Family olive oil business in search of an affordable marketing solution

Nestled in the hills of Puglia, Italy is the Cristofaro family — owners and operators of their own seven-hectare organic olive oil farm. The Cristofaro family has been in the olive oil business for decades, producing high-quality extra virgin oil in relatively small quantities. 

The reason for this has to do with the Cristofaro family’s mission. Rather than getting their olive oil on supermarket shelves around Europe or increasing production to meet demand, the Cristofaro family prefers quality. 

Giuseppe Cristofaro, Sales and Marketing Manager, explains that he wants “to give good olive oil to those who appreciate it.” This simple yet noble mission is at the heart of what the Cristofaro family does.

In an effort to digitalize his family’s business, Giueseppe set out searching for a simple and affordable marketing solution that would give Olio Cristofaro a competitive edge. In particular, he wanted to automate his regular communications to free up time for his olives, among other projects.

“We had tried other all-in-one solutions, but they were all too complex and expensive for our small family business. With Brevo, we’ve found the right balance.”

Building lasting client relationships thanks to marketing automation

As the only person handling marketing and communication for his family business, Giuseppe says Brevo’s advanced automation capabilities have “massively alleviated his day-to-day workload.”

Because Cristofaro olive oil is in such high demand, customers place orders months in advance. Giuseppe capitalizes on this as an opportunity for nurturing, sending a series of automated follow up emails throughout the year. These messages are personalized and informative, providing customers with harvest updates, product details, recipe ideas, and more.

Giuseppe has also set up lead scoring, affording him an extra level of precision when it comes to sending abandoned cart notifications and requests for product reviews.

And thanks to segmentation, Giuseppe has grouped customers who prefer SMS over email, putting the segment onto a separate workflow to meet their communication needs.

Another reason Giuseppe says he’s so pleased with Brevo is that it’s the only tool he needs to use. In his own words, “Everything is handled through Brevo, from ordering to shipping updates to product reviews.” For a small business owner like himself, finding the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality has been a major game-changer.

Selling 100% of his product year after year

Olio Cristofaro sells 100% of the olive oil it harvests every year in only six weeks. Giuseppe and his family’s high-quality product is obviously the main reason for such spectacular success. 

The results speak for themselves. Shoppers rave not only about their olive oil, but also the impeccable customer journey Giuseppe has crafted for thm. Olio Cristofaro has won countless awards and nearly 600 five-star ratings on its website, Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot.

Still, Giuseppe repeats that “Brevo has allowed [him] to sell his product online as well as develop lasting customer relationships.” 

For this reason, Giuseppe knows he “made the right decision with Brevo.” 

About Company

When Giuseppe Cristofaro took over his father's olive oil business, his mission was two-fold — continue producing a bespoke, high-quality product and bring their marketing into the digital era. Every year, their organic extra virgin olive oil sells out in only six weeks, a testament to the business's premium quality product and effective nurturing strategy.

  • Industry: Food & beverage
  • Company Size: 3 employees
  • Location: Puglia, Italy
  • Website:
  • Plan: Premium

Giuseppe Cristofaro, Sales and Marketing Manager

“We had tried other all-in-one solutions, but they were all too complex and expensive for our small family business. With Brevo, we’ve found the right balance.”

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