Finding Needles in the Haystack

Dave likes music. But as Director of The Recording Studio London, he knows that’s not enough to launch a career in the industry. Luckily for him, his passion for performing and producing is genuine and apparent. It’s also part of the reason he’s had such a fruitful and varied career, from managing logistics for Madonna, Coldplay, and AC/DC, composing music for TV shows such as Master Chef, and performing on stage supporting artists such as Skunk Anansie. 

In co-creating The Recording Studio London (with Paul Visser and Joe Barboza), it was their mission to give artists of any experience and genre the tools they need to make it in this crowded industry. The challenge for Dave, though, is finding the right artists at the right moment. For The Recording Studio London team, a qualified lead is someone who is a talented artist based in London who is ready to record their next project. 

These may seem like obvious prerequisites but Dave spends a lot of time fielding inbound requests that don’t match this criteria. At the same time, Dave explains how hard it can be to spot serious leads in the music industry, with young artists struggling to stay organized and bright-eyed but uncommitted inquirers taking up space. And even after spotting a high-potential prospect, following up with artists and getting them to commit to booking is hardly straightforward.

This, alongside requests for pro-bono sessions and other non-serious requests, meant Dave needed an efficient way to process The Recording Studio London’s inbound leads that allowed him flexibility in managing a non-traditional pipeline.

Streamlining a Challenging Pipeline with a Multichannel Solution

The team at The Recording Studio London had previously relied on two separate tools to manage its sales pipeline and its marketing communication. Dave recalls the inefficiency of using the free version of “an over-engineered CRM alongside an oversimplified email software,” saying he couldn’t sufficiently customize his content or processes. 

Dave switched from Mailchimp and Bitrix24 to a Brevo Business plan for its all-in-one functionality and great value in 2021. After migrating their contacts, the team began setting up their marketing automated campaigns and sales pipeline. 

“As soon as we get an inquiry — be it over the phone, WhatsApp, email, or through web contact forms — it goes straight into our sales pipeline status. From there, it just moves through depending on what actions are required, whether it’s collecting more info from the client, following up after a quote, invoicing, or even post-sales where we send a ‘Thanks for booking with us!’ email.”

For a business like The Recording Studio London, casting the net wide is a reality of the industry they’re in, but making sense of abundant and varying prospects is another story. Brevo’s Sales Platform affords Dave the flexibility to build his own pipeline and the efficiency to make decisions based on dashboards and analytics coupled with his years of experience.

Boosting Sales Efficiency and Improving Client Interactions via Brevo

In Dave’s words, “I think it’s incredible value for money for the suite of tools that you get — and most businesses of our size really do require all of those tools. They need a CRM, they need to have marketing campaigns that they can send out. They need analytics and performance reports on what they’re sending out. And with Conversations it’s a way of staying in touch directly with their clients on the client’s preferred channel and at the right time.”

Alongside the Marketing and Sales Platforms, Dave’s team recently began using Conversations to treat inquiries. After a positive trial run, The Recording Studio London plans to connect its Instagram and Facebook accounts to centralize its multi-channel engagement on Brevo.

Dave reflected on the impact Brevo’s had on his business, saying, “It has definitely improved both our efficiency and the quality of interaction with our clients. Being more organized and streamlined ourselves means that we can provide a higher level of service to our clients. For me, that’s an extremely important and valuable element of our business.”

About Company

The Recording Studio London is a music recording studio and production company specializing in writing, production, recording, and artist development. The studio’s producers and engineers pride themselves on the high-quality of talent choosing to share their artistic process with them. Offering two custom-built recording spaces to bridge the gap between high-end residential studios and smaller project studios, The Recording Studio London boasts a diverse client portfolio, from up-and-coming independent, to major label artists.


Dave Ferguson, Director

“Brevo CRM has definitely improved our efficiency, the quality of engagement with our clients, as well as the management of our sales pipeline. Being more organized and streamlined ourselves means that we can provide a higher level of service to our clients. For me, that's an extremely important and valuable element of our business.”

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