an established transactional email provider.

Transactional email API

Brevo’s transactional email API has libraries to match any stack, including Golang, node.js, Python, C#, and more. Enjoy custom webhooks and all the benefits of our transactional email service.

View Brevo's API documentation

Transactional email plugins

Choose from a range of transactional email plugins that integrate seamlessly with your CMS. Brevo has custom-built plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, nopCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Shopware, BigCommerce, and more.

See the full list of Brevo integrations

Automation workflows

Trigger custom email automation workflows based on customer activity and website behavior. Never miss an opportunity to engage.

  • Ready-made workflows and templates
  • Multichannel workflows for SMS & emails
  • Emails triggered by link clicks and page visits

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Marketing and transactional emails under one roof

What if you could centralize all your business’ emails in one reliable software? With Brevo it’s totally possible. Our platform handles both promotional and transactional emails. 

You don’t need to pay out for a separate transactional email service provider. Not to mention you’ll avoid the hassle of switching between tools and be able to synchronize contact data in one place.

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Separate email streams

Split transactional and promotional emails into two different streams (by sender and IP address) to safeguard transactional email deliverability.

Dedicated IPs

High volume senders (over 100,000 emails a month) can purchase dedicated IPs to further enhance their deliverability and sender reputation.

Transactional SMS

Leverage multichannel communication with Brevo. Add SMS credits to your monthly plan to be able to send transactional SMS.

Real-time analytics

Analyze transactional email delivery and engagement.

  • Live monitoring of key transactional metrics 
  • Clear and easy to digest data for rapid analysis
  • Identify areas of opportunity and improvement